Celebrity Skin Interview: Shay Mitchell

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This month Shay Mitchell, the beautiful star of Freeform’s “Pretty Little Liars”, is sharing her skin care and makeup favorites with us. Shay is letting us in on her biggest skin care secrets and much more. In addition to playing Emily Fields on “Pretty Little Liars”, Shay is also the youngest ever Pantene spokesperson.

I had a fun chat with Shay and I have to tell you…she is SO easy to like. She’s a foodie who cleanses and a self-proclaimed drugstore junkie (in the very best way possible). She loves hosting “spa night” at her house with her friends, which I’ve always loved doing with my friends. She’s upbeat, sincere, aware, open and gracious. Of course, you don’t see all of that until after you get past how beautiful she is. Have you seen this girl? Such a beauty! My favorite thing about Shay, that I found in our chat, is that she laughs very sweetly when she says something authentic that might not necessarily be popular or what’s expected. It’s that sweet laugh that let’s you know that she’s aware it might not be “cool”…but she’s just fine with that. It’s clear that Shay is going to be herself, not what she thinks anyone else wants her to be. That’s the impression that I got, and I was impressed. See for yourself!


What are your skin care faves?

For a face wash right now, I’m using Cetaphil. I like it because it doesn’t dry out my skin and I can get it at any drugstore. I’m kind of a drugstore junkie. My favorite moisturizer is Jouer. It’s a tinted moisturizer so it gives you some coverage along with having an SPF of 20 in it as well. I use Burt’s Bees Eye Cream in the morning and at night. I’ve also been using the Midnight Recovery Concentrate from Kiehl’s. It’s a replenishing elixir with essential oils. So I’ll do a couple drops of that and put that onto my skin before I go to sleep at night just for the extra moisturizing.

Any favorite products for your body?

Yes. For the shower, I honestly love this bar of soap, and I know it’s so plain…but it just smells so great. It’s the Irish Spring Moisture Blast (she giggles). And honestly, it just smells so wonderful (she giggles more, sweetly laughing at herself). It’s just a bar of soap, so I throw it in my overnight bag. And I don’t know if it’s for guys or what, because it’s a “deodorant soap”, but I just love the smell of it. I put it in my drawer and and every time I open my drawer it’s this huge scent that I love. It’s just fresh. I love any kind of body wash that smells fresh. More than a fruity smell or vanilla or anything like that…I love the fresh body washes. I try a bunch of different one’s, but I’m really into this bar of soap right now. So that’s what I’m using.

Makeup faves?

The base that I always start off with is the Jouer tinted moisturizer. And it kind of covers a lot of stuff. My concealer that I use under my eyes and for any kind of blemishes that I have, that the moisturizer doesn’t cover up, is Tarte. It’s the Tarte Eraser Concealer. And I’m obsessed with it. My favorite mascara of all time is the Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara. I’m obsessed with that and I always do waterproof. I just feel like if it were to rain, I’d be okay. Or if I cry…I’m kind of emotional (she laughs). I know the waterproof mascara’s are a little bit harder to take off but I always feel like I’ll be covered on a rainy day or if I see a sad movie or something. And for my blush, I use NARS Blush in “Orgasm”. It’s the prettiest color. It’s like a pinky, peachy, bronzy shimmer. And I feel like it goes on any skin tone. Even my friends that come over that have paler complexions than I do…when they put it on it just looks so nice. I use Bobbi Brown eye shadow. It comes in a palette and it’s all neutral tones, so that’s one that I bring with me all the time. I’m not really crazy with my eye shadow, so I like things that are just very natural looking. For lips I use whatever is in my purse. I don’t have anything specific, it’s really whatever lip gloss I have. I love lip glosses, I love different colors and I keep a bunch of them in each bag. So, it’s more like a surprise. And for a bronzer, I really like the Benefit Hoola Bronzer.

What is your absolute, “must have” product?

My “must have” product that I always bring with me everywhere is Pantene Flowing Body Mousse. For me it’s a must have for before I style my hair, before I blow dry it. I always put it in after I get out of the shower while my hair is damp. I put in the Mousse and when I blow dry my hair it gets bouncy. Like when you come out of a hair salon after it’s been styled. I can actually do that look on my own which is why I love the product so much. And it lasts the entire day, which is great. When I’m running around and doing a bunch of things, still having great hair at the end of the day is always awesome. That’s why it’s my favorite product.


Do you have a favorite skin care tip or any advice?

Yes! I am going to tell you my number one beauty tip. And it’s my secret that I’ve held onto for so long, but I’m going to tell you. It’s coconut oil. I use that anytime. Whenever I’m out in the sun and I feel like it’s going to dry up something, you can put it anywhere. You can put it in your hair, you can put it on your skin, your cuticles… and it smells wonderful. It’s so moisturizing and it’s natural. That is my favorite. I love it! It’s my beauty secret! Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. It’s my biggest advice I could give anybody for skin. When you get out of the shower, load it on. Especially when you travel, you want to have a little bit of the coconut oil with you. And, the golden rule of always taking off your makeup before you go to bed.

Do you have a favorite spa?

When I was on hiatus, we had a month off, I went to We Care Spa in Palm Springs for three days for a cleanse and a spa. And because it’s so close to me, I just drove down there. Just to kind of regroup, catch up on myself and eat healthy. Or in this case, cleanse really healthy. I’ve also been to The Optimum Health Institute in San Diego, for two weeks. You eat all raw foods there. I love both of those places. I like these kind of cleansing retreats just because I feel like every once in a while, after working so much, I just need to kind of go somewhere, where I can get away. I don’t bring my computer, I don’t bring my phone, I just go with a bunch of books. I like to do these retreats on my own. I don’t like to really go with anyone else. I just like to go and be by myself and eat really healthy. I think that every once in a while I need to do that for myself. I’m a very big foodie and I love trying out different restaurants and sometimes I get so into that, that I’m eating out more than I probably should. And I like to feel what the effect is on my body after eating really healthy. So when I come back from those places I continue to juice, and I am a regular juicer. I really think it’s a good idea to sometimes pause and think about what you’re putting into your body. I really like those places.

I haven’t been to too many spa’s in LA. I go to Thai massage places because I love Thai massages. Those are probably my favorite. I like deep tissue massages, almost to the point where it’s hurting. I have a lot of great friends in LA and I like doing things at home. I was doing this last night actually. We’ll go to the drug store and pick up one of those green clay mask’s and come home and cut up cucumbers…it’s not very fancy. I do my own facials and I love to make hair masks. And I also do my mani and pedi at my house with my friends. We kind of do that as we watch a movie and it all makes for a very fun night. So, it’s like a spa night!

What’s in your purse?

I always carry hand sanitizer, gum, and I also have Listerine strips for the times when you can’t chew gum. I have a lip balm and I always have a lip gloss. The Rosebud Lip Balm is great. I found these little fragrance roll-on oils that I am obsessed with and they are so cheap. They’re called Kuumba Made and I have two scents that I always switch up. One of them is Zen Rain and the other is Persian Garden, and I get them from Whole Foods. Throughout the day, I’m constantly rolling those on because it’s such a fresh scent and it’s not too strong. And now I feel like I’m going to go buy twenty of them (she starts giggling), just in case they sell out or ever get taken off the market…I’m always scared of that. So I have a lot of them in my bathroom and I keep one in each purse.

Tell me about your experience so far on “Pretty Little Liars”. How’s it going?

It’s been absolutely amazing. I wake up every morning just feeling so blessed that I have such a great job and that I get to go to work with, honestly, the most amazing people. My cast members and the crew…we have such a wonderful crew. I love all of those guys and girls who are all on the team. And it’s just become one big family. We couldn’t be happier. The show has done very well and I’m loving growing with my character with each new episode. And hearing the feedback that the fans have, I think it’s amazing. So I couldn’t be happier. I’m living a dream…my dream.

Thanks Shay!


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  1. dana tan says:

    great interview! im wondering where to get coconut oil now ahah.

  2. Beth C. says:

    Great interview!!! I love her 2 <<so sweet and it was surprisingly super helpful
    Oand i know for a fact you can always get coco butter at target(its right next to a jar of vaseline)

  3. Kozlik says:

    She’s so beautiful!

  4. Karcher says:

    I found this blog three days ago and I can’t stop reading , thanks

  5. Beth C. says:

    *for coconut oil, get virgin coconut oil at grocery store with directions stating its uses for moisturizing too

  6. jace says:

    I love Shay and this interview! I feel like it’s so genuine, and things from whole foods are the best :) Thanks for sharing!

  7. shana km says:

    This interview’s awesome! I love shay and her character on Pretty little liars :D
    >Ooo and i now have cetaphil cleanser, coconut oil, and burt eye cream lol they work great with my skin

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