Malie Organics Coconut Vanilla – My Favorite Hand Soap

October 21, 2011 | | Comments 0

I’m in Coconut Vanilla heaven, once again! When I reviewed the Malie Organics Coconut Vanilla Body Wash and Coconut Vanilla Body Cream I wrote that my love affair with skin care products was instantly renewed. The Malie Organics Coconut Vanilla scent is truly one of my absolute favorite scents. It just does “it” for me, in the very best way. As I previously wrote: I can’t get enough of it. I want to bury my face in this scent and stay there all day. It’s that fabulous! Love, love, love! But, here’s where the story gets even better…Malie Organics also has a Coconut Vanilla Liquid Hand Soap and a Coconut Vanilla Soy Candle. More Coconut Vanilla heaven for me! If you walk into my home and I’m burning my Coconut Vanilla Soy Candle, you can assume that it’s a very good day for me. I don’t know if I’ve ever expressed my love, almost obsession, for washing my hands. Have to have clean hands! But also, I’m very picky about the scent that I have on my hands. I wash my hands very frequently throughout the day, so the scent of my hand soap is one of the most important scents in my life. How happy am I about the Malie Organics Hand Soap? Beyond happy! And there’s no way you’ll believe this, because it just sounds too good to be true, but not only am I in heaven because this hand soap smells so wonderful but honestly, this is truly the best liquid hand soap that I have tried so far, ever. Seriously!

malieI’m giving the award for best hand soap to Malie Organics. It is the most non-drying hand soap I’ve ever had. For a very long time now, I will take favorite shower gels of mine and put them in my hand soap dispensers because they are usually more moisturizing than liquid hand soaps and there are many more options for beautifully scented shower gels, than there are for liquid hand soaps. By the way, that is a huge tip of mine. Use your shower gel in your hand soap dispensers. With the Malie Organics Coconut Vanilla Liquid Hand Soap, I won’t reach for anything but that. Because I care so much about having clean hands and because the scent on my hands is so important to me…this product has become a “must have” for me. Malie Organics, please send more hand soap! I’m running low and it’s breaking my heart. I can’t recommend any hand soap above this one. Mahalo.

Coconut Vanilla Liquid Hand Soap $25.00
Coconut Vanilla Soy Candle $30.00

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