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Last week I went shopping with DailyCandy and had a chat about fashion with DailyCandy LA editor Evelyn Crowley at a Fresh store in Los Angeles. DailyCandy and invited their readers to “Shop The Night Away” in Shop LA at Westfield Century City, with store discounts and free blowouts. It was a fabulous shopping event. I especially enjoyed my walk into Michael Kors, where I was greeted by four immaculately dressed, tall and handsome men holding trays of champagne (or water, if ya like) and smiling bright. All four of them stood in the entryway of Michael Kors, making it impossible to walk past that store and not go inside. They looked fantastic and the offer of champagne made shopping at Michael Kors feel extra special. Now, that’s how you want to shop. So, I did!

The gentleman at Michael Kors

Daily Candy

It was a shopping extravaganza! Along with many others, Lacey Schwimmer and Hilary Duff came out to support DailyCandy and do some shopping of their own.

Lacey Schwimmer and Hilary Duff

By the way, in case you’re ever curious, going to events for My Skin Affair requires a certain amount of balance for me. Half of my evening is spent doing what an actress does at an event like this (posing for the press) and the other half of my evening is spent (sometimes with a “press” badge) asking questions and gathering info to write about. It’s interesting in that it puts me in front of the press and also puts me with the press. A friend of mine recently told me that it was a better idea for me to show up at events as either an actress or a writer, but not both. My friend said that it’s too confusing for people if I show up as both. “Be the actress at this event, and the writer at that event.” It may be an odd balance for some, but for me, so far so good. I really enjoy it! I wouldn’t attempt this balancing act at a premiere for a movie that I’m in or at an event where I have a lot of press to do for myself or for a project that I’m involved with. For those things, I do need to just “be the actress” as my friend suggested. Otherwise, if that’s not the case, I enjoy the balance of both. (Quick note: The “press” that I’m referring to is not to be mistaken for the paparazzi. That’s something completely different. When I refer to the press, I’m talking about respectful and professional photographers and journalists. Not the paparazzi that invade people’s lives and privacy. Big difference! Just making that clear.) It is a very strange feeling, as an actress, to be considered “press” at certain events. But I can’t spend my time worrying about titles or if my interests and hobbies fit with my career, in anyone’s eyes but my own. Honestly, wearing my two hats makes most parties more interesting. And, of course it can be a delicate balance in moments. But, I’ve always been a fan of watching a good balancing act and it suits me just fine!

Joanna Canton

As I’ve said many times, I’m a huge fan of Fresh. I’ve been totally in love with their products for a long time. By the way, I just got the new holiday gift sets from Fresh to review and they’re SO beautiful. Will tell you all about them very soon! I met up with Evelyn Crowley, the editor of DailyCandy LA, at the Fresh store during Shop LA. I love Fresh and I love DailyCandy. The combo of the two was a lot of fun. The Fresh store was buzzing with energy and filled with people. My chat with Evelyn Crowley:

Fresh Store LA

Los Angeles is overflowing with people who are plastering themselves in what they think they’re “supposed” to be wearing and they have no sense of real style or individuality. There’s a lack in the styling of oneself that’s truly authentic. What would you say to your readers who dress by the book and never draw outside of the lines, in an effort to only wear what’s “on trend” and “hot now”?

Evelyn Crowley: On trend is fun to play with, I think. I can only speak for myself personally. The trends, they come and go and it’s fun to kind of incorporate that into your own look but you don’t want to lose yourself within the trend. So something like, feathers in your hair or something, you want to make that your own rather than it kind of overtaking you and you just being this victim of “what’s new”, “what’s hot”, or whatever. There’s a certain part of LA, a certain fraction of LA that’s definitely like that. And it’s almost geographic, which is kind of sad. But you know, if you go outside of that you can find people kind of marching to the beat of their own drum and really kind of embracing their own look and making it their own. And that’s what I’m inspired by, in terms of LA.

Speaking of inspiration, I just saw the Tom Ford episode of Visionaries. In it, Ford spoke about wishing people were more extravagant. He talked about looking at period costume, other periods of time where people were much more brave with fashion…even referring to tribal clothing and how people transformed their bodies, or adorned themselves. He said “we’re very safe today” and that he would like to see “more individuality and security in feeling that it’s okay to express yourself through your clothing.” Someone like Lady Gaga gets so much attention for being bold and brave with her “costume”, which is no different than the discovery of Marilyn Manson, or Cher at the Academy Awards in 1986 in Bob Mackie. Clearly when someone is brave enough to step way outside of the box, if it’s done well, it’s not only noticed but also praised. On that note…are we too safe?

Evelyn Crowley: That’s an interesting question. I think there are seasons that are safer than others. I think it kind of goes in waves where sometimes it’s more conservative, sometimes it’s more outlandish, sometimes it’s downtown Alexander Wang chic. There are always going to be certain visionaries…like Nicki Minaj or like a Lady Gaga, that step way outside the lines. I don’t feel the need to express myself by coloring way outside the lines. I think it’s almost like more of a personality thing than like a drone fashiony thing. And Tom Ford, that’s just his aesthetic. His aesthetic is very glamorous, very like…you know…Gucci. And it is very sexy, very slinky and that works for some women. I think his version of safe, you could also argue, is just conservative. Which is another look. Do you know what I mean?

Absolutely. And some people don’t want the “feathers” in their hair.

Evelyn Crowley: Right. And I think it’s unfair to call them safe. I think it’s just another aesthetic choice that they’re making. And if they feel like they’re expressing themselves, then more power to them. They don’t feel the need for a boa. And those that do, I think society makes room for them too. But maybe more on stage and in the pop arena.

I happen to be a very big fan of the punk rock look. And I’m talking about Sid Vicious/punk rock not the Bloomingdales version of punk rock. I loved the look of punk rock when I was in my teens, in my twenties, and I still love it now. I’ve just always loved that look and I don’t think it’s ever gone out of style. I also really love what punk rock represents…individuality. I recently read somewhere that “punk is a rebellion against dullness.” I love that! I say “Punk’s not dead” (tipping my hat to The Exploited). What do you think?

Evelyn Crowley: I would say that the look has been co-opted, you know. I mean, as any look will be.

At Urban Outfitters.

Evelyn Crowley: Right. Exactly. That’s the whole game. To kind of absorb what’s “cool” and feed it back to the masses, and make them feel cool. But I think the attitude of punk is alive and well. I would argue that Occupy Wall Street is kind of punkish, you know.

Well done on the inclusion of politics in fashion.

Evelyn Crowley: It’s not just the mohawks and the studs…no, I don’t think punk’s dead. I just think the fashion might be a little bit.

Where do you see DailyCandy, ten years from now?

Evelyn Crowley: World domination.

You can’t do better than that. I want to give a shout out to Fresh since we’re standing in a Fresh store. I’m a huge fan! What are your favorite Fresh products?

Evelyn Crowley: I am completely devoted to the Sugar Lip Treatment. But I can’t do a color to save my life. I have too thin of lips. So I really just embrace the sheer shade. The scent I love is the Citron De Vigne. It’s almost like a champagne. I love coming in here. I’m looking forward to the gift bag. (we both giggle with gift bag excitement)

Everyone looks forward to the gift bag!

Evelyn Crowley: Especially from a great brand like this. They’re doing great things.

I saw the Sugar Lip Treatment in my gift bag when I peeked inside. Love that! It’s always fun when you go to an event and see that there is a gift bag waiting for you. It always makes me feel like a little kid, with wide eyes, holding my gift bag. We all love it! I swear, it doesn’t matter who I speak to…even the most wealthy celebrities that I know. It’s like, “I got nominated…what was in the gift bag?” (we share another laugh)

Nothing better than ending a conversation with a good laugh. Thanks Evvie!

Evelyn Crowley at Fresh

Evvie Crowley

Speaking of gift bags…I loved the gift bag that I was given at Shop LA. Goodies galore! One thing we all agree on is that nothing beats a fabulous gift bag. In a stroke of great luck and DailyCandy having fantastic taste, two of my favorite products were in the gift bag. And both of those fave’s came in pairs. Not one, but two ExfoliKate’s from Kate Somerville and two of Fresh’s Sugar Lip Treatment in two different shades (Rose and Plum). I previously reviewed ExfoliKate, loving it, and I’ve been constantly raving about Sugar Lip Treatment for several years. I throw a mini-party every time Fresh comes out with a new shade of Sugar. The DailyCandy gift bag also introduced me to a few products that I look forward to trying. I was given a travel size bottle of Mario Badescu’s Enzyme Cleansing Gel, Yes To Cucumbers Soothing Facial Towelettes, two travel size bottles of Fekkai Coiff Sheer Hold Hairspray, Tatcha’s Aburatorigami Japanese Beauty Papers (lovely packaging), Softsoap’s Coconut Scrub Bar Soap (smells yummy), and Blushington’s Blending Sponge with a gift card for a $15 “add-on” to one of Blushington’s services. The gift card says “Primp Me Please” on it. How cute is that?  - Check out this fun pic that I took of a shopper who was perfecting her pout with the Sugar Lip Treatment at Fresh.


Finally…I must tell you what a complete ham I was during Shop LA at the DailyCandy photo booth (it was actually a screen, not a booth, but it acts as a photo booth and I loved it.) The coolest thing about this photo op is that once you finish getting your pictures taken, you enter your email address on the screen and the pictures are emailed directly to you, in a photo strip. So cool! I was so excited about this awesome “photo booth” that not only did I take a handful of pics to email to my friends, but I even got random shoppers to check it out and take their own pics (check out the awesome couple below that I even got to kiss for the camera). Everyone who had their pics taken walked away with a huge smile, giggling. It was a lot of fun! At one point, the press even came over and filmed me hamming it up for the lens (you can see a cameraman behind me in one of the pics below). If you ever see one of these, you have to stop and take some pics. You even get the option of selecting color or black & white. It’s fantastic! So much fun! So, I’ve put together some of those pics for you. Enjoy! Thanks DailyCandy!



Joanna Canton

Joanna Canton

Joanna Canton

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