Pacifica – Island Vanilla Body Butter and Perfume

June 02, 2012 | | Comments 0

Mmmmmmmmm….that’s the sound that I make each time I moisturize my body with Pacifica’s Island Vanilla Body Butter. It’s no secret that two of my favorite scents are vanilla and coconut. I fall in love over and over again with those scents. I truly can’t help myself. Pacifica’s Island Vanilla scent is the perfect blend of vanilla and coconut. After application I walk out of my house knowing that, seriously, I smell like candy. It’s so lovely and I can cover my entire body with this body butter without the Island Vanilla scent ever being overpowering. I want to smell delicious without being the girl who ever wears too much of any scent. I’d rather someone notice the scent that I’m wearing when they embrace me for a hug or lean over to kiss my cheek…not when I’m standing across the room. Too much of any scent is a bad idea. I liken it to awful music that the guy in the car next to you at a traffic light is blowing out his speakers with….not all of us want to hear that particular song that he loves…and not everyone needs to smell the scent you’re wearing (no matter how lovely it is) as soon as you walk into a room. Wait for the hug or the kiss on the cheek, for them to breathe in your lovliness. Choose your scent carefully, then consider subtlety. Back to Pacifica, the Island Vanilla scent is a bit sultry along with it’s sweet notes. I love it!!!! It’s a creamy, paraben-free body butter, that nourishes skin with shea butter. I apply Pacifica’s Island Vanilla Body Butter as soon as I get out of the shower in the morning, and before I get into bed at night. I like to go to bed smelling like candy too.

The thing that I love most about Pacifica’s Island Vanilla Spray Perfume is that, while it’s still the same scent that I love, it’s perfectly subtle. It layers well over the Island Vanilla Body Butter because it’s light and it’s such a lovely little touch of sweet vanilla. Also, I must add that I love the design on the Pacifica Island Vanilla Perfume and Body Butter Tube. It’s fun, feminine, and flirty!

Island Vanilla Body Butter $18.00
Island Vanilla Spray Perfume $22.00

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