Juliette Has a Gun for Valentine’s Day – Miss Charming

February 13, 2012 | | Comments 0

Sexy, baby, sexy! I have chosen Juliette Has a Gun’s Miss Charming for one of my favorite Valentine’s Day gifts this year. Quite possibly, my most favorite this year. But let me also add that Miss Charming Eau de Parfum would be a fabulous gift to give to any girl, anytime. Girl, woman, lady, princess, goddess, lover, sweetheart! The name of this line grabbed me immediately. They had me at…”Juliette Has a Gun”. Then, the oh-so-sweet packaging of the Miss Charming Eau de Parfum. The silky pink bow that sits on top of this most charming treat and runs along the sides of the package, with black and pink lettering, is so lovely.  Once you open up this perfect little package and take out the actual bottle of Juliette Has a Gun’s Miss Charming, you see that the bottle is equally as lovely. The Miss Charming perfume comes in a white bottle with black, pink and silvery grey lettering with a beautiful design. Even the cap of the perfume bottle has Juliette Has a Gun engraved into it. Once I had already fallen in love with the name of the line and then saw a picture of the Miss Charming packaging, I asked to have it sent to me because it looked so sweet, sexy and cute. Once it was in my hands and I found that the packaging was more perfect than pictured and very well made, it was exactly what I wanted. Then there was the actual Miss Charming perfume bottle to discover. As I took the bottle out of it’s perfect packaging I found delightful, delicious and de-lovely! Yes, dahling! Juliette Has a Gun At this moment of pure satisfaction, excitement and product inspiration, I honestly felt almost nervous to spray the perfume because I thought there was no way that I could possibly love the scent of Miss Charming as much as I love the packaging. Juliette Has a Gun’s Miss Charming “had me at hello”. Miss Charming is perfectly named, because she is just that. So completely charming! Already in love with her, I dared to spray…lightly, hoping to love. I’m not easy to please with perfume. I don’t wear perfume every day. I adore body moisturizers and have so many scents that I love, that I most often wear a beautifully scented moisturizer instead of a perfume. But, Miss Charming is soft, light, and sweet. As I sprayed her, I took in the light notes of rose and sweet berries and thought that not only was it mellow and sweet enough for me to wear every day, but I was so happy that Miss Charming smelled as sweet as she looked. She’s like a date that didn’t disappoint. She’s the party that was all you hoped it would be. Yes, I’m talking about a perfume. Juliette Has a Gun’s Miss Charming is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. You could give that sweet and lovely treat to me any day of the week and I’d be all yours. And, seriously, the punk rock chick in me did fall in love with just the sound of “Juliette Has a Gun” right away. And then after loving that intriguing name and discovering this packaging that I adore, I found the sweetest and loveliest perfume. I was so delighted to receive this product to review, so I can’t imagine how delighted I would be to receive it as a gift. I can’t say enough about Miss Charming! I feel like I’ve had an awesome date…with a perfume. In the same way that a sexy vintage car or a beautiful boat is sometimes referred to as a “she”…I’m calling this product “she”. Juliette Has a Gun…she does?? Wow, she sounds dangerous and intriguing! The sweet packaging and sweet scent, combined with the name of the line and the name of the perfume, is a killer combination. Miss Charming…she’s dangerous AND charming. She sounds like the female James Bond. Juliette Has a Gun is made in France. Oh my, she’s just so sexy! And, she smells so very sweet. Miss Charming…charmed, I’m sure! It’s rock and roll, sexy, and fabulously girlie. It’s deluxe femininity! Gimme, gimme, gimme more!!! Je l’aime!

Juliette Has a Gun  Miss Charming Eau de Parfum
50 ml $85.00 , 100 ml $100.00Juliette Has a GunMain post photo: Kimio Ng

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