Celebrity Skin: Nia Vardalos

We fell in love with her as Toula Portokalos in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” and now she’s currently starring with John Corbett, once again, in “I Hate Valentines Day”.

I was one of the many people who saw “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” twice in the theater. Oh, and I also own the DVD. Not only am I excited to see Nia re-teamed with John Corbett, but I am LOVING this lady who does it all — aren’t you?! Nia not only stars in “I Hate Valentines Day”, but she also wrote it (along with “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”) and directed it as well. Actress, writer, director…fierce triple threat alert! Wow!!! And she can currently be seen starring in the movie “My Life In Ruins.” Two movies out at the same time! AND with so much going on…this mom of a four-year-old even found the time to share her skincare thoughts with me this month. Enjoy!

What is your skincare routine?

I don’t do much anymore — I used to use many cleansers and creams, and I would break out. Now I wash my face with SKN Milk Cleanser. At night I load on Hydra-Vital Factor K Moisturizer (get it from a derm’s office.) Once a week I lather on La Mer Moisturizing Cream and watch TV.

What are your favorite products?

Makeup? Love Stila Powder because it’s clean, reflects light, and their Lip Rouge is a stain that lasts through the shooting of many kissing scenes.

What’s in your purse?

I moisturize my lips several times a day with a clear Rosebud Lip Balm in Strawberry flavor. No-name hand sanitizing wipes and Lancome Body DeLisse Hand lotion.

Do you have a favorite spa?

Ojai Golf Resort in Ojai, California is very peaceful.

Favorite spa treatment?

Massage, massage, massage. Add a fruit-y oil and I’m happy.

Favorite tip/advice for skincare?

Drink water and moisturize.

Any fabulous baby products you love for your little one?

Coppertone No-Rub Sunscreen in SPF 50. It’s a cooling spray so she loves it. (she’s 4)

Thanks Nia!

Still photos from “I Hate Valentine’s Day”.

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