Spa Review: Ole Henriksen Face/Body Spa – Los Angeles, CA. – Featuring My Favorite Massage

February 23, 2011 | | Comments 2

baththumbWith all of the massages that I’ve had over the past year, I’ve actually chosen a favorite massage therapist. More like, a massage genius. M.J. at The Ole Henriksen Face/Body Spa in Los Angeles is a master massage therapist. If I could, I would book a massage with him once a week. He takes an hour-long massage to the next level. I had a chat with M.J. about how most massages are very predictable…and they are. M.J. likes to mix it up. His massage technique is far from predictable. I have never written a post that was solely about a massage therapist before and I rarely even mention the names of specific therapists on My Skin Affair. I write about my favorite products, treatments and spa’s. And I only include names when I’ve had a treatment with someone who I truly feel I’d like to share with the world. It’s hard to recommend a massage therapist. It’s a very personal choice/preference. I can confidently recommend M.J. to anyone. My neck had never felt more relaxed and loose as it did after my massage with M.J. He worked magic on my neck. A massage with M.J is very therapeutic and healing. It’s like having someone do your yoga class for you. He makes your body feel loose and relaxed. The massage I had with M.J. was a wonderful release. Congratulations M.J. You’re my favorite massage therapist!

I absolutely love The Ole Henriksen Face/Body Spa. It’s very beautiful and relaxing. I had a Rub N’ Buff body scrub there that was to die for. M.J. was also the therapist that gave me my scrub. It made me feel like I had new skin. So unbelievably soft! It was a scrub down like no other. Also, I highly recommend the Hydrotherapy Soak Treatment at Ole Henriksen. Bath time there is transcendent. A small tea pot is placed beside your bath and you can relax and enjoy a cup of detox tea while you soak in the relaxing sent of lavender. My favorite part of the soak is the actual room that you get this treatment in. This serene room is candle-lit by the most beautiful lanterns. It’s absolutely breathtaking. I want to live in that room. So lovely! I highly recommend visiting The Ole Henriksen Face/Body Spa, booking a massage with M.J., and having the Hydrotherapy Soak before your massage. You can’t go wrong with this one! Delish! Your body with thank you.

*Read my interview with the very fascinating and talented Ole Henriksen.*


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  1. Kerrigan says:

    MJ was amazing and I, too, am looking for him. if anyone knows, please contact me!!

  2. Hi Kerrigan:
    I’m will send a message to MJ and pass on your email info. I’m not sure where he’s working now but I will pass along your request. :)

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