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May 31, 2010 | | Comments 2

cleanwellAlmost everyone I know, male or female, carries a hand sanitizer either in their car or in their purse. We all use it! Being a big fan of clean hands, I’m always washing my hands and when I can’t wash my hands with soap and water I make sure that I have some hand sanitizer available. Like most things, we all want to know what the healthier choice is. At least, I hope we’re all asking ourselves that by now. Clean Well is an all-natural germ killer with no toxic chemicals. Their products have a biodegradable active ingredient, which means it breaks down quickly and completely without upsetting the natural balance of the ecosystem. Made with green technology that is a patented blend of essential oils lab-proven to kill 99.99% of germs on contact. Clean Well has been proven to perform as well as alcohol based hand sanitizers. Clean Well offers an All-Natural Hand Sanitizer, All-Natural Antibacterial Foaming Handsoap, and All-Natural Hand Sanitizing Wipes. All of these products are safe for kids and certified cruelty free. Clean Well is committed to producing products that don’t force a tradeoff between being effective and being safe. I have tried the Clean Well Hand Sanitizer, Handsoap, and Wipes and they are all great products. Most important, they’re effective. Like many of you, I haven’t spent enough time getting a little more green in my life. But, for me, baby steps are better than not doing anything. Check out Clean Well! It’s a very good thing.

When I look for advice on all things green, I turn to my friend David Quilty at The Good Human. I highly recommend checking out his site if you’d like to learn more about how you can live a greener life. The Good Human encourages people to be better humans through working to clean up the environment, being active in political issues and being more aware of one’s life and surroundings.

Even if it’s only a little bit at a time…get going in the green direction.

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  1. Michelle says:

    This stuff is awesome. It smells natural and comes out in a light mist that quickly evaporates when you rub your hands together. Because its natural, I feel better using it on my babies hands. I always have this in my diaper bag. Great product!

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