Volcanica Candles for Beautiful Bath Time Ambiance

January 18, 2012 | | Comments 0

What’s more relaxing than taking a bath in candlelight? Most of my favorite spa’s have lit candles either all throughout the entire spa or very strategically placed throughout the spa. Whether I’m getting a massage at a spa or I’m relaxing in my tub at home, I always like to have a candle lit. I highly recommend turning your bathroom into your own personal spa. I have selected two Volcanica candles that I think are perfect for bath time and perfect spa looking/feeling candles. Both of these candles are unscented. I do like scented candles as well. Very much, actually. But I wanted to pick perfect spa/bath time candles that will work for anyone. So, I found the most beautiful unscented candles that I could find. The first candle from Volcanica that I love for spa/bath time is called Sear, and it burns for 77 hours. Volcanica

The second candle from Volcanica that I love for bath time and for creating your own personal spa at home is called Avalanche, and this one burns for 140 hours. It’s so beautiful!


Volcanica has a huge and very impressive selection of candles. It was very difficult to choose favorites because I love so many of their candles. I have to tell you about my absolute favorite Volcanica candle for my home. It’s so much more than a candle. It’s a beautiful centerpiece that captures your attention the moment you walk into my living room. It’s a very sexy looking candle. It’s a three wick candle called Byzantine. Although it has 134 hours of burning time, I am SO reluctant to burn it at all because I want to keep it forever. The details on this candle are breathtaking!!!volcanica

I absolutely love Volcanica candles!

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