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kate1In my interview with Kate Walsh, Kate raved endlessly about Kate Somerville products and treatments at the Kate Somerville Clinic in Los Angeles. Needless to say, after hearing so many great things from Kate Walsh, I had to check out all things Kate Somerville. I arranged a visit to the Kate Somerville Clinic for some research and pampering. First of all, the clinic itself is absolutely stunning. It’s a very warm, cozy, and classy environment that’s beautifully decorated. The furniture, the fixtures, the colors…perfection! I felt like a skin care princess from the moment I entered the clinic. I was treated to The Ultimate Kate Facial, Kate Walsh’s favorite facial. The Ultimate Kate, an 80 minute facial, was nothing short of amazing and left my face looking flawless for days. On a side note: I have to say, the Kate Somerville Clinic gets my vote for best robes. Coziest robes ever! Back to my facial…I had never had a red light treatment before, which is included in this facial. It was actually very relaxing. I really liked it. From the moment my facial began, it felt like my skin was being treated to something really special.

The Kate Somerville description of The Ultimate Kate: It begins with enzymatic exfoliation and light extractions. The skin is then drenched with Kate’s DermalQuench serum and oxygen technology. The client is then placed under the DermaLucent red light to further penetrate the serum, and stimulate collagen and elastin. The result is a firm, even skin tone and red carpet-ready complexion.

The Ultimate Kate left my skin looking radiant for days. I recommend visiting the Kate Somerville Clinic if you’re in Los Angeles.

Since my visit to Kate Somerville, I’ve been using a few of the Kate Somerville products. Kate Walsh told me that I had to try the ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment, Mineral Mud Mask and the Micro Glycolic Polisher. I made sure to get all three of these products to check out. I also got the Deep Tissue Repair, which was one of the products that was used during my facial at Kate Somerville. I was so in love with the scent of the Deep Tissue Repair that I couldn’t leave without it. I am loving all of my new Kate Somerville products.

I highly recommend the ExfoliKate. It makes my skin feel so incredibly soft. It’s great to use before extractions and I love the tingling effect is has on my skin while it’s working it’s Kate Somerville magic. The ExfoliKate rocks! I’ve now used the Micro Glycolic Polisher twice and I really like it. It makes my skin feel great. You only need to use it once a week and you only need 2-4 pumps for each use, so I’m thinking that this is the Kate Somerville product that will last the longest. A little goes a long way with the Micro Glycolic Polisher. The Mineral Mud Mask is warm and tingly once it’s on your skin. I really like the feeling. Actually, the ExfoliKate, Micro Glycolic Polisher and the Mineral Mud Mask are all very tingly on the skin. The Mineral Mud Mask makes my skin feel renewed and fresh. It also makes my skin feel super smooth. All three of these products make my skin feel incredibly smooth. Since I’ve been using these Kate Somerville products, my face has been unbelievably soft and very clear.

I’m absolutely in love with the Kate Somerville Deep Tissue Repair. I could go on about it for days. It makes my skin look flawless, it smells phenomenal and it absorbs really well. I can’t get enough of it. Each time I use the Deep Tissue Repair I stare at the jar, hoping it will magically multiply into more jars so that I’ll have enough of this product to last forever. It’s so fabulous! I love smoothing it over my face because I love the smell so much and I love the feeling of treating my skin to such an amazing product. Love it, love it, love it! The Deep Tissue Repair is absolutely my Kate Somerville “must have” product. If you’d like to try Kate Somerville and want to start with just one product, I’d have to suggest trying the ExfoliKate. That’s if you can only try one. If you can try two…you have to get the Deep Tissue Repair. I’m in love!

Along with checking out some fabulous Kate Somerville products, I’ve also been reading Kate Somerville’s new book, Complexion Perfection. In the book, Kate Somerville writes about her treatments in great detail. Complexion Perfection includes some wonderful skin care tips and even suggests the right foods to eat for good skin health. It’s packed with valuable skin care information.

I’m thrilled that Kate Walsh introduced me to Kate Somerville products and the Kate Somerville Clinic. Thanks Kate and….thanks Kate.


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