Elemis Wild Lavender Hand and Body Wash

October 04, 2011 | | Comments 1

I’ve raved and raved about my love for the scent of Lavender. It’s very hard to disappoint me when it comes to Lavender. This Elemis Wash absolutely lives up to it’s name “Wild Lavender”. It’s a very natural Lavender scent, not one that’s been perfumed up as many Lavender scented products often are. The Wild Lavender Hand and Body Wash smells fresh and clean and natural. It’s made for your hands and body, but I prefer to use it just for my hands. I love having it out, right at the sink, where I can use it to wash my hands and continue to enjoy that wonderful Wild Lavender scent all throughout my day. It leaves my hands feeling very clean.

elemisAs I’ve said before, in previous product reviews, I could go on about Lavender for days. Lavender is the most versatile essential oil and is known for having so many wonderful benefits. The list is quite long. Lavender is known for calming, soothing, balancing, relieving headaches, relieving joint and muscle pain, helping insomnia, reducing anxiety and promoting relaxation. Lavender essential oil is used for so many medicinal purposes. If you happen to suffer from acne on your body, for example your back or your chest, this would be a good body wash for you to try as Lavender is also know for it antiseptic properties and can help fight bacteria on the skin. I can absolutely say that smelling Lavender throughout my entire day is a huge benefit. So, with Elemis taking this wonderful Wild Lavender scent, putting in a pump, and making it available to me all day long…not only do I have happy hands but I am breathing in one of nature’s most beneficial essential oils each time I wash my hands. I love that!

Product info: Elemis is made in England and does not test on animals.

Thanks so much to Elemis for gifting your amazing products to some of My Skin Affair’s featured celebrities. We really appreciate your support!

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