Origins – Cozy and Candlelit

January 20, 2014 | | Comments 0

I love Origins! I’m a huge fan. I’ve tried, loved, and reviewed many of their products. The Origins Eye Doctor, eye cream, was actually one of the first products that I reviewed for MySkinAffair over five years ago. Click here to read my review of Origins Eye Doctor. Along with all of the Origins skin care and body products that I love, Origins also has some wonderful products that help me to feel relaxed and cozy. I’m completely obsessed with great candles. When I light a beautiful candle at home, it can be a complete mood changer for me. I’m absolutely loving the Origins Feel Good Votive Trio. The scents of the votive candles that are included in this trio are: the Stress Diffusing Candle, the Keep Calm Candle, and the Warm Up Candle. All three candles smell amazing and, if you have a favorite, Origins also has full-size candles in the same scents. The Feel Good Votive Trio makes a perfect gift and I love the packaging. I love snuggling up with the Origins Feel Good Hug. It’s a soothing body wrap that helps to ease muscle tension. It’s scented with essential oils from cinnamon, clove, and ginger. You can warm up the Hug quickly in your microwave for soothing heat therapy. The combination of the heat and the essential oils is so relaxing. Cozy, cozy, cozy! The Hug feels and smells wonderful. The quilted cover that Origins chose for the Hug is beautiful. This is definitely another home run for Origins in the packaging department. I love the box that the Feel Good Hug comes in. It’s so lovely that you can even skip wrapping it, if you’re gifting it to someone. Also, proud to call myself a sentimentalist, I love the idea of giving someone a gift that’s called a “Hug.”  Feel Good Votive Trio: $45

Feel Good Hug: $45

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