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January 08, 2015 | | Comments 2

lamersqTrue story! I was merely inches away from writing a review about La Mer’s The Eye Concentrate to tell you how much I love it and that it’s my new favorite eye cream when…I tried The Eye Balm Intense from La Mer. That instantly took the front seat, the blue ribbon, the top of the list! I can’t believe it! If it’s possible, La Mer has my TWO current favorite eye creams. In the skin care race they are almost neck and neck with The Eye Balm Intense in the lead. Stop the presses! Why is this eye cream SO amazing? Oh, right….it’s La mer! Of course La Mer would be the one skin care line that would give me, not one, but two favorite eye creams. And I have to say, the most common product that I’m asked about is eye cream. Everyone wants to know what the best eye cream is and it’s always such a hard question to answer. It sometimes seems like there’s not one eye cream out there that does all of what you want it to. No matter how much money you spend on your eye cream, it’s not going to take ten years off your face. I hear more complaints about eye creams than any other product. There is a list that so many of us seem to have of what our creams aren’t doing for us. We have to accept that there isn’t going to be one eye cream that will live up to all of our expectations. BUT, La Mer is coming closer than anything else for me. Seriously…from the moment I delicately glided the tip of my finger across The Eye Balm Intense cream, I was in eye cream heaven. It’s the exact texture that I’ve been looking for. The Eye Concentrate was the eye cream that came closest to exactly what I wanted in texture/feel and results. But the second my finger even touched The Eye Balm Intense, it was a skin care love affair. Bliss! And then dabbing it around my eyes, I couldn’t believe how amazing it felt. Light, creamy, silky! It absorbs well while staying moist. It’s perfection!

The Eye Balm Intense is a sure thing. I’m absolutely in love with this product. And yes, I still love The Eye Concentrate as well. Basically, this is the moment when I realize that I am a true spoiled rotten skin care princess. I want BOTH of my La Mer eye creams! If you truly want to pamper yourself to the best eye cream I’ve found so far… treat yourself to The Eye Balm Intense. Always loving La Mer!

0.5 oz $145.00

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  1. Lene says:

    Ok, it feels nice, but what does it DO?

  2. Hi Lene:
    For me, it’s been great for fine lines/wrinkles and the dark circles under my eyes. Most department stores that carry La Mer will have open jars for you to sample. Might be a good idea to sample it and see how you like it for yourself. Hope that’s helpful!

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