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Lights, camera, Clarisonic! Last week I attended the luncheon, premiere and after party for  Glamour Reel Moments, Presented by Clarisonic. Not only was I super excited to support an event that was so empowering both to and for women, but I was very happy to be there with my friends from Clarisonic.  The Glamour Reel Moments Premiere was for three empowering short films that were all inspired by readers of Glamour Magazine. All of the short films were directed by three actresses, all making their directorial debuts. Those bold and brave actress/directors are Eva Longoria, Zoe Saldana, and Olivia Wilde. Women in film…behind the camera! So exciting! Check out this pic of Eva Longoria behind the camera, directing her short.

Eva Longoria behind the camera

The American Film Institute (AFI) was recently ranked at number one on The Hollywood Reporter’s list of The 25 Best Film Schools. I’ve been asked to be a guest actress at AFI by an awesome director friend of mine, Andy Wolk, for his directing classes a few times and I love participating in them. The classes that I have participated in are the ones when Andy teaches young directors in the graduate program about communicating, most effectively, with actors on the set. Andy Wolk was the director of a film that I did several years ago and his classes are brilliant. But I can’t help but notice that every time I show up at AFI, it looks like women didn’t get the note that they can also direct. The classes that I was a guest actress for last year had very few women in them, compared to men. This year, the classes seem to have a couple more women…but in each class I’ve ever been in, the women are extremely outnumbered.  Maybe that’s changing, as I did see more women at AFI this year, but it’s changing very slowly. I always leave there feeling great about the classes because Andy Wolk is such a great teacher that I even learn from him as an actress, while he’s teaching about directing.  But I have found myself at the end of classes, wanting to shout out to Hollywood as I leave AFI “Come on ladies, get your butts behind the camera. You’re both wanted and needed”. It’s not as if they aren’t welcome! I’d love to see more women in those classes. That’s not to say that I don’t love the men in those classes. At the end of the day, I just want a great director to work with, male or female. But upon reflection of my almost 20 years of acting experience, I can tell you that there hasn’t even been one out of every ten directors that I’ve worked with that was a female. And there are most certainly many amazing female directors out there, I just think we could use a couple more for a different perspective. And I don’t blame the men for that, so don’t get upset with me guys. I’m looking directly to the women and telling them to step up in storytelling and realize that they can get behind the camera as well. So, I was thrilled to be at The Glamour Reel Moments Premiere to support the female directors, Glamour Magazine and Clarisonic for this event.

Me, Joanna Canton, at the Glamour Reel Moments Premiere.

Actress Joanna Canton attends the 2011 Glamour Reel Moments premiere presented by Clarisonic held at the Directors Guild Of America on October 24, 2011 in West Hollywood, California.

I have to applaud Eva Longoria, Zoe Saldana, and Olivia Wilde for all stepping behind the camera. I’d like to add that not one of them cast themselves in their shorts. It was these three famous actresses directing, staying solely behind the camera. High five’s and kisses to all of you ladies. I really enjoyed all three films. Zoe Saldana directed the short “Kaylien” and it brought tears to my eyes.

Zoe Saldana behind the camera.

Zoe Saldana

Eva Longoria directed “A Proper Send-Off” that I found to be very inspiring on the subject of breast cancer prevention. Olivia Wilde directed the short “Free Hugs” that was quirky, funny and relatable. I predict that Olivia will go on to direct a very entertaining film. To all three ladies, bravo! – PS: I spent a ton of time with Sarah Burns that night. Sarah is on the new HBO series “Enlightened” and she starred in Olivia Wilde’s short, “Free Hugs”. Sarah is pure awesomeness and is going to be featured on My Skin Affair very soon, so you’ll hear a lot more about her in the near future. Until then, I just wanted to let you know that she was pretty much my super hot date for the evening. You can ask her yourself. We’re like this…

Actress Sarah Burns and Joanna Canton

Aside from Eva, Zoe and Olivia, the biggest star of the event was by far Clarisonic. Clarisonic has not only become a household name, but it’s crazy popular in Hollywood. I’ve displayed my love for Clarisonic publicly on many occasions. As I left the Chateau Marmont that evening, where the after party was held, all attendees grabbed their goodie bags on the way out. I didn’t see one man or woman (rich and famous included) who didn’t look into their goodie bag without a look of excitement when they found that a Clarisonic Mia had been given to all. For all of the people that were given a Lavender Clarisonic Mia at the Glamour Reel Moments after party, that didn’t have the chance to thank my friends at Clarisonic, I’d like to thank Clarisonic for them. So generous of Clarisonic and so well received! Everyone was so excited to leave the party with their Clarisonic Mia (even me, as I drove home to my Clarisonic Plus). – Yep, skin care princess!!!

Olivia Wilde on set, directing “Free Hugs”Olivia Wilde

It’s all about the event, yes. But before it can be all about the event…it has to be all about your hair, makeup and dress. You can’t show up to an event like this and not show off what God gave ya, girl! (or boy…yay!)

My first stop was at Planet Salon in Beverly Hills for my hair needs. Oh the hair, the hair, the hair! I called the hair rock star Ginger Boyle, Global Master for Aveda and owner of Planet Salon, to tell her about the Glamour Reel Moments Premiere. Ginger immediately jumped on board and set me up with one of her top stylists. PS: It doesn’t say “rock star” on Ginger’s card, but it really should. Ginger, you rock! Thanks for the support and generosity! After what has now been two amazing experiences at Planet Salon, I can’t think of going anywhere else to get ready for an event. That brings me to the stylist that Ginger set me up with for this event…Elle Hoppenstedt. Two words to describe Elle: Confident Artist! Our introduction was Elle walking up to me, knowing exactly what she wanted to do with my hair, having simply seen me from across the room. And the first thing that she said to me, before “hello”, was that she knew what she wanted to do with my hair. She was so confident and inspired that not only did I have complete faith that she would do something great with my hair but I also felt safe in her hands. Since I’ve had short hair, I’ve been very scared of getting a bad cut or something I won’t like. It’s not an easy thing, to give a great short hair cut. Especially not easy if you do it like Elle, who gave me a full razor cut. I’ve had parts of my hair cut by a razor many times but I’ve never had a full razor cut. I can be so picky at times in situations like this. But Elle’s attitude made me want to give her the wheel and happily let her drive.  Confident stylist equals confident client!

Elle, both stylist and colorist at Planet Salon, was just named a Wella National Trendvision Finalist. She has participated in New York Fashion Week as well as Aveda Congress. Her work has also been featured on the covers of magazines such as Trend Setter and Savvy as well as on TLC’s 10 Years Younger. Also for L.A. Fashion Week 2008, she was Aveda’s lead stylist. And then on top of her resume…her own hair is luscious and delicious looking. She’s got the skill, the resume, the confidence, the inspiration and she delivers. I love my cut and color. It’s all Elle. I am her creation. I had very little to do with it. All I said was “not too short”. Otherwise, if you like my hair…it’s all Elle. She’s amazing! What do I want for Christmas? Another cut and color with Elle. – Thanks Elle! Thanks Ginger!

Elle Hoppenstedt

Elle Hoppenstedt - Planet Salon

My second stop was at actor Nick Spano’s Sunlounge Tanning & Spa. I’ve taken to spray tanning sometimes. But, only if it’s a very natural looking spray tan. Sometimes I find that a little color is nice when I’m working (on screen) or when I want a little extra pop. And a little extra pop is great for an event like this. Don’t get me wrong, I also adore the dark hair/porcelain skin look. But it’s hard to go wrong with a glowing (no skin damage) tan. By the way, I have to say that I have never seen a more beautiful tanning salon ever. It’s really well done! Back to my tan…My dear friend and actor Nick Spano arranged for me to get Custom Airbrushing for The Glamour Reels Moments Premiere. I hadn’t tried it yet and I wanted to. I was a bit nervous, trying something new all over my body, the day before walking a red carpet in front of the press…but it turned out great. We did a little “extra” here and there (none of your business where) and the extras helped. When you get your own Customized Airbrushing at Sunlounge Tanning & Spa, you can ask about what they can do for you “here and there” and find out for yourself. Before my Custom Airbrushed tan at Sunlounge, I always got the VersaSpa Spray Tan. That’s a great tan as well. I’ve done that one many times, for work and play. All of the spray tans that I’ve had at Sunlounge have been very natural looking. Bottom line and most important: NO ORANGE LOOKING TANS HERE! I was very happy with my tan for this event. It was very natural looking. And, honestly, I’m always happy with my tans at Sunlounge. I will be featuring Nick Spano and his Sunlounge Tanning & Spa on My Skin Affair soon, so you can read all about why he opened it and what it’s about. All very cool! – Thanks Nick!

Sunlounge Tanning & Spa


With my new cut and color from Elle and my tan from Nick, I was good to go.  I did my makeup myself, threw on a dress and some sexy black nail polish and I was all set for an awesome night out in Hollywood.

I didn’t forget to get you the full scoop on the Glamour and Clarisonic Em(power)ment luncheon that I attended. It was fantastic! Look forward to my EXCLUSIVE VIDEOS of Eva Longoria and Zoe Saldana talking about their directorial debuts next week. See you soon!

Glamour Reel Moments Presented by Clarisonic

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