Celebrity Skin Interview: Penelope Ann Miller

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The lovely and talented Penelope Ann Miller shared her skin care thoughts with us, her favorite products and more, while celebrating the success of “The Artist”. “The Artist” took home a handful of Academy Awards, including Best Picture. Penelope Ann Miller plays Doris in “The Artist.”, directed by Michel Hazanavicius, and she’s phenomenal in this role. Penelope has shared the screen with some of the most renowned leading men in Hollywood. This distinguished list includes Al Pacino and Sean Penn in “Carlito’s Way” for which she received a Golden Globe nomination, Marlon Brando and Matthew Broderick in “The Freshman”, Robert De Niro and Robin Williams in “Awakenings”, Robert Downey Jr. in “Chaplin”, Danny DeVito and Gregory Peck in “Other People’s Money”, Matthew Broderick & Christopher Walken in “Biloxi Blues”, Arnold Schwarzenegger in “Kindergarten Cop” and Ray Romano in “Men of a Certain Age”. Now, Penelope has added “The Artist” to her distinguished resume. She was perfectly cast in the role of Doris and I absolutely loved her in this film. Congratulations Penelope!

Penelope currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two daughters. I interviewed Penelope while she was working on “Men of a Certain Age”, before she knew that she would be starring in “The Artist”. When we got on the phone for our chat, Penelope was in the middle of getting her nails done. Perfect timing!


Hey Penelope. How are you?

I’m great, thank you. I’m in a nail salon getting my nails done.

Well, you couldn’t be in a more perfect place to discuss some of my favorite things. So let’s just dive right in. What are you favorite skin care products?

I love Yon-Ka for the face. One of my favorites is the serum. They have a face oil, it’s called Yon-Ka serum, and I put it on a lot of times at night when my skin is feeling especially dehydrated. Sometimes I just use that. I also use their toner for dry skin. And also one of my favorite things that Yon-Ka makes is this gel peel that you put on. It’s called Gommage. After you wash your face, you put it over your face and you let it dry a little bit. And sometimes I’ll put another layer over it, after it’s dry. Because if your skin is really dehydrated it just soaks in. And once you start rubbing it off, you can see your makeup and the dirt come off. It’s amazing. Even after you’ve already washed your face. It really cleans your pores. So, that I really love. And my sister, Savannah Eberline, is actually a distributor for Arbonne. So, I’ll use their hydrating face wash to wash off my makeup. And they also have a great day and night cream. And their day cream has an SPF of 8. Sometimes I’ll have to use a little higher than that but it’s a good sort of every day cream. And they have a great under eye cream as well that I use a lot. And another thing that I use every morning is Clarins Eye Contour Gel, made for puffiness and dark circles. I like botanicals. I get turned off if a smell is too perfumy, so i like a lot of natural, botanical items. I’m really big into aromatherapy too, like lavender. When I go to spas and have massages I love it when they mix it with aromatherapy as well.

Do you have any favorite products for your body?

I have friends that own Watkins. They have this incredible body lotion that’s mango and it smells so good and my husband loves it. So I usually get that for my body. And Yon-Ka makes some great body oils that are supposed to help with water retention and circulation and stuff like that.

I’m going to have to check out Yon-Ka because I’m not familiar with it and it sounds like you’re a huge fan.

Oh, huge fan! My facialist uses Yon-Ka, which is how I found out about it. I love it so much because it’s all really natural and the smells are great. For my children I use Arbonne as well. They really do a lot of research and try to have everything really natural. My nine year old daughter can’t use regular soap because her skin gets really irritated and she gets rashes. And she can only use the Arbonne hydrating body wash. Their products are very natural and botanical and they don’t have all the synthetics and perfumes and chemicals.

What are your favorite products for your little ones?

I like Burt’s Bees because it’s all natural. I like the Burt’s Bees baby powder because it’s talc free and it has a lot of natural ingredients. I also like the Burt’s Bees Shampoo that’s a body wash as well. And sometimes I’ll use their body lotions. And I use the Watkins chapsticks. They have really good, natural chapsticks. And Arbonne has a good baby care line. I use the hydrating body wash instead of soap. Both of my children have pretty sensitive skin. I like to be careful and not put chemicals on their skin anyway. I like the Arbonne hair wash, and body oil. They’re all-natural and chemical free products.

What are your makeup fave’s?

I a big lipstick person and I love Bobbi Brown. I love their Cranberry Stain Lipstick. And they have a fun stain called Plumberry, which I love. And then Arbonne has some good lipsticks as well. They also have some good plumping lip glosses. During the day, when I’m not working or going on an interview, I wear literally no makeup and just lipstick. I might wear something under my eyes if I feel like I look tired. But I try and go as makeup free as I possibly can when I’m not working. I’m big into letting the skin breathe. I use Dior for a base. And I love the Yves Saint Laurent, Touche Eclat, in the gold pen. I use that under my eyes. Sometimes I’ll just wear that and lipstick and that’s it. I have to use waterproof mascara. I have really sensitive eyes. I can’t even wear eye shadow most of the time.

What’s your “must have” product?

Lipstick! I also use lipstick as a rouge and sometimes I’ll even put it on my eyelids. I can’t wear powders a lot of the time so my lipstick is like an all-around for adding color to my face if I need it. Like, if I figure I’m going to run into someone I know and I’m completely makeup-less, at least if I have some lipstick then I’ll have a little color. It’s sort of my little makeup trick.


Do you have any favorite spas?

I’ve been going to my facialist for over twenty years and she’s just in a tiny little place. Her name is Manaz. She has her own studio. And that’s another big tip that I would say. For me, I try and get a facial at least once a month to avoid having to do anything invasive. I’ve never done Botox. And I know a lot of actresses say they don’t and they have, but I haven’t. Obviously there’s genetics involved, but I believe in sleep and facials. And drink a lot of water! I think sleep is very underrated in our society. When I’m sleeping well, I can tell the difference in my skin. If I get massages, I usually have someone come to me. The spa at The Enchantment Resort in Sedona, Arizona is amazing. I think it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world and I’ve travelled a lot. It’s got the natural red rocks all around and it’s just breathtaking. I think it’s more incredible than the Grand Canyon. It’s just so beautiful. To me it’s a place that’s very sort of magical and spiritual in a way and you can really relax. The beauty of the vistas around you are incredible. It’s a five star hotel and spa. I like deep tissue massages and scrubs and sometimes I’ll do wraps. There’s a place here in the Palisades that I just started going to. It’s called Rejuva-Tech, it’s on Via De la Paz. They do a lot of body treatments. They have so many different kinds. They have a collagen renewal therapy that makes my skin look younger. I think it’s pretty amazing. They do a lot of work on body contouring there.

What makes you feel especially sexy or beautiful?

After a really good hike and I’m feeling really good about my body and I’ve been working out. I love sweating. And I love dancing. And when I’m on vacation with my family and we’re in the Bahamas and we’ve had a great day at the beach and you’ve gotten a little bit of color, not too much, and you’re getting dressed up for the night to go to dinner and you have that glow about you. Also, being with my husband and knowing how he feels about me.

You’ve worked with quite a few leading men that I would absolutely love to work with. Do you have a favorite leading man?

Marlon Brando. I think he’s the greatest…the talent that he was and the icon that he was. And being able to work with him when he wasn’t working very much, I feel like I got really lucky. He was an icon for a reason. He was such a brilliant actor and to be able to have that experience and be able to say to my children that I got to work with one of the most influential actors we’ve ever had…that was a great gift to me. And, of course, working with Al Pacino and Sean Penn and Robert Deniro, obviously all of those guys are just tremendous. I’ve been really blessed to have those opportunities.

Congratulations on “Men of a Certain Age”. How has your experience been so far on the show?

It’s been really good. It’s a great group of people. It’s very collaborative and very relaxed. Ray Romano is just a terrific person. He’s very funny and very humble, very laid back. It’s been a really nice job to have in television.

“I don’t remember working with anybody who was at once; talented, funny, warmhearted, sensitive and kind. She is a lady to be remembered.”
-Marlon Brando

Thanks Penelope!


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  1. Emily says:

    Penelope is so beautiful! I have been a fan of hers for so many years. I’m so happy she’s on Men of a Certain Age. I love this interview. Thanks :)

  2. Deeann says:

    This is great! I’ve liked Penelope for years. She’s always been so pretty. I read a couple of your other interviews too and liked Kate Walsh’s a lot. The one where she talks about Kate Somerville products.

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