Spa Review: The Palms Hotel and Aveda Spa – Miami, FL.

May 25, 2010 | | Comments 0

palmsGuest Review by Lisa Austin

What more could one ask for? A gorgeous and hip oceanfront hotel, crystal clear blue waters, soft white sand, a private pool that begs to be dipped in, contemporary yet tranquil rooms that magically treat their guests to Aveda bath products and Godiva chocolates each evening. I can think of only one thing that could possibly make this oceanfront serenity any more perfect…an Aveda Spa! If you are looking for relaxation beyond compare, The Palms Hotel in Miami has it all! Now, I love hotels with spas as much as the next person. But I REALLY love hotels with AVEDA spas! It was at The Palms Hotel in the Aveda Spa where I was treated to a personalized Chakra Balancing Massage, which combined deep tissue massage, reflexology, and energy work enhanced with aromatherapy, an Aveda Spa signature treatment, followed by a Warm Oil Infusion Scalp Treatment.

The hotel and spa, which are both environmentally conscious, are decorated in subtle tones of earthy taupe and brown and deep shades of teal and sage. These colors were both relaxing and a reflection of their inspiration…nature. In my experience, the most wonderful thing about Aveda spas that sets them apart from others is the way they stimulate all of your senses. The smells, sights, sounds, tastes, and touch…words cannot describe the spell they can put you under. In my opinion your spa visit begins as soon as you walk through the door. So I was impressed, and happy, to be welcomed by calming and soft voices as I could hear water dripping from a fountain nearby. Awwwww, take me away…and that’s just what they did.

My massage began by personally choosing my oil.
I was lying face down with my eyes covered and several balancing essential oil blends were waved under my nose and I chose the one that was most appealing to me, which ended up being Aveda Blended Chakra 1 Oil. This blend of the essences of olibanum, organic patchouli and vetiver are thought to balance your 1st chakra, which, in traditional Indian Medicine, is a center of energy force on the physical body. This is where we ground ourselves and once this chakra is in balance it is believed that one will feel a greater sense of security and healthy body awareness. I took deep breaths in an attempt to fully absorb the aromatherapy. Between the intoxicating aroma of the balancing oil and the perfect amount of light pressure and pinpoint accuracy on my pressure points, I like usual, fell into such a deep relaxation that I soon forgot where I was. Luckily, I came to just in time to experience one of the most stimulating feelings up and down my spine. Aveda Blue Balancing Oil was applied to my back, focusing on the upper back and neck. This amazing oil includes Blue Chamomile, Menthol, Peppermint, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E. The menthol and peppermint erased any tension I was holding in my upper back as it warmed and tingled to the touch. Hot towels were then placed on my back. After that, my legs and feet were treated to a bit of reflexology using Aveda Foot Relief Lotion, which I have been a BIG fan of for a while, but I actually fell in love with it all over again.

To conclude my massage I was treated to a Warm Oil Infusion Scalp Treatment. Perfectly warmed oil was tousled, dripped, drizzled, poured and even pulled through my hair, which was then wrapped in a hot towel. I personally found this to be the most relaxing part of my massage. Better yet, the added bonus has been the compliments I’ve gotten on my shiny hair ever since. I actually hadn’t given much thought to the apparent benefits of the hot oil. I just relished the feeling of it. So this was a pleasant surprise that lasted well into a week after my massage!

When my massage was over I took some quiet time to sip on some peppermint herbal tea in the relaxation room, which also had an abundant supply of fruit and ice water. I also indulged in the steam room, which is magnificently beautiful and relaxing in its bluish-sage hued glass tile. Following my visit to the steam room I enjoyed a Swiss shower, which combines an overhead deluge shower with multiple shower heads surrounding me from all sides. The ladies locker room was stocked with Aveda products, Zendals (yes, “zen” instead of “san”) and, oh yes, of course white, fluffy robes. Ahhhh, you’ve gotta love an Aveda spa. I especially love The Aveda Spa at the Palms Hotel in Miami, Florida!

A very special thanks to Kate Brown at The Palms Spa.

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