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August 19, 2009 | | Comments 2

Approaching Burke Williams, I felt like a kid on the way to Disneyland. So much anticipation! An afternoon at Burke Williams is a retreat from all else and I needed it. You don’t go to Burke Williams for just a facial or a massage, you go for the entire spa experience. I have never found myself at a Burke Williams wanting for more. It’s like entering a lovely cocoon of perfection that you’re able to spend the entire day in. In addition to all of the fabulous treatments they offer, I would be leaving you out of the experience if I didn’t mention the sauna, jacuzzi, steam room, misting room, soothing lighting and a list of amenities worth listing. I’m a complete sucker for the extras. Mouthwash, make up remover, deodorant, razors, hair elastics, q-tips, blow dryers, cleansers, moisturizers, hair gel, brushes, curling irons, cucumbers for your eyes, bathrobes, flip flops, fruits for snacking, the best water with oranges and cucumbers in it, and cool aromatherapy towels to refresh with that smell like rose and peppermint. And, I have to say, I haven’t listed everything. If you need it, it’s there. Right there! You can spend the day there, with every comfort you need and then spend your time getting ready to leave the spa with everything you need to go back out into the world. But, who wants to go back into the world after a day at Burke Williams? Not me! At this spa I feel like I’ve entered a new, perfect world, and I never want to go back. Thankfully, there are clocks on the walls, because it is very easy to lose track of time in the spa.

I began my visit at Burke Williams with a bath. Not just “a bath” but the mothership of all baths. I chose to have mud and lavender in my bath. Mud for detox and lavender for relaxing. Cucumbers were placed over my eyes and then a cold washcloth was placed over the cucumbers as I sank into the jacuzzi tub. Divine! I could smell the lavender in the water and the soothing cucumbers over my eyes. I almost fell as asleep in the bath and this was only my first treatment of the day. When it was time for me to get out of the bath, my robe was given back to me warm and the woman who handed me my robe gave me a gentle a pat on the back as if to say, “take care”, “relax”, “enjoy” and “be well”. Yes, I felt all of that in one simple, slight, pat on my back.

Then, it was time for me to get the Harmony Massage. Not a traditional massage, to say the least. It’s a massage that includes vibration therapy with a tuning fork placed on your pressure points, a hot and cold stone massage, and a textured massage. I had never had a textured massage before and I loved it. Chinese herbs are sprinkled over your body and then massaged in with jasmine aromatherapy oil. It feels amazing! And the heated table only adds to the experience. The hot and cold stone massage is both relaxing and stimulating. The hot stones relax your muscles while the cold stones stimulate circulation. They glide over your body with ease and it feels wonderful. The vibration therapy helps to ground the body and, good thing, because on this particular day I needed a little extra grounding. In addition to the warm tea that was given to me before my massage, I was handed a thick piece of dark chocolate, an antioxidant, after the experience. And that’s exactly what the harmony massage is…an experience. I was in spa love! I knew I would sleep well that night, and I did.

After my massage, it was time for the Enzyme Facial. I love facials! Facials at Burke Williams are always a treat and I had never had the Enzyme Facial before. My face was cleansed, massaged, exfoliated, and then massaged some more. My hands were dipped in warm paraffin wax and massaged and my feet were also massaged. Oh, my neck and shoulders were also massaged. Take my word for it, if you get a facial at Burke Williams…you get a whole lot more than just a facial. Make way for masks and peels! After the Vitamin C Peel, a Lime Stimulating Masque was applied to my face. The esthetician told me that it would feel like a sunburn and it sure did. The Lime Masque burns! It really does, but it only lasts about three minutes and I can now say, without a shadow of a doubt, that the three minutes of burning is totally worth it. The Lime Masque was followed by a delicious smelling Pear & Green Apple Masque and Natural Lift Masque. My face was bathed in good things and my skin was thankful for all of the healthy treatments. After my facial, my skin looked flawless and, days later, is still looking flawless. I highly recommend this facial. It makes your skin look so polished and renewed. Fresh! Burke Williams has a line of products called H2V and Eminence. Both of these lines were used during my facial. I absolutely love the H2V Complete Cleanser. It smells amazing and makes my skin feel wonderful. I also loved the Pear & Green Apple Masque that was used on my face. It smells soooo good. Even after my extractions and three minutes of burning for beauty…I was still ready to fall asleep by the end of my facial. It was so relaxing. I had not a care in the world and found myself wanting to LIVE at Burke Williams. I was hoping they would give me a pillow and ask me to stay.

I had already died and gone to spa heaven by the time I was taken to my Foot Fantasy. I became Queen of the Pedicure…relaxing in my pedicure throne! Still in my robe, soft blanket in my lap, a warm neck pillow, and in a massage chair…it doesn’t get better than that. At this point, I was fairly certain that there was no longer a world outside of this haven called Burke Williams. My feet and legs were cleansed with a mango gel cleanser and exfoliated with a sugar scrub, then wrapped in hot towels. Ahhh! This wasn’t a dream, I assure you. This day actually happened. So amazing and relaxing. Next, a Neal’s Yard Remedies Bath Oil was massaged into my legs and feet to prep my skin for a paraffin dip. I’m a huge fan of Neal’s Yard Remedies, so this definitely added even more pleasure to the experience. A warm eye pillow was placed over my eyes while my legs and feet were massaged. Once the massage was over, I took off my eye pillow and the word “fabulous” just blurted out of my mouth. Fabulous! And it was. It was so totally beyond fabulous. My legs were warm and relaxed, my feet were in heaven and I was fairly certain that, much like a child leaving Disneyland, I would cry when it was time to go home.

The color I chose for my toes was Hawaiian Orchid by OPI and the woman responsible for giving my feet this heavenly experience suggests that I stay for 20-25 minutes to let my freshly painted toes dry completely. With pleasure, I thought. In fact, I would gladly stay another 3-4 hours to let my toes dry completely.

So…what are you doing right now? Plan your visit to Burke Williams. Plan it now. I promise you, you’ll love it. You need it, you deserve it, you’ll want to go back time and time again. I certainly do! The massages, the facials, the pedicures, the jacuzzi, the steam room, all of the amenities, the amazing skincare products that are used and that you can purchase…I can’t say enough about Burke Williams. The only bad news is that Burke Williams is only in California. My wish for all of my readers is that there is a Burke Williams in every city one day. Until then, you’ll just have to visit us in California and treat yourself to some spa time. I’ve treated myself to Burke Williams on my birthday, gone with my best friends, taken out of town guests, taken my mother…and as soon as I’m done writing this review I’ll probably start planning my next visit. See you there!

Burke Williams…beyond the spa.

A special thanks to the wonderful staff at Burke Williams for a lovely and relaxing afternoon.

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  1. Jacqueline says:

    I just booked an afternoon thanks to your review!! I haven’t had a spa day all year. We should pamper ourselves more often than not. Your treatments sounded divine and dreamy!!! Here I come Burke Willams Spa. Love this site!! xo

  2. Donna Ricci says:

    My evening starts usually with:

    telling staff to tell the women they are being so loud I could hear their cackles in the shower
    steam room with cucumbers over my eyes and nice cold towel over that
    telling staff to remind the hen party to shut up
    dry sauna
    misting room
    my treatment

    I tend to do the jacuzzi and everything first so I don’t wash off all the great treatments that were just given to me.

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