Celebrity Skin: Megahn Perry

Megahn is an actor/writer/comedienne who’s best known for her work on VH1’s “I Hate My 30’s” and NBC’s “The Lyon’s Den”. She just wrapped the thriller “The Perfect Host” with David Hyde Pierce and can currently be seen taking down the vampire culture on YouTube on her very own “Heather’s Vlog.” She is also the co-creator/co-owner of Exboyfriendjewelry.com. And we love her site!

We caught up with Megahn to chat about our favorite topic. While she was gracious enough to give us all of her personal pampering details, she also took the time to write a Guest Review for My Skin Affair. Check out her review for her favorite Kiss My Face product.

What is your skincare routine?

Face: I start the day with a really long face wash. I mean, I get into it. I can “rub into skin with a circular motion” for a very long time. I usually use Kiss My Face “Clean for a Day” facial cleanser which I love but recently myskinaffair.com hooked me up with the Leaf & Rusher Green Tea Wash, and I love that so much that I’ve been alternating the two. I live in Southern California and the dry weather is really starting to take a toll on my skin so I’m really big into moisture lately. I’m cukoo bananas for slathering on lotion all day long. In the morning I use Olay Age Defying Protective Renewal Lotion with SPF 15 on my face and then I cheat and rub it on my neck, chest and arms. I use Pond’s Age defEYE Eye Therapy around my eyes and that about covers my face for the day. At night I do the same thing, except I swap out the Olay with Neutrogena’s Light Night Cream. You know how sometimes you wake up in the morning and feel like your face has been shoved in a bucket of greasy chicken? Yeah, this lotion doesn’t make you feel like that.

Body: In the shower I ONLY use Dove soap. Old school, basic Dove. It just works for my sensitive skin. I am about as white as they come. When one describes my skin (and people often do), they use words like…snow flake white and alabaster. My personal favorite description came from a make up artist. She described the color of my skin as “tile grout” white to a producer. So, every morning I start off with Jergen’s Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer in medium. It makes me look…well, like I am alive…and as it builds, I actually start to look healthy. I love this stuff. It’s so easy.

What are your favorite products?

I am so into this Leaf & Rusher right now. Kiss My Face has some amazing natural ingredients and you can always depend on it. Lush makes a hand cream called “Helping Hands” that I literally crave. Taut is a product line that I’ve used for a very long time. It was developed on film and television sets and it’s great for removing make up after a long day at work. I also keep Nivea Lip Moisture and Hand Cream around the house. That lip moisture is fierce. Love it.

What’s in your purse?

Nivea Hand Cream in that cute little handbag sized tin and good old fashioned cherry Chapstick. I’m also sporting some Icare Instant Hand Sanitizing Spray.

How do you pamper your skin?

I really like the Lush line of face masks. I get a new one every time I go in there, just to try it out. I think I did the blueberry one last and it was delish. I also love Aveeno oatmeal baths. I come out feeling creamy and smooth.

Is there any product that makes you feel especially spoiled rotten?

I’m so repeating myself, but that Leaf & Rusher Green Tea Wash makes me feel like a million dollars. So soft, so smooth and clean. I want to bathe in it….Oh! I do.

Do you have a favorite spa?

I have two. I love the Bacara Spa in Santa Barbara, CA. I can’t explain how amazing this place is. Just check it out online. Amazing!

For all of you Angelenos, prepare yourself, you’re going to groan but I LOVE Burke Williams. I know, I know, everyone loves Burke Williams. No surprise there, but I grew up in a town where pampering yourself in a place like that was unheard of and the first time I stepped into the spa, I felt like a princess. Forget the treatments, those are great and all but the actual spa is the best. The cucumber water. The jacuzzi. The lush robes and squishy slippers. The showers. The low lighting. The little cups of mouthwash. I don’t care how many spas pop up in LA, it’s still the coziest, prettiest, friendliest spa and that sense of awe I had the first time I walked in will never go away for me.

Favorite spa treatment?

Burke Williams Sport Massage. It’s harder than a Swedish, not as hard as a deep tissue. Boo-ya!

Favorite tip/advice for skincare?

Realize that your skin will change throughout your life time. Take the time to see what works for you at each stage. Routine is great, but if you don’t take the time to seek out new things, you may be missing out on what your body really needs at the time. And for Godsake, moisturize your hands. How many times do you have to hear that before you do it? Sheesh.

Thanks Megahn!

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