Spa Review: We Care Spa – Desert Hot Springs, CA.

November 29, 2009 | | Comments 0

wecare1During my recent chat with Alicia Silverstone (that you can read all about on My Skin Affair) she raved and raved about We Care Spa in Desert Hot Springs, CA. She so was so enthusiastic and passionate about it that I had to check it out for myself. We Care Spa, founded by Susana Belen, is a juice fasting and spiritual retreat. It is a holistic health spa. People go to this intriguing retreat for many different reasons. Biggest reason…major detox! Sort of a “let’s go for a week and rid our bodies of all the bad stuff we’ve been carrying around” experience. Being the curious cat that I am, I simply couldn’t say no to such an interesting invitation to spend a weekend at We Care. I knew it would be unlike anything I’ve ever experienced (after hearing all about the colonics I was being signed up for), but I had no idea just how much of a different experience it would be. I will skip a lot of details on this one, even being as open as I am by nature, and just say that I had never had a colonic before, much less two colonics in two days. There’s a lot to be said for that…but I won’t go there. I’ll just say it was a very “unique” experience. I’m pretty sure I earned some kind of very cool Girl Scout patch for participating. My apologies for being rather shy on this one. But, do your own research and you’ll quickly find all the info you need.

When I arrived at We Care Spa I had a fabulous treatment called The Korean Body Splash. My entire body was scrubbed, and I mean scrubbed, down. After the best scrub down ever, I was sudsed up and polished head to toe. My favorite part of the treatment was a wonderful scalp massage. I’m such a sucker for a scalp massage. It takes me to a different place and puts me in such a peaceful and relaxed space. You know when you get your hair done and you always want MORE of that amazing shampooing? That’s what this was. This treatment included a shampoo and conditioning for my hair and a scalp massage to rave about. At the end of The Korean Body splash, I was rubbed down with lotion. My body was thoroughly cleansed and moisturized. The entire treatment left me feeling smooth, pampered and completely relaxed. Skin care royalty!

The following day I attended a nutrition lecture given by Susana Belen. This lecture was so beneficial, educational and probably my favorite thing about my weekend at We Care Spa. I got so much information about my body, what my body needs from food and what I should STOP putting in my body. While these things can be quite intimidating (changing certain eating habits) I was very happy to get such great information. Susana doesn’t just want to tell you what to eat and what to eliminate from your diet. She really wants you to know why. She’s wants you to have a good understanding of how your body works in relation to certain foods. I loved chatting with Susana after her lecture. She is so passionate about healthy living and teaching. If you plan a visit to We Care, I highly recommend attending her class.

We Care Spa is such a beautiful and peaceful environment. The energy there is very healing. I felt more centered being there and leaving there than I had in a very long time. I have to say, I met some amazing women while I was at We Care. Everyone chats throughout the day, but in the evenings I found myself sitting in a small group of the loveliest women…chatting about our experiences and life. Everyone there was so open. There was the colon cancer survivor…who couldn’t get enough of chatting with me about skin care. So much fun! The spitfire from New York, who always walked into the room with a blast of energy and enthusiasm. And, my favorite…the eldest of the bunch. I had the most amazing and warm chat with a woman in her late 70’s that I found to be the loveliest and most aware woman I’ve spoken to in a long time. So open, realized and generous with her thoughts. There were a good handful of women worth mentioning. Plus, the entire staff was incredible. The one thing I will say about the colonics is…ask for Liz. She’s an absolute angel. Everyone was so kind and compassionate. To all of the lovely women that I met during my stay at We Care Spa …thank you for sharing and being so warm.

With the fasting and colonics, I actually lost 9 pounds in three days. We Care is a great way to shed those extra pounds…but I will say, 9 pounds was on the high end of weight to lose in such a short period of time and it did leave me feeling quite weak for a few days. Cleansed and centered…but weak. Everyone responds differently to the fasting/cleansing process. For me, the “no solid foods” part wasn’t easy at all. But, I hung in there and learned quite a bit from my experience. After leaving We Care, I felt more calm than I had felt in two years. So calm and at peace with things. It wasn’t a state of mind that I was striving for, just a space that I happily ended up in. A calm that I hadn’t felt in a very long time. Was it the fasting? The beautiful place itself in the desert? The good, healing conversations? The treatments? I don’t know. But I can assure you that We Care had a very positive effect on me.

We Care Spa has a great menu of spa treatments. It’s not just about the fasting and detoxification. You can fully pamper yourself during your stay. I was treated to a wonderful 90 massage during my stay, in addition to The Korean Body Splash. We Care offers a wide variety of services including: body wraps, massages, facials, waxing, colonics, and a few We Care signature treatments that are worth looking into. Also, We Care offers daily classes that include: meditation, yoga, mat pilates, and cooking class. There’s plenty to do during your stay!

If you happen to go to We Care Spa or have already been, please share your thoughts with me. It was such a unique experience for me and I’d love to hear all about your experience at We Care.


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