Dr. Howard Murad: An Interview and an Experience at Murad

June 04, 2010 | | Comments 2

muradstoreFor my second trip to the Murad Inclusive Heath Center, I was scheduled to receive another Murad Spa treatment and this time…I was also scheduled to have a treatment with Dr. Murad. Yes, Dr. Howard Murad himself! It was very exciting for me. It was actually such a treat that it’s hard to write about anything other than my time with the great Dr. Murad…my new favorite person. But I do have to say that, once again, I had a fabulous experience at the Murad Spa before seeing Dr. Murad. I was treated to the Sensual Escape Body Treatment, a 110 minute treatment that truly covers ALL of the bases. It’s very much like the Onsen Restoration that I’m absolutely in love with (previously reviewed). But the Sensual Escape includes a hot oil scrub that’s fabulous. I loved it! I felt so pampered and relaxed and my skin felt amazingly soft. Fabulous!

After the Sensual Escape Body Treatment, I was escorted to Dr. Murad’s office to receive the Technosceutical Resurfacing Skin Treatment (a customized peel). From the moment I met Dr. Murad, I felt at ease and delighted. He’s warm, generous and so passionate about what he does. As Dr. Murad explained: “We call it the Technosceutical Resurfacing Treatment and the reason it’s Technosceutical is because it’s not just a chemical peel. It’s looking at the whole person. It’s reviewing who you are. Because what we found is that part of how you look better is how you feel. And part of how you feel is a combination of everything. So eating better, reducing stress, as well as this. 40-50% of people who have surgical treatments are dissatisfied at the end. It’s not that the procedure didn’t work well, it’s that they anticipated, “Oh now that I had this I’m gonna sleep better, I’m gonna have more friends” and whatever. You’re not. With this, it’s a whole combination. And the nice thing about it is that it’s customized to you. Your skin (referring to me) was a little sensitive, so we didn’t leave it on longer and we didn’t scrub it too much. We just put on light gauze.”

I have to say, I truly didn’t expect Dr. Murad to be doing the actual treatment on my face. I expected that his nurse would be doing all of the work on me, under his supervision. Having Dr. Murad give me a treatment was such a wonderful gift. I felt honored. I’ve loved so many of his products for so long. I felt very lucky.

Dr. Murad spoke to me about all-inclusive health.

“It is thought right now that this will be the first generation where our children will not outlive us. This is despite the fact that there’s all new kinds of medicines, new technology, new surgeries, new procedures, new ways of diagnosis, yet we’re having that. Why are there more people with diabetes, hypertension, metabolic syndrome and everything else? My opinion is that it’s not looking at the whole person. It’s looking at the problem but not looking at the whole person. Every cell in your body is connected. Unless we make every cell in your body healthy, we can’t help you entirely.”

Dr. Murad continued:

“We have a ten week program and the reason for that is your whole body changes in ten weeks. Your skin turns over once a month, your liver once every six weeks and your bones about once every three months. So you’re constantly having cells die and new one’s form as we modify your behavior, as we reduce the damage from free radicals and inflammation and as we give you nutrition that’s going to help build the cell membrane. Then, within a ten week program, pretty much every cell in your body has now reversed itself and been as healthy as it could be. If you continue the process, the improvement continues.”

I very hesitantly asked Dr. Murad if he has ever had any plastic surgery. I had to ask. He looks amazing for his age.

“I’ve had no plastic surgery and no Botox”. He then pulled back his ears to show me that there were NO plastic surgery scars and pointed out a deep line on his face that he told me wouldn’t be there if he had chosen to have Botox. You’ve got to love that! He’s so open! And, I have to add, at 71 years young Dr. Murad has perfect looking hands and he has amazingly radiant skin. His nurse, Julieta, said “He’s a beautiful human being.” And I totally agree. You can tell by the staff that surrounds Dr. Murad that everyone is happy to be a part of the Murad family. It always starts at the top. And the top of Murad is absolutely first-rate.

Loving so many Murad products myself, I had to ask Dr. Murad if he had any favorite Murad products.

“You know, the problem with that is that it’s like having children and being asked which one you love the most. A lot of times it’s the one that just came last because you’re excited about the new one. So, the Hybrids are the newest things and that’s exciting. If I had to pick one thing it would be my oldest which is Night Reform. It wouldn’t be my favorite now but it was my all-time favorite for many years because it was really something that made a big difference in the skin. We could firm your skin by 35% and it was just immediate. And now there are just so many others, it’s hard to know which one is my favorite.”

Do you have any plans of creating a neck cream? (I was so excited by his answer)

“Yes. It will be coming in 2011.”

Would you recommend always treating your decollete the exact same way you treat your face?

“The decollete is different because it’s got thinner skin and it’s not attached. You need something more. But if you don’t have anything, you can treat it the way you treat your skin. There are things you could do that would be better. What you could treat your decollete with is the Murad Firm and Tone Serum. That would be better. It’s good for the neck and decollete.”

You have two daughters. Are they completely spoiled rotten by your products and your services?

“One of my daughter’s actually works here, so she’s here all the time. She gets her facials and uses the products. My other daughter doesn’t come here that often. She comes here once maybe every two or three months.”

Do you work on your wife?

“I worked on her yesterday. I gave her the exact treatment that I just gave you. She doesn’t come very often. You would expect a typical wife would be here almost every other day. She’s never had Botox and she’s never had a facelift. She’s never had any face work other than a few chemical peels that I’ve done on her. I’ll tell you something funny about my wife. We got married about three years ago, although we were together for about ten years. You would think in those ten years she would be down at the spa often. She could have come anytime she wanted, as often as she wanted. She could have come every day if she wanted.”

I interrupt to say…”By the way, Dr. Murad, this makes you a huge catch!”
Smiling, he says…”Too late!” We all laugh.

Dr. Murad continues:

“So what happened is before we got married she finally wanted to come and get a facial and a manicure. So, she went to the reception desk (at the Murad Spa) and told them what she wanted. And do you know what they asked her? “How are you going to pay for that?” They had no idea who she was because she had never been there. Then, of course, she told them that she was Howard Murad’s wife. She looks great. She’s the kind of person who takes care of everybody else but herself. Which is good if you’re the person receiving it, but it’s not necessarily good for her.”

To be blunt sir, obviously you don’t have to be here (as a practicing doctor) for financial reasons. I have to ask…why are you still practicing?

“I love doing it. You’re right, I never have to be here. If I didn’t want to come here, I wouldn’t have to be here. But, it’s my passion. And really my ideal is to help people have better skin, looking at the whole person not just looking at their skin because your whole skin is connected. And so, it’s my passion. It’s what I enjoy doing. And, you’re right, I don’t need to be here. I mean, I DO need to be here for me, but I don’t need to be here for financial reasons. I just love it.”

My skin has been more radiant than ever, after having the Technosceutical Resurfacing Skin Treatment with Dr. Murad. I can’t wait to get another treatment. It made my skin look and feel brand new. I noticed a difference in my skin right away and that difference is lasting and feels great. It’s an amazing treatment. I got truly great results.


On a final note and to put it simply…I love Dr. Murad. It is impossible not to. Thank you Dr. Murad for your care, kindness, generosity and for being so open with me. It was truly an honor and I look forward to my next treatment with you, sir. To Julieta (Dr. Murad’s nurse): Thank you for the care and warmth. And a special thanks to Jennifer Newton for facilitating and always being such a pleasure to work with!

“We are each born with a unique commodity called life. It is stressed by the environment, and it is up to us to make the best of it.”
– Howard Murad, M.D.

Thanks Dr. Murad. See you soon!

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  1. Jacq Howe says:

    He is incredibly charming, handsome and well preserved…a walking advertisement. The customized treatment must have been a ticket from the gods. Do they have other locations or other spas using Murad, by chance? A tempting interview! I look forward to the neck cream too. Hands, neck, and chest can show the real age with a quick glance. : o Thanks!! Jacq

  2. Emily says:

    I think that the Murad in Los Angeles is the only spa where you can get Murad treatments. It’s the headquarters. I buy my Murad at Sephora. I didn’t know that Dr. Murad sees patients. That’s so cool! I’d LOVE to get that treatment with him. :)

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