Molton Brown Sleep-Cedrus Temple Soother

September 26, 2009 | | Comments 0

moltonbrownthumbI love snuggling up in my bed, after my evening skincare rituals, and falling into a deep and peaceful sleep. Sure, it doesn’t always happen like that. It’s not always as relaxed, peaceful and beautiful as I would like for it to be. We all have our days! Unfortunately, bedtime can’t be as glorious as we all want it to be every single night. (although, I have hope and I’m still striving for that) Our minds might race, our bodies can’t relax as we want them to, someone’s snoring way too loud right next to us…we all have our very own special reasons for not having that perfect “falling into bed and peacefully drifting away” night. However, I am a strong believer that there is always something that can help us to relax. It’s different for everyone and you may have to take some time to figure out what works for you.

I highly recommend looking into the world of aromatherapy. I happen to be very effected by certain scents and the Molton Brown Sleep-Cedrus Temple Soother has been a huge added bonus at bedtime lately. It contains cedrus and lavender essential oils. It smells absolutely perfect! From the moment I smell it, I feel more relaxed. Sure, it could just be my state of mind and that my endless love for the scent of lavender comforts me enough to enable a more restful sleep. But, you can’t deny the known facts about these essential oils. Cedrus is known for it’s sedative properties and having a calming effect on the mind. Lavender…well, I could go on about lavender for days. First, let me just say, lavender is the most versatile essential oil. Lavender is known for: calming, soothing, balancing, relieving headaches, relieving joint and muscle pain, helping insomnia, reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation. It has even been described as being an effective form of self-help. And, bottom line, lavender is one of my absolute favorite smells. So, needless to say, I’m pretty sure that Molton Brown made the Sleep-Cedrus Temple Soother just for me. The scent is strong enough to have an effect but is quite subtle, as it is soothing. It always helps when you take the time to do that one extra little thing for yourself before going to bed. Lately I’ve been enjoying taking the time to use this product before bed and reminding myself to breathe in all of the benefits of the lavender essential oil. All is well in the world of lavender!

Product info: Handbag sized, so it’s excellent for travel.

.34 fl oz $27.00

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