Spa Review: Alchemie Spa – Santa Monica, CA.

July 20, 2012 | | Comments 0

I recently visited Alchemie Spa in Santa Monica for some organic pampering and to see my favorite massage therapist, Michael Canvin. Michael contacted me when Alchemie Spa first opened to recommend that I check it out because he was so impressed with this new spa. Before I tell you about my treatments at Alchemie, I have to tell you how much I love the aesthetic of the spa and how much I love the vibe there. Designed by the owner, Mary Lee, it’s a very beautiful facility. Alchemie Spa is a very chic place with every piece of furniture and every fixture, even the walls, having been very thoughtfully designed. I appreciated even the smallest touches in the spa, bringing nature into the space with beautiful wood and the creative placement of stones through the hallway that leads to the treatment rooms in the spa. While Alchemie has a very modern look and feel, the reminder of nature is throughout. I love that! I was very impressed.

For my first visit to Alchemie Spa I was treated to The Signature Mani Pedi, the Body Scrub Retreat (a 30 minute full body scrub) and an Esalen Massage. My favorite thing about Alchemie Spa is that it is where you will find the best massage in Los Angeles with a man who is a master of massage therapy, Michael Canvin. I got my Esalen Massage and the Body Scrub Retreat with Michael. I absolutely love body scrubs. If you’ve never done it, I highly recommend getting a body scrub before a massage. Not only will your skin thank you for it, but the body scrub warms up your body for the massage and allows you to get even more out of the massage. Also, Michael incorporates massage into his body scrubs, so you’re getting more than just a basic body scrub. For the Body Scrub Retreat, the actual scrub (organic and made at Alchemie) was made out of sugar, honey, oatmeal powder and had Tranquility and Orange essential oils in it. It smelled lovely and the ingredients, combined with Michael’s approach to a body scrub, made for a wonderful exfoliation and experience. My skin was silky smooth after my scrub and my body was already relaxed before my massage even began. I highly recommend this process for everyone, but getting a body scrub before your massage is something that is especially beneficial to those of you who have a hard time relaxing or letting go at the very beginning of a massage. Some people spend the first half of their massages just trying to relax enough to truly enjoy the massage. Getting a full body scrub, such as the Body Scrub Retreat at Alchemie Spa, would be the perfect way to be relaxed from the moment your massage begins. For my massage, Michael used an oil that had two of my favorite essential oils in it, eucalyptus and peppermint. So relaxing! With each massage that I’ve ever had with Michael, he always surprises me. His movements are never predictable and he has turned massage therapy into an art form. I always leave a massage with Michael by thanking him a million times and raving as if I’ve never had a massage before. And somehow, the next time I see him, I rave and rave as if it’s the first massage that I’ve ever had all over again. As far as treatments go, you can’t have a better treatment than just being in the healing hands of Michael Canvin at Alchemie Spa.

After my my massage and body scrub, I was treated to The Signature Mani Pedi with Megan in Alchemie’s very cozy nail care section of the spa. The Signature Mani Pedi includes an herbal foot soak, a sugar scrub, cuticle care, a ten minute massage and polish. Quick product mention: I loved the smell of the conditioning polish spray that Megan used on my nails. It was CND’s SolarSpeed Spray and it has an awesome almond scent. I have to get it! My manicure and pedicure were both wonderful. I’m a complete sucker for a good foot scrub and an even bigger sucker for a good foot massage. Aren’t we all?? The Signature was great! At Alchemie Spa, they don’t have the typical mani pedi chairs that you’re used to sitting in at most other spas. They have beautiful, plush, comfy chairs with lovely pillows for extra comfort. I loved them! Major compliments go to Mary, the owner, for her choice of chairs (along with all of her design and color choices for the entire facility). I had a lovely afternoon at Alchemie Spa. My entire visit there was a complete treat and I’d love to go back for some more pampering. While I was there I noticed that Alchemie uses Eminence products in their facials. I love Eminence, so I’ll have to check out one of Alchemie’s facials next time. Happy spa day!

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