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October 09, 2009 | | Comments 1

This month Wendy Davis, star of “Army Wives”, is sharing her skin care routine and favorite products with us. Now in it’s third season, “Army Wives” airs Sundays at 10 PM on Lifetime. In the role of Lt. Colonel Joan Burton, the beautiful and talented Wendy Davis shines and commands attention whenever she is on screen. “Army Wives”, shot on location in Charleston, South Carolina, also stars Catherine Belle and Kim Delaney.

In addition to her immense talent, Wendy is an extraordinarily lovely woman both inside and out. Wendy is IT! She’s got it, baby, and from the moment you encounter Wendy Davis you are both charmed and enchanted. Check Wendy out on “Army Wives” and enjoy reading about her skincare routine.

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What is your skincare routine?

Being an actress on “Army Wives” I am constantly required to wear heavy makeup for filming. My skin is sensitive and susceptible to breakouts if I don’t stay on it. I’m a no fuss kind of a girl, so I simply use products that work for me and aren’t complicated to use. My skin care routine is super easy; I wash my face in the morning, after work (to get rid of the heavy make-up) and at night before I go to bed. The product line that I use is Obagi Nu-Derm and it’s awesome. They have a simple 1-4 step process that keeps my skin clear and radiant. When I’m not on the set I rarely wear make-up because Obagi keeps my skin looking like a million bucks.

What are your favorite products?

Obagi Nu-Derm. Cant live without it.

What’s in your purse?

Even though I’m African American I can still get sunburn. I’ve learned that the hard way. Yikes! Don’t ever want to do that again. I keep a tube of Obagi Nu-Derm Healthy Skin Protection SPF 35 in my purse, just in case I decide to play in the sun.

Do you have a favorite spa?

While on location in Charleston, South Carolina for “Army Wives,” my favorite spa is The Spa at Charleston Place on Meeting Street. A great place with lots of amenities.

Favorite spa treatment?

Warm Stone Massage. Love, love, love it! The energy of smooth heated stones melts away everyday stress and tension. The stones make me feel like I’m connecting with earth and the natural world. I feel so refreshed after a warm stone massage.

Favorite tip/advice for skincare?

Keep your face clean and moisturize ladies. You’ll look great with or without makeup.

Thanks Wendy!


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  1. Christina says:

    Wendy’s skin is flawless! Her skin is absolutely amazing for a woman in her mid 40′s. I’m glad she shared her beauty tips.

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