La Mer The Lip Balm

March 15, 2010 | | Comments 0

lamerblma2Yes, Gorgeous…La Mer has a Lip Balm. When I hear the name La Mer, I tend to have very high expectations. Once again, I’ve found another product from La Mer that I love. It’s not surprising in the least. I mean really, is it? Anyone who uses La Mer seems to truly have a love affair with La Mer. And, for me…seeing the La Mer packaging is similar to seeing the famous blue Tiffany & Co. bag. All you have to do is show up with that little blue Tiffany bag and I get excited. Anything could be inside….but just seeing that Tiffany bag gets my girlie heart racing. I can’t help it, none of us can. And, just like the Tiffany bag, the sight of the La Mer packaging even makes you feel spoiled rotten because you know what’s inside is fabulous . La Mer The Lip Balm has a very light and lovely mint scent that’s fantastic. The Lip Balm feels very soothing and refreshing. It smoothes and softens the lips. The Lip Balm is very soft…not sticky or heavy at all. It even has a nice minty taste. I’ve also tried using it on my cuticles and it even works really well as a cuticle treatment. I like to get creative with my products. If you happen to have dry or chapped lips…forget it…The Lip Balm is a dream. When I wear it alone, it gives my lips just enough shine. And if I use it before I apply lipstick or any other color lip gloss…it’s makes everything on top of it look even prettier and smoother. Ooh la la, La Mer is always a fabulous choice!

.32 oz $45.00

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