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October 04, 2010 | | Comments 0

kissfaceGuest Review by Michelle Fletcher

It’s 8:52 pm and the start of my “me time”. I began dedicating one night a week to skin pampering about one year ago after My Skin Affair reminded me about the importance of taking care of my skin and treating myself to some much needed relaxation. Through this self-indulgent retreat, I have discovered some terrific products…my favorite being Kiss My Face’s, Pore Shrink, Deep Cleansing Mask. So, I wanted to be sure to share with you my thoughts on this great organic find and offer up a quick review.

When using the Kiss My Face Deep Cleansing Mask, I first begin by taking off my make up and opening up my pores with a warm wash cloth. This in itself, along with a couple of really deep breaths, helps me relax and unwind from a long day at the office, the busy evening with my loud kids and what seems to be endless housework. Once this step is done, I am ready for my mask.

I squeeze about a quarter-sized amount of the Deep Cleansing Mask into my palm and apply it to my face using a paintbrush. As it goes on, there is this great cooling sensation as the wet clay and the paintbrush glide across my forehead, nose and checks. Tea tree, cloves, and lemongrass only intensify this effect. I love how the mask smells quite earthy because it reminds me that this “potent and pure” product comes from the best that nature has to offer. The directions say to let it dry for 10 minutes, but I let it stay on a little longer and wait until the entire mask is dry and looks like dried mud…or until I finish my glass of wine and feel like getting up…which can be a while. It’s incredibly relaxing.

Using a wet washcloth, I wipe away the dried clay and then splash my face with cool water. My skin feels so smooth, my pores appear smaller and my face is shiny and taught. A little lightweight moisturizer and my skin feels as good as new.

This incredible mask is designed for all skin types. I have sensitive, combination skin that’s prone to breakouts, but something about the organic ingredients used in this mask agrees well with my skin and has reduced my clogged pores and blemishes dramatically. It comes in a 2 oz tube and a little goes a long way, so I have actually just now had to buy another after using this once a week for quite a while.

I hope you will try this mask and find it as effective at deep cleansing as I. At the very least, I would recommend dedicating at least one night a week to yourself and your skin. You deserve it!!!

2 oz $15.00

Thanks Michelle!

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