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Celebrity Guest Review by Fay Masterson

I am bereft. My Korres Guava Lip Butter is almost finished and I’m panicking about getting to the store for more. This all-natural product with shea butter and rice wax may just be the one thing that can pull me away from good ol’ Petroleum Jelly for a lip treatment. Mineral oil, Silicone, Propylene Plycol and Ethanolamine free, it’s the silkiest product I’ve ever put on my lips. And who needs all of those other things when you’ve got shea butter and rice wax? It really does feel like I’m buttering up my lips every time I go to bed or apply it during the day.

At night it waits for me on my bedside table and when I put it on I know I’m going to wake up with my lips moisturized and soft. I feel like I’m really doing something nice for myself. And it lasts for a long time. It absorbs well and I feel like it actually protects and improves the quality of my lips, as opposed to some other products I’ve used which seem to dry out so fast that I’m always reapplying – it’s as if putting on the product actually increases the need to put more on.

I haven’t tried the other flavors in the line, but the Guava is perfect for me. It’s not overpowering, just a nice delicate fragrance and flavor. It really does feel like Guava scented butter! Who wouldn’t love that? I’m allergic to pretty much everything when it comes to these kinds of products, hence the use of Petroleum Jelly for many years. But now I feel more grown up and sophisticated when I put out my All Natural Korres Lip Butter, instead of something (Petroleum Jelly) used to help nappy rash!

Product info: Formulated without: Parabens, Sulfates, Synthetic Fragrances, and Petro-Chemicals.

0.21 oz $10.00

Actress Fay Masterson was previously interviewed on My Skin Affair. Check out her interview!

Thanks Fay!

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