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I recently went to a fabulous cocktail party in Los Angeles, that was thrown for an amazing bunch of ladies who blog. Talk about girl power! Such an energized, motivated and inspired group of women, all very passionate about their blogs. The party was hosted by Leslie Sarna, The Dainty Vegetarian, and held at her beautiful home. I‘m a huge Leslie Sarna fan. She has an incredible food blog with delicious recipes that you definitely have to check out. One of the things that this party reminded me of is how important it is to give yourself the freedom to indulge in the things that you love and enjoy most, as often as possible. mainMy absolute favorite indulgence is spending time at a beautiful spa, getting wonderful facials and body treatments. Hearing the women at this cocktail party all talking about what inspires them to write on a daily basis and what they are most passionate about, so many different passions, reminded me that we all need to regularly indulge in what makes us feel good, what makes us happy, and what we’re most passionate about.


I’m truly (and am very proud to be) a spoiled rotten, skin care princess. I love all things skin care and would literally live in one of my favorite spas if I could. BUT, as passionate as I am about skin care products…great food is a very close second for me. I love to indulge in both and share those indulgences with my friends. So, between my love for skin care products and great food, it would be a total “Sophie’s Choice” for me to have to choose one over the other. Skin care products and spas would probably win on most days, but I absolutely have days when I would pick great food over anything else. I’m very passionate about both! Amazing skin care products and great food = happy girl!

On that note…at the cocktail party I found my way to lovely Leslie Sarna’s Rum Cake. This cake, by the way, is most deceptive. While it’s a lovely looking cake, in it’s appearance it’s a no frills dessert. Nothing too fancy looking…just a sweet cake, deceptively sitting on it’s cake stand waiting for you to just “have one bite”. It’s a total Garden of Eden/take the apple moment when you’re standing in front of this cake. You “have one bite” and instantly forget all of your cares in the world and that horrid diet you’re forcing yourself through and you immediately have no doubt that this cake is worth blowing every diet for. It’s almost too perfect to describe. I’ve never had a better piece of cake, period. Once I found my way to Leslie, through the party, I raved and raved to her about her creation. Leslie is so supremely lovely in that you see the genuine happiness on her face when she knows you’re enjoying her food and finding happiness in the bites that she’s created. I should probably tell you now that Leslie told me at the party that her Rum Cake is one of her secret recipes that she has vowed to never share. Which I totally respect, because if I had that much power in one cake…I wouldn’t tell anyone either. But she does share so many amazing recipes on her blog, that we really don’t have the room to complain. I’ve just now planned to do whatever I can to get to Leslie’s house each and every time she makes that cake. Honestly, it’s so good…she could have put anything in her “secret recipe” and it wouldn’t have kept me from the three (possibly four…who’s counting) pieces of Rum Cake that I had. I think it was four…not three. No, it was definitely three pieces! Damn it…I really think it was four! Whatever the count…it was worth it and I will be a repeat offender with Leslie Sarna’s Rum Cake whenever possible. Seriously, you can’t possibly understand all of the possibilities of one cake until you’ve had Leslie Sarna’s Rum Cake. I honestly don’t know if I could choose between my favorite eye cream and that Rum Cake. Oh my gosh! That’s a hard one! I think I’d take a chance and choose the Rum Cake…and while I’m eating it, I’ll rub some of it under my eyes and hope that one of Leslie’s secret ingredients is eye cream. The best of both worlds. The Rum Cake wins!

Leslie Sarna's Secret Rum Cake, Chocolate Cupcakes, and her Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies. So delicious!

Leslie Sarna's Secret Rum Cake, Chocolate Cupcakes, and her Salted Chocolate Chip Cookies. So delicious!

We were all given incredible goodie bags to take home with us. The actual “goodie bag” that was filled with all sorts of fabulous treats was a Namaste Reusable Grocery Tote. Namaste also added their own goodie, their Small Pouch, to every gift bag. I love the Namaste Small Pouches. They are all super cute, great colors and patterns, and my Small Pouch happens to be the new home for my favorite lip glosses. My list of lip “favorites” is growing by the day and was in need of it’s own pouch in my purse. So, that’s what I’m using mine for. The Namaste Small Pouch is the perfect size pouch to use as a small makeup bag to keep in your purse.


Our lovely hostess Leslie gave each of us some of her favorite kitchen tools and recipes for her Rainbow Salad and Raspberry Vinaigrette. Check out Leslie’s blog, click here, for her fabulous recipes.

Leslie Sarna, in front of her beautiful garden.

Leslie Sarna, in front of her beautiful garden.

Along with many other amazing gifts that we were all sent home with, Planet Salon of Beverly Hills gave each of us a gift certificate for a complimentary Blowdry Style. I love Planet Salon (previously reviewed). Ginger Boyle, owner of Planet Salon and Master Stylist, is an absolute “must have”. Ginger is a genius! I highly recommend booking an appointment with her.

Another favorite of mine from our wonderful goodie bags was a candle from Volcanica. But I love this candle so much that I’m going to hold off on going into detail about it now, as I plan to write about more of their candles in the future. So beautiful!

Such a lovely cocktail party! It’s so enriching to surround yourself with motivated, creative, and energized people who aren’t afraid to carve their own paths through life. Those amazing qualities are contagious and inspiring!

Thanks so much, Leslie Sarna, for having such a fabulous cocktail party and for bringing so many fabulous women together.

All of the pictures in this post were taken by photographer, Adam Hendershott. You can see more of his work here on his website.

Actress and creator of My Skin Affair, Joanna Canton.

Actress and creator of My Skin Affair, Joanna Canton.

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