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January 17, 2011 | | Comments 1

clarisoniccolors1I recently wrote about my love for Clarisonic for the Clarisonic blog. I wanted to share it with you.

Take what you want! You can take my favorite pair of jeans, my favorite bag, the dress that makes me feel most beautiful and even that amazing set of bangle bracelets that I recently got for a great deal. Go on, take it all! But, don’t even think about taking my Clarisonic! Look at it! Admire it! Ask me all about it! But…don’t touch!

Clarisonic takes washing your face to the next level. It takes the dirty pore part of your day away. As the Black Eyed Peas sing in Boom, Boom, Pow….”I’m so 3008, you so 2000 and late”. That’s how I feel when I’m dancing around my bathroom with my Clarisonic. Yes, you can use your Clarisonic and dance at the same time. Try it! “I’m so 3008” with my Clarisonic. It takes any and every facial wash I love to the next level. And that’s saying a lot for me because I have many facial washes that I absolutely love. My Clarisonic creates the perfect lather with every wash. It is a lather that my bare hands or a washcloth can’t achieve. Or any other scrub brush, for that matter. It helps all of the good stuff in your facial wash to penetrate your skin and really do what all of those product bottles promise. Also….hello smooth skin! Having a Clarisonic is a must!

I review skin care products and feature actresses every month on My Skin Affair, a website that I created. I always ask each actress that I interview about their favorite skin care products. What’s the most common favorite? The Clarisonic! On My Skin Affair, the following actresses have raved about their Clarisonic: Julie Benz, Kate Walsh, Marla Sokoloff, Christine Lakin and Odette Yustman. In addition, I’ve reviewed several spa’s in Los Angeles that use a Clarisonic during their facials for cleansing the skin. The Argyle Spa uses Clarisonic, as does Ole Henriksen Spa and KLS Skin Care. And if you check in with My Skin Affair each time a new actress is featured, I’m confident that you will continue hearing celebrities raving about their Clarisonic’s.

I don’t know one person that wouldn’t benefit from owning a Clarisonic. And that goes for you too, Gentlemen. I’ve introduced several male friends of mine to Clarisonic and, although some were hesitant at first, they all loved the feeling of the Clarisonic brush gliding across their faces. Clarisonic is for everyone! I love the feeling of using it and I love the way it makes my skin look and feel.

When I recently interviewed Odette Yustman, I asked her what her “must have” product is. Her answer: “My skin care must have is the Clarisonic brush. One hundred percent, have to use it! Have to, have to!” And I couldn’t agree with her more.

Read my previous review of Clarisonic.

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  1. Anna says:

    Favorite product ever! Nothing feels better on my skin than my clarisonic. I just bought replacement brush heads and thought they were reasonably priced (2 in a pack).

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