Spa Review: The Argyle Spa – West Hollywood, CA.

March 10, 2010 | | Comments 2

argylesalon1This was my second trip to The Argyle Salon and Spa for a treatment. First bonus: it was on a Sunday. I have a serious appreciation for my Sunday’s, and this seemed like the perfect way to spend my Sunday. I was invited back to The Argyle Salon and Spa to experience the Deeply Detoxifying Body Wrap. Fabulous invitation!

My appointment at The Argyle Spa started with a Hammam. A Hammam is a Turkish bath that is absolutely to die for. I felt like a Grecian goddess, all alone in a spacious steam room of beautiful grey marble with a marble bed of running water. I was given a cold wash cloth and a sugar/coconut scrub to take into the Hammam with me. I was told to take a cold shower, while in the steam, and I have to admit it was hard to stand under the cold water in such warm and cozy steam, but it felt so invigorating and woke up all of my senses. It’s the prefect preparation for any treatment. For the reasonable price and the absolutely delicious addition to your spa experience, I would recommend adding the Hammam to any and all treatments at The Argyle Salon and Spa. I loved the Hamman. You can go to the Argyle Spa just for that, but if you’re going for a treatment, definitely add it on. You won’t regret it.

For my Detoxifying Body Wrap, Nester was my therapist. He was such a delight from start to finish. I loved chatting with him about treatments and spas. He has such a healing touch. Very relaxing. Very soothing. By the way, the treatment rooms at The Argyle Spa are fabulous. Very chic! Back to my treatment…Oh my gosh, I was scrubbed down! I mean…seriously scrubbed down. My skin was exfoliated like it has never been before. There couldn’t possibly have been a dry skin cell left on my body after my wrap. The seaweed was warm and soothing. The heat from the body wrap was comforting. My skin felt incredible and after the wrap was removed, I was moisturized from head to toe. Warning: I’m getting ready to brag. I must have had the softest skin in Los Angeles that day. The Deeply Detoxifying Body Wrap is definitely a fabulous treat when you want to feel fresh and rejuvenated. In conclusion: My second trip to The Argyle Salon and Spa was a complete success. And, honestly, I will always plan on adding the Hammam to all of my future treatments at The Argyle Spa. It was such a lovely experience! Highly recommend!


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  1. jacq says:

    My birthday is near and this may be the treat I was looking for. What’s a good facial treatment? Thanks!!!

  2. Joanna Canton says:

    Hi Jacq. If you’re in LA, I love the Hydrafacial at The Argyle or the Organic Enzyme facial at Burke Williams. If you go to The Argyle, be sure to add the Hammam to your visit. Enjoy!

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