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November 15, 2010 | | Comments 1

teenmuradAt first glance of the brand spanking new Murad line for teens, Clean Scene, every pop song that I love comes to mind. This skin care line for teens evokes the 1980’s pop princess in me. Clean Scene rocks! The packaging for this line is bright, fun and perky. I wish I had this entire line on hand when I was in my teens. Back in “the day” all we had were those Oxy acne pads and Sea Breeze. I remember walking into my brother’s room once in the eighth grade and seeing my brother with a t-shirt in one hand and Sea Breeze in the other hand. I am 99.8% positive that he grabbed that t-shirt from the dirty laundry basket. He was using the shirt as a washcloth of sorts, dousing it in Sea Breeze, and scrubbing his face with it. I know….ewwww! But, good for him for caring enough at 14 years old to at least do something for his skin. I don’t remember anyone talking to me about skin care when I was a teenager. I knew that when you got to be older, “like way old”, women would use a ton of skin care products. But as a teenager all any of us cared about was….”Oh my god! What do I do about these pimples?”. I was never told to protect my skin from the sun or to exfoliate and moisturize. So, to all teens alive….consider yourself lucky! Dr. Murad just took your skin care regime to the next level, as he always takes everything to the next level.

The Clean Scene line offers: Craving for Clean (facial cleanser), Gaga for Glow (facial scrub), Begging for Balance (moisturizer), Down for Defense (SPF 15 moisturizer) and Crazy for Clear (acne spot treatment). Not only does every teen need to put this skin care line on their holiday wish list, but every adult is going to want to try it as well. I love the way that Murad has scented these products. Craving for Clean, the facial cleanser, has a yummy, fruity smell that I love. I have nothing but positive things to say about Clean Scene. It’s never too early to start treating yourself like a skin care princess. Start with this line. Seriously, it rocks!

Other Murad news: I’ve now had four of the Technosceutical Resurfacing Skin Treatments with Dr. Murad. And, yes, I do feel like I’m bragging when I say that. But it’s my job to fill you in on my skin care routine. Fortunately for me, my skin care routine includes Dr. Murad. My skin is looking better and better with each peel. I notice a difference in my skin immediately after each peel. I feel so lucky to have Dr. Murad taking care of my skin and so lucky to have such amazing results. If you are located anywhere near the Los Angeles area, I highly recommend making an appointment at Murad in El Segundo to see Dr. Murad. Fortunately for all of us, he’s taking appointments.

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  1. Karen says:

    Murad for Teens!!! ok, i’m the first person to comment this would be great for the teen in my life that needs help with her skin. Murad works great, so should this

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