Treatment Facility Review: BHPS by Dr. Gabriel Chiu

June 12, 2009 | | Comments 1

I was invited by Dr. Gabriel Chiu to visit his facility in Beverly Hills for a customized, medical-grade facial. BHPS is a beautiful facility. With stylish furnishings, chic light fixtures and sweet treats to sample…I was very impressed when I walked in. The décor lives up to it’s location in the heart of Beverly Hills. All expectations are met!

My visit began with a skin scope. A skin scope shows above and below the surface skin damage on the face. I’m told I have a little bit of sun damage, I’m moisture balanced, well hydrated, and I have no build-up. Sounds like I could have used a little more sunblock over the years, but otherwise I’ve been taking good care of my skin. One way to work on sun damage is to get peels and microdermabrasion which Alexa, my esthetician, suggests for me. So that’s exactly what we did.

While I was getting a glycolic/lactic peel and crystal-free diamond tip microdermabrasion, I had a chat with Alexa. She told me that when she was 15 years old she struggled with acne so badly that she didn’t want to raise her hand in class because it would call attention to her. I have to say, her skin looks flawless and radiant now. She’s a beautiful young woman and it’s hard to believe she ever had a hard time with self confidence. I asked her if there is an appropriate age for someone to start getting these kinds of facial treatments. She explained to me that something like a light salicylic peel could help with acne for a teenager and that once you’re in your teens, those types of treatments are perfectly fine to get. When I was in junior high, all we knew about was Clearasil, Noxzema and Sea Breeze. I remember the days of opening those packages and even getting excited about those products. I’ve always loved skincare products! After my peel and microdermabrasion, Alexa applied a calming masque to my face. While the masque did it’s job, calming my skin, Alexa massaged my neck and shoulders as I relaxed to the sound of “Besamé Mucho” playing from the sound system above. During our session: SkinMedica Calming Masque, SkinCeuticals Epidermal Repair, and SkinCeuticals SPF 30 were all used on my face.

After my facial, I sat down to talk with Dr. Gabriel Chiu. I asked him what the most common misconception about plastic surgery is and he told me that “It’s not a cookie cutter technique and skin care shouldn’t be either”. I like that. He told me that he’s very honest with his patients and that he makes sure all of his patients have realistic expectations. He then took the time to show me several before and after shots of his patients. I was very impressed. His work looks amazing. During our chat, Dr. Chiu gave me a drink to sample that he gives all of his patients before and after surgery. He doesn’t sell it, he just gives it to them. It’s an energy supplement and it’s packed with vitamins. He tells me that he believes in a “multi-disciplinary approach to taking care of a persons body whether it’s before surgery or with skincare”. This brings up a question for me that I’ve always wanted to ask a doctor. I ask him why more doctors don’t talk to their patients about nutrition? He responds with “One side feels it may be beneath them because it’s not their specialty but that’s changing.” We went on to discuss the effects of nutrition as it’s related to skincare. It was a great meeting and quite informative. At one point during our chat when we were discussing the different reasons that people come in for plastic surgery Dr. Chiu says “If the reason is, my husband complains about this all the time“. (referring to a body part) Dr. Chiu says…”Well, bring your husband in here and let me talk to him.” Well said, Dr. Chiu! Then Dr. Chiu ends our chat by saying “You have to do it for yourself“. I couldn’t agree more.

BHPS is a beautiful facility and has a great menu of facial treatments.

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  1. hcruz says:

    I admit, I’m surprised at how excited I am to write this review about Dr. Chiu…but, I have to share my story and let others know what an amazing experience I just had with not only the doctor, but his whole office staff and surgery associates. In 2008 in an effort to correct my slightly Tuberous Breasts I went to a doctor in my hometown (not la) To make a long story short I was left with an even worse issue than I had to start with. My surgery was not done properly and I was not informed until meeting Dr. Chiu just how extensive of a procedure someone with my type of problems needed. The “double bubble” or stacked breasts that I ended up with was an even more devastating deformity to live with than the Tuberous Breasts. I am also very visable in the entertainment industry and I just had had enough!

    I decided that I needed to do my research and find someone who was so exceptionally skilled in not only Breast Augmentation, but Tubular Breast Deformity. I began my search online reading the various medical doctor reviews as well as patient reviews, etc. I stumbled upon an article that was the top 10 surgeons in LA. I think Dr. Chiu was randomly listed number 2… Everyone just had such wonderful things to say about this guy! Not to mention they all seemed to speak highly of his bed side manner and his office staff. I called for a consultation and was shocked and pleased when I was able to get in that month and it was a complimentary consultation!! Other doctors I had spoken to charged up to $250 for a consult! To me, that was outrageous because the whole finding a doctor and needing to ask questions was daunting enough!

    When I walked into the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery, Inc. office it was just as I expected- gorgeous, chic, decorated to a “T”, yet I was greeted by the sweetest women at the desk, offered a coffee or water and was made to feel quite comfortable. I was surprised that even though I had somehow landed myself in a very swanky office, I was not inimidated.

    I found Dr. Chiu to be also equally as impressive and professional. He was very sensitive to my condition. He explained the process, size, and although he was sure he could fix me, he was practical about the results. He didn’t promise he would make me look like a porn star which I found refreshing!

    As I was leaving, I then met his wife! Christine- one of the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever met, I’m not kidding!!! She can be very hands on in a patients journey and to me that was extremely comforting. Although her office is covered of pictures with her and her friends- most of whom you would recognize… She was so kind, down to earth and answered even more of my questions. I then went to Chammy, another beautiful girl who is the patients second connection to the doctor. She went over pricing, scheduling, before and after and even told me that after I would be recieving a gift?! I actually did get a nice gift basket and other amazing things I was shocked!!!!! She was exceptional in every way, and I even bugged her via text with last minute questions and she was there for me the whole way!

    The Surgery Center the doctor uses is top, top notch, and most importantly the anesthesiologist was one of the best… which eased those fears I had. My surgery went great and I recovered in about 4 days with only minimal swelling.

    All in all, I am MORE THAN HAPPY with my amazing results. My very deformed chest is now a perfect, subtle “C” cup – small “D” cup and they are EXACTLY like the picture Dr. Chiu painted for me during our first discussion.

    They have changed my life! I am so glad that I did my research and made that consult with this doctor. I never imagined I could be normal… But now, I don’t even think about my breasts which I guess is the best gift ever.

    Please… go see him and ask millions of questions. He is happy to answer them all and he is passionate about helping you!

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