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June 16, 2009 | | Comments 2

Welcome to the Perfectionist Peel play by play. Let’s get started! I just applied my very first peel to my face and I’m trusting Estee Lauder to carry me through this experience gracefully. I’m excited and a little nervous. It is now 8:55 PM and I will let this “Thermal Facial Peel” activate for another 15 minutes before taking it off with the little peel pads that are part of this process. What is the peel experience like? My first thought is that it’s going to burn like hell and take off an entire layer of my skin, but so far so good. No burning, just a little tingling and as far as I can tell, my skin is still resting where it should be…on my face. The cream I put on my face, Step 1 “Thermal Peel“, was very soft and easy to spread on my skin. And, yes, I took the instructions very seriously when they said to avoid contact with my eyes. I’ve been pampering my eyes with the very best eye cream lately, and the last thing I want to do is “peel” off all that effort. Okay, still tingling slightly, but no burning. Maybe it’s the actress in me, but I expected this to be an uncomfortable, much more dramatic process for some reason. But its not at all uncomfortable and the scent of the peel isn’t offensive in any way. It’s actually very lightly scented. I think I was expecting a stronger chemical smell because of the job it’s doing to my skin. But no burning, no harsh smell, and things are looking up. For some reason, the idea of a peel was slightly intimidating. Now, I’m wishing that I had my best friends Lisa and Michelle with me for a “peel party”. I’ll make note of that. Invite the girls over for wine, cheese and a peel. Okay…time’s up. Going to Step 2, “Calming Neutralizer”. Stepping away from the computer…..

And I’m back! Oh my goodness, I definitely stepped away for the best part. When I got to Step 2, and began taking off the peel cream with the peel pads the “thermal” aspect kicked in and it felt wonderful. My skin heated up slightly and felt so relaxed. Then, as I continued to wipe off the peel, it felt like my face was getting the best exfoliation it has had in a long time. I don’t think my face has EVER felt this smooth. Wow! My skin feels amazing to the touch. I love it. It literally feels like I just took my face to the spa for the evening. It’s the most relaxed part of my body right now. And to think I was nervous about a peel! What was I thinking?! This is fantastic. No irritation, no burning, not one bad point at all. I keep reaching up to feel my face and make sure it’s as smooth as I’m telling you it is and…hold on…yep, touched it again – it is that smooth. I just spent 15 minutes completely renewing my skin!!! That was fun! I’m definitely doing this again. But next time, I’m gonna make it a “peel party”. RSVP.

Product info: 2-Step Enzyme Activating Treatment. Benefits equal to 30% Glycolic Acid peel.

1.7 oz /30 pads $85.00

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  1. Shell says:

    RSVP! I think I may need to get this product! I will begin preparing for the party…on my face!

  2. Beth says:

    I love this one. Great peel. Very relaxing. Makes my skin feel and look great. Been using Estee Lauder for years. Love this choice.

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