Celebrity Skin Interview: Kate Walsh and her Boyfriend

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Kate Walsh, the beautiful star of “Private Practice” on ABC, wants you to have a Boyfriend. Seriously! She really does. And Kate is making the promise that anyone and everyone can have a Boyfriend. Yes, even those of you who have husbands can have a Boyfriend. And, check this out! Kate is almost positive that your husband will even love your Boyfriend. Sounds crazy, right? Not when your Boyfriend comes in the form of Kate Walsh’s latest love affair. Kate Walsh has created the hippest and sexiest new fragrance and body care line…Boyfriend. Boyfriend is romantic decadence. Just the way you want your Boyfriend to be. Sexy, cozy, comforting, warm and chic. One of the things that I love about Boyfriend is that it’s so personal. Kate Walsh really put her own story and heart into this. Everything about Boyfriend feels personal. It’s personal to Kate and it will be personal to you. From the Boyfriend ad campaign…”Wear Him”. Wear Him! How sexy is that?


I had a chat with Kate about Boyfriend after having fallen completely in love with her fabulous creation. Enjoy!

Hey lady! So, how was this brilliant idea hatched?

About five or six years ago I had split up with my boyfriend and I was in New York and I was shopping and I missed his scent. I missed his cologne. I missed him but I really missed how he smells on my skin. (she laughs) You know when you hug your guy and you have that smell? So I went and bought a men’s fragrance and it wasn’t quite right because it was just a men’s fragrance and it was too strong and not right. At the time I thought, I’m just going to go to the men’s fragrance counter and you don’t need to have a boyfriend to have a boyfriend, ya know? And then I thought, wait a minute, that would be a great idea for a perfume. And I thought of the story of it. The everybody’s got a boyfriend story and the ad campaign was sort of spinning, ya know? You don’t need to have a boyfriend to have a boyfriend, my mother loves my boyfriend, my girlfriends want my boyfriend, even my husband loves my boyfriend. But I thought, oh I don’t want to do a fragrance, because there are people who are much more famous than me and everyone has their fragrance. I wasn’t interested in doing a “celebrity” fragrance or an endorsement deal. For me it was really about creating it, the concept…the guy’s scent on a girl’s skin and it was really the creative venture of it that was really interesting to me. So, the guy who actually inspired it, my ex-boyfriend, who is a venture capitalist…I called him up and he told me that I should just make it, but make it like I would make a pilot. Create it, shoot it, spend the money on it and then go around and shop it. And if you sell it, then you can get a loan from the bank and do it that way rather than going to get investors. So that’s what I did. So this was totally inspired by my ex-boyfriend. And I didn’t do it right away. The idea sort of wouldn’t leave me alone and the thing that was blocking me was just “who needs another perfume in the world”. But I couldn’t find what I liked out there so I thought, well this is a perfect opportunity to create it. So I did!

This is my new favorite smell. I have to tell you, even before I smelled Boyfriend, you had me just with the concept. From the moment I saw Boyfriend, even the typeface, I honestly wished that this had been my idea. It is a genius idea! I think about when I’ve been single and how much fun it would have been to grab Boyfriend along the way. Or imagine the perfect broken heart gift! Hello…I’ve got you Boyfriend! So I already loved it before I smelled it, honestly, and once it arrived I just fell in love with the fragrance. It is so amazing. It’s a very, very sexy scent. Was it difficult for you to make a final decision on the scent?

Yes! It was very difficult. I went to a perfumery in New York and I liked everything that was being put together. They first asked me what I was inspired by and I remember I loved this candle at the Gramercy Park Hotel. I loved this smoky, kind of woody, really sexy scent. But that wasn’t right on it’s own. But I brought that in. And I loved the memory of my first boyfriend’s cologne, which was Polo by Ralph Lauren. I wanted to have these masculine notes but it had to be feminine too because for a while I wore just sort of straight up men’s fragrance but it’s too strong. And for an every day thing, it’s just too much. And I wanted more floral. So we found the balance. So this fragrance opens up with a floral and then the woodiness and vanilla and amber come in later. And it’s a fragrance that you can layer.

But yes, it was very difficult to make the final decision. I kept questioning it and we went round and round…and we got it right! It was an important piece to have the feminine in there too because it’s not just a men’s cologne for a women. It’s really the marriage of both.

That’s exactly what it is. You completely achieved that! And, by the way, awesome idea for the body oil. I love it, it’s light, it’s not greasy. I love it for my arms and legs.

For The Boyfriend Kit itself I wanted to do something that was cute and chic, and I liked the idea of making it portable. So you can take your Boyfriend with you wherever you go.


So, why a train case? Where did that come from? It’s such a cute idea!

I think it’s kind of romantic and vintage. And I was inspired by old movies and also wanted to design something a bit kitschy and fun for Sephora.

Did you choose all of the names on the case?

I did!

So, who is the super important ex that inspired everything?

John. And his name is on there. And a couple of cast members, a couple of boyfriends.

I found a couple of my ex-boyfriends names on the case. That’s fun! Really just a smart, fun and one of a kind idea. I can’t tell you how much I love it. And so smart of you to include a votive candle. I love that! I’m a big candle lover.

Me too! Love that.

I checked out all of the Boyfriend videos on your website. Love them! You did an amazing job with all of them. They’re fantastic. Where did you shoot all of those?

At home, the studio, or on location. It was super, super fun!

Kate, seriously, big congratulations to you lady! There is no way that Boyfriend is not going to fly off of the shelf.

Oh, I hope so. And honestly, the good thing about it is that you can layer it. I love that about this scent.

Well, I love everything about Boyfriend and The Boyfriend Kit. It’s going to stay on my permanent list of favorites.

Read Kate’s previous interview for My Skin Affair. She’s got some great favorites!

Boyfriend is now available in Sephora. I predict that The Boyfriend Kit will become one of the most loved gifts for women this year. You’ll love it and it will be on the top of your wish list. Sephora has The Boyfriend Kit which includes the Boyfriend Eau de Parfum, Boyfriend Pulse Point Oil Mini, Boyfriend Dry Oil Mini, Boyfriend Body Creme Mini and Boyfriend Votive candle. You can also buy the Boyfriend Eau de Parfum, Boyfriend Body Creme, and Boyfriend Pulse Point Oil separately at Sephora.

The Boyfriend Kit $95.00
Purchase at Sephora


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  1. Jen says:

    Thanks for the interview. Nice to read how the idea was developed from concept, & how involved Kate was in the process. Makes it more personal than yet another celebrity fragrance. Hope it does well & maybe it will launch in Europe soon !

  2. Sarah S says:

    this is my first time here and just wanted to stop by to say hello everyone

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