For Kids: BodyTopia Monsters Away Spray

February 25, 2011 | | Comments 0

monsterspraysmall2If there’s one thing I hate, it’s closet monsters. What do closet monsters have to do with skin care, you might be asking yourself? A lot! When I interviewed Bridget Marquardt (read Bridget’s interview) she mentioned a BodyTopia scrub that she loved. When I checked out BodyTopia, I saw that they had Monsters Away Spray and I had to have it. I would have absolutely loved to have had this product when I was a kid. In fact, I think I might still need it. Since I’ve had this spray, I’ve had NO monster problems. Before this spray, it was monster mayhem in my house. The Monsters Away Spray is guaranteed to scare away stubborn monster’s and the boogeyman. It says so right on the bottle! I know, I was surprised too. But, believe it! And the great news is that the spray works in all problem areas. I only had a monster issue in my closet but this spray also works under beds. I keep my bottle of Monsters Away Spray on my nightstand, so that it’s always handy. Since I’ve been using it…no more monster issues. But, I want to be prepared just in case another monster issue arrises. I will be armed and dangerous! Also, this spray comes with a friendly monster finger puppet. Fun, fun, fun! BodyTopia says that the Monsters Away Spray is guaranteed to eradicate monsters, and it really does. Such a fabulous idea!. I love it!

4 oz – $7.50


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