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June 18, 2010 | | Comments 4

Lovely Marla Sokoloff! Most known for her work on “The Practice” as Lucy Hatcher and more recently on “Big Day” as Alice, Marla Sokoloff has a long list of impressive film and television credits and she is currently adding to that list, shooting a film in Napa Valley. From the moment you start chatting with Marla, you feel like she’s suddenly become an instant friend. And for me, that’s exactly what she became. Marla is a keeper! She’s kind, charming, open, and she radiates the sweetest energy. Then comes that face! She’s already got personality for miles but when you add her beautiful face to the equation, you see the perfect version of “the girl next door”. She has the face that every boy in the neighborhood has a crush on and every man wants to take home to his mother. Then you throw her talent on top of all of that and it’s very clear why Marla Sokoloff has had such a successful career. I had a chat with Marla about her skin care and makeup favorites. By the end of our chat, we scheduled a lunch date. Like I said, she’s a keeper. Enjoy!


What are your skin care favorites?

I have a Kate Somerville obsession. I’ve been going there forever and I love their products. I’ve used Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel to wash my face at night, probably since the eighth grade. I really think that’s the best for getting off makeup. But Kate Somerville makes a cleanser called The Purify Exfoliating Cleanser that I use if I have a lot of makeup on or if I’ve just worked out. In the morning I use Kate Somerville’s Goats Milk Cream because it’s lighter and then at night I use the Deep Tissue Repair and I put Kate Somerville’s Quench on top of it. The Quench is amazing because I have super dry skin. Right now I’m using an eye cream by 100% Pure. It’s an awesome line. They make really great body scrubs and body washes and it’s all natural. I love their eye cream for the morning. It’s called Organic Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream.

Makeup faves?

I LOVE Prescriptives! And I’m devastated that they are no longer. I love their Camouflage Cream. It’s the best stuff I’ve ever used. It covers everything, it doesn’t make you break out, it’s the best. So I use that and I use Cle de Peau Undereye Concealer. And that last’s forever. I’ve been using this powder by Benefit called Hello Flawless. It’s a really great powder and you can control the amount of coverage you want. Since high school, I’ve been using Cargo Blush in “Catalina”.

Do you have a makeup “must have”?

The only thing that’s my makeup “must have” is Maybelline XxL Pro Mascara. I love it. I wouldn’t really go out of the house without it. At least three times a week someone will ask me what kind of mascara I use and I’ve tried every fancy kind and I always go back to Maybelline. That’s pretty much my makeup routine on a daily basis. For night, I mix it up a bit more. I’m a big fan of Benefit. All of their eye makeup is awesome.

Do you have a skin care “must have”?

My real beauty must have is Epicuren After Bath Moisturizer. It’s the most insane moisturizer. I get the Kakui Coconut scent.

What are your favorite spas?

I get facials at Kate Somerville in West Hollywood as well as KLS Skincare in Toluca Lake. Both are so fantastic and great for different reasons. I love Kate Somerville for the lights and oxygen treatments. I have a tendency to break out if I’m stressed and KLS is great for antibacterial treatments and calming the skin down. Kristy (KLS owner) has a holistic approach to skin care and won’t use products with harsh chemicals or parabens. She gives a mean massage to boot. As a chain I’m a big fan of Bliss. I did a movie last year in Scottsdale and there was a Bliss there and then I also went to Bliss in New York. It’s always everywhere and it’s a good go-to spa where you know you’re gonna get awesome products and such great service.

What do you keep in your purse?

Jao Hand Refresher. Love it! I just read this really scary article the other day about how hand sanitizers are causing hormonal issues in women, so it’s good to use a natural one like Jao. And it’s smells insane. I have Buxom Lip Gloss from Bare Escentuals. It’s minty and makes your lips feel fuller. And they have really awesome colors. So, I always have at least two or three of those in my bag because I need an array of color. And I always have a Burt’s Beeswax Lip Balm in my purse. It’s an old favorite of mine. And I carry dental floss.


Any tip or advice for skin care that you’d like to share?

My new thing is that I’m just really trying to keep my hands off of my face because I’ve done some pretty masterful pieces of artwork by picking at my face and I have noticed such a huge difference. Obviously the main thing for skin care is water intake. Whenever I drink a lot of water I always notice a big difference. And Clarisonic! I think that’s another thing that’s really changed my skin. I have the Clarisonic Plus. I always notice a difference when I don’t use it. Alcohol wipe your cell phone and home phone. I got that tip from a makeup artist because I was breaking out a little bit over in that area and I had no idea why. My makeup artist asked me if it was from my phone and suggested that I always wipe down my cell phone and my home phone with alcohol wipes and now I always do it every single day. And you can get the alcohol wipes at any drug store. They’re super cheap.

How important is hair/makeup to you when you’re creating a character?

I think it’s hugely important. It’s one of the first things I always think about. Hair, makeup and wardrobe are always things that come into mind for me. The last movie I did, “Maneater”, they really wanted all of the actresses to work on their look. They wanted me to chop off my hair and I just remember feeling so devastated because I was about to get married and I really didn’t want to cut my hair, but the second I did, I instantly felt more like that character and it totally worked and it reminded me that all of those things are really important. You kind of have to keep your “real life” away from your professional life when it comes to making those decisions because it really helps.

I love Marla’s tip about alcohol wiping your phones. I haven’t been doing that and I’m definitely going to start.

Thanks Marla!


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  1. Emily says:

    She’s so pretty. I loved her in Whatever it Takes! :)

  2. Jacq Howe says:

    She’s my favorite one…great interview and I made notes and off to shop online for Kate Somerville goodies. I didn’t know that about hand sanitizers…hormones can be such a drag. Whole Foods has it I bet. Love my clarisonic too..learned about it on myskinaffair.com, how bout that? Best tips from this beauty! Thanks!

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