Spa Review: Murad Inclusive Health Spa

September 02, 2009 | | Comments 3

If you visit My Skin Affair often enough, you already know that I’m a huge fan of Murad. So, needless to say, I instantly felt relaxed and in good hands when I arrived at the Murad Inclusive Health Spa in El Segundo, California. As I walked through the front door of the spa and saw the displays of Murad, Murad, Murad products…I looked at the ladies behind the reception desk and said “There’s so much Murad, I might cry”. And, that’s exactly how I felt. Drama queen alert! It’s always fun to cruise through Sephora and browse through the Murad section, but this was very different. This is the home of Murad and rows upon rows of Murad looked divine.

Needless to say, I love my Murad products and I couldn’t have been happier to be at this spa. I was so excited and felt the need to call all of my girlfriends and squeal, but I had to get to my first treatment. You have to understand, spa time for me is as good as it gets. It always feels like a fabulous, added bonus, holiday…created just for me. And I soak it up like a skincare princess, and proud of it. I simply can’t get enough of my skincare products and spa time. The music that is played throughout the Murad spa is so soothing and the robe that was given to me was absolutely delicious. Super cozy!


My first treatment of the day was The Onsen Treatment. When I read about The Onsen Treatment it sounded very intriguing and, honestly, it lived up to all I could have imagined and so much more. It’s a 110 minute, yes 110 minute session…and it’s pure relaxation and bliss from start to finish. It began with my entire body being exfoliated. Ahhh, that always feels so amazing. With the exception of my face, three different types of warm muds were applied to my entire body: Red mud, which has antioxidant properties. Green mud, which has seaweed in it and is good for the lymphatic system. And black mud which is good for easing muscle tightness and soreness. So, as far as I could tell, these muds were covering all bases. Once my body was completely coated in mud, I was wrapped up into a warm cocoon of blankets. I felt very snuggled in. The table was heated beneath me and the blanket that was wrapped around me was heated, so it was very soothing. So relaxing! While the muds worked their detox magic on my body, I was given a phenomenal head massage, with the scent of lavender essential oil in the air. I loved my cocoon of mud. I didn’t want to be unwrapped. Head to toe…this was as good as it gets. And once unwrapped, I had no idea how I would ever get off of the massage table. I had entered such a deep state of relaxation.

Hot towels were used to remove the mud from my body and, that too, felt wonderful. Once all of the mud was removed, I was left alone and it was time for me to bathe in the Japanese Onsen tub. The Onsen tub is a round, cooper tub and unlike anything I’ve ever seen. There were Epson salts and a blend of essential oils in the water and it felt like a great escape. I was given an apple, hot tea and cold water to enjoy during my bath time. Heavenly! To be handed anything while you’re bathing is heavenly. A washcloth, a bar of soap, Brad Pitt, whatever! It just makes you feel extra special and pampered.

As if that wasn’t enough, when I was finished bathing, I was given a 50 minute deep tissue massage that was very therapeutic and absolutely wonderful. By the time my entire Onsen Treatment was over, I was sure I would name my first born Onsen, knew I wanted everyone I loved to experience this treatment and knew it would be impossible to NOT feel relaxed for the next week. It had such an amazing effect on my body. I truly can’t recommend this treatment enough. It is out of this world, crazy good! The Onsen Treatment is a fantastic detox, it’s pure relaxation, it’s one of a kind, and it left my skin feeling so unbelievably soft. I absolutely love, love, loved it!

My second treatment of the day was the Vitamin C Infusion Manicure. I have to say, when I sat down for my manicure, I almost fell asleep because I was still so relaxed from The Onsen Treatment. This particular manicure is antioxidant rich and great for restoring elasticity and rejuvenating damaged skin. My hands and arms were cleansed and exfoliated, followed by a Vitamin C toner. The Vitamin C treatment that was then applied to my hands and arms was warm and soothing. Once that was absorbed into my skin, hot towels were wrapped around my hands and arms. The towels were steamy and had been treated with peppermint essential oil. I love the smell of peppermint. So relaxing! Again, I have no idea how I stayed awake for any of this. I was beyond relaxed. Next, my hands and arms were massaged with a body firming cream and then dipped in paraffin wax. And, of course, all of this pampering was followed by a polish to send me on my way with perfectly painted nails. I left my Vitamin C Infusion Manicure very happy, very relaxed and my hands were glowing.

If you have the chance to visit the Murad Inclusive Health Spa…go, go, go! And, if you get The Onsen Treatment, let me know how fabulous you feel after your experience. I’d love to hear all about it.

A very special thanks to Stefani Green and Jennifer Newton.


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  1. Shelley says:

    this place sounds heavenly!!! Cool unique services….Is there any other locations??? hmmmmm…..I sure do enjoy Murad products……

  2. Ariel says:

    Sounds like a truly indulgent, absolutely delicious experience!

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