Celebrity Skin Interview: Hope Dworaczyk

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hopedworaczykthumb This month Hope Dworaczyk is sharing her thoughts with us on her favorite skin care and makeup products, her beauty tips and tricks, her experience as Playmate of the Year, and even revealing that she has an esthetics license (making her the most qualified celebrity that I’ve ever interviewed to talk about skin care with). That was a complete surprise to me when we recently had a chat. How fun is that? I had a blast chatting with Hope about all things beauty (including which skin care products she gets for her grandmother). Hope is full of surprises!

From the runways of Paris and Milan to the cover of Playboy, and then on to “Celebrity Apprentice”, stunning 2010 Playmate of the Year, Hope Dworaczyk has been considered by fashion insiders as one of the most beautiful people in the world. An advocate of Best Buddies, an organization that creates one-to-one friendships and employment for people with intellectual or developmental disabilities, Hope faced off in the boardroom on the 4th season of Donald Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice,” on NBC, against a cast of 15 other celebrities including: La Toya Jackson, Star Jones, NeNe Leaks, Lisa Rinna, Gary Busey, Lil Jon and Meat Loaf, to raise money for Best Buddies. Hope led the women’s team into victory against the men’s team, in a challenge for Omaha Steaks winning $20,000 for her charity. Hope continues to support Best Buddies, and she talks about the organization with enthusiasm and genuine excitement.

As a model, Hope has been seen on the runways of top fashion designers such as Balenciaga, Robert Rodriguez, Lana Fuchs, Leila Rose, Abaete, Joanna Mastroianni, Rosa Cha, XOXO and Miss Sixty. Hope also joined with Versace on an international world tour to Tokyo, Milan, London and New York. In April 2009, Hope was chosen as Playboy’s Playmate of the Month after test shooting for the 55th Anniversary Playmate search. Due to the overwhelming success of her appearance on the cover of Playboy with actor Seth Rogan, Hugh Hefner awarded Hope with the honor of being named the 2010 Playmate of the Year. This appearance on the June, 2010 cover gave her the historic distinction of being Playboy’s first 3-D centerfold. Of course, I had to ask her a little bit about that.

Hope was a treat to chat with and she had some awesome beauty tips to share with me, among other things. Enjoy!

Hope Dworaczyk

I was just checking out your Playmate of the Year cover of Playboy and I’m thinking that I might be the only person that’s going to start an interview with you by asking…what bra were you wearing on that cover?? I love it! I want one.

I’ve actually had guys write to my website asking for the maker of that bra because they want to buy it for their wives. It’s funny. I loved that bra, so I was so happy that they ended up using that one for the cover.

Is there any pressure that comes along with being on the cover of Playboy, much less being Playmate of the Year?

When I meet new people or go to dinner with somebody that I don’t necessarily know, I never remember that they might be thinking that they want to know what I look like in person, or anything like that. I always forget about that, to tell you the truth.

I’m guessing that’s probably a good thing.

Yeah, I completely forget about it. It doesn’t even cross my mind. But I totally get where people would be curious. There would be pressure if I thought about it, maybe.

Aside from Playboy, your bio even begins with “From the runways of Paris and Milan”, etc….If not pressure, is that something that’s hard to keep up?

It’s definitely a lot of maintenance because you never want to show up for your next photo shoot and hear them say “she looks nothing like her photos”. So, it’s definitely a bunch of maintenance. I put a lot of time into working out and getting my hair colored and done and…it just sort of comes with your job. Other people sit down and look at numbers all day or go home and make predictions about businesses they’re investing in. For me, my body is my business.

What was the Playboy experience like for you? Was it exciting, was it scary, did you have any reservations?

When I was first going to pose, I had already walked a lot of runways and had done a lot of work like that, so I did think for a second “will I work again” or if it was going to be a stereotype that I would carry with me. So that was a little pressure. But, to tell you the truth, the first time I posed for Playboy the only thing I cared about is if I was going to embarrass my family or if they were going to hate me for doing it. Once I got the go ahead from them, I never really thought about it. I’m sure the night before, you’re grooming yourself really well and you want to look tanned and all that kind of stuff, but my life didn’t revolve around that future shoot that I had coming up in two months or two weeks. I just don’t really think about that stuff.

That’s probably the very thing that makes you successful in what you do. The fact that you don’t get nervous or put a crazy amount of thought into it.

Yeah, I don’t think about it. I just do it, ya know.

So, let’s get into skin care. What are your favorite skin care products?

Sure! I was excited to get this interview because I never talk about skin. Nobody’s ever cared what I thought about skin. And then I remembered, I have my esthetics license, so I do know about skin. I just forgot about it because I’ve been working as a model for eight years.

Oh wow, this is a first! You have your license in esthetics?

Yeah, it’s just something that I wanted to do. I’ve always really liked skin and loved going to the dermatologist and knowing all of that stuff. So I took four months out of my life, when I was walking runways actually, and spent a whole summer in Texas going through this program while I was home. I wasn’t even eighteen yet. But when I took the state board test I was a little bit older, so I’m qualified to do that stuff in Texas. And I got trained on how to do the lasers, laser hair removal and laser vein removal…all that kind of stuff. So I did get trained in it, but I wouldn’t do it now because it’s been so long that I would never go and do laser hair removal without doing refresher courses. But when it comes to that, I’m good in the beauty department.

Hope Dworaczyk

That’s awesome! Being a model with your background, I’m surprised to hear that you’ve never been asked about skin.

They ask what’s in my bag but I’ve never remembered to tell them that I actually know a little bit about skin. I never remember to mention that part. I’m kind of a beauty junkie. I love trying new products. I believe in good products. So, my choice in products changes all of the time. I have two favorite cleansers right now. One is made by Avalon Organics, the Vitamin C Renewal – Refreshing Cleansing Gel. I always like gels better than I do creams. I just like the texture of a gel better. And when I feel like my skin really needs exfoliating I start using DermaQuest, which is 15% glycolic acid. And I put it on dry so that it’s a little stronger on my fingertips. Dry fingertips and dry face, massage it in, and then rinse it really well.

That is such a great tip. I love that.

When you put it on dry, it does so much more than being diluted with water. DermaQuest completely changed my skin’s texture when I started using it. It completely clears out blackheads. Their glycolic cleanser is so great with blackheads. I had it sent to my grandmother because she’s always complaining about blackheads.

You had it sent to your grandmother? (you’ve gotta love her for that)

Yeah! It totally changes the texture of your skin. It makes it so smooth. My grandmother likes anything hardcore. I also sent her a stronger glycolic mask. I make her promise me that she’s going to follow the directions because it’s kind of strong. I make her promise because she thinks that if it’s painful, it means that it’s working.

I love that your grandmother is so into skin care products.

She always wants to know what she should be using.

It sounds like maybe you get it from her, the model in you?

She’s the one who I asked if I should pose for Playboy. And she was like “if I was your age and I had the opportunity, I’d go for it”. And after that I was like “okay, I’ll do it”.

Well, with Grandma’s blessing, you’ve gotta do it. Any more skin care faves?

What I use as a toner, and I’m addicted to it…I don’t think I’ll ever switch to anything else, is Santa Maria Novella’s Rosewater, Acqua Di Rose. It’s so good. It comes in a glass bottle and it lasts forever. You can change the bottle out to make it a spray, so you can spray your face with it. It smells good and it feels good. And it’s a beautiful bottle. I can’t live without the La Mer Moisturizing Gel Cream. I don’t like anything really heavy. I do have the Creme de la Mer for when my skin is really dry. But the gel is lighter, spreads easier, and goes on quicker.

I keep a little jar of Creme de la Mer in my purse, and I dab a little bit under my eyes throughout the day for a little pick me up.

I should start using that as an eye cream. The only eye cream I have in my cabinet right now is Pevonia Evolutive Eye Gel. I also love, love, love a product line called CellCeuticals. It’s made by a surgeon, Dr. Garth Fisher. His stuff is so good. He has a great serum, it’s called Interactive Moisture Serum. It’s so great. And he has something called a Barrier Repair. It’s unlike anything else. And he makes my absolute favorite exfoliant, as far as a physical exfoliant that has beads in it, it’s the best skin resurfacer that I’ve ever used. It’s called NeoCell Micro-Resurfacing Skin Treatment. It’s so good.

Tell me about your makeup faves.

My favorite thing in my makeup bag and what I wear on a daily basis, because I don’t wear a lot of makeup when I’m not working, is Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer.

That’s a very popular one. I think it’s the most mentioned Tinted Moisturizer by actresses on my site.

I know, it’s so popular. It’s just the best. What I set every single look with, before I do any kind of photo shoot or anytime I don’t want to have any kind of shine, is the Make Up For Ever HD Powder. It’s really great. It has the best photo finish. It just makes everything flawless. Oh, this is like a funny product…the bronzer that I love is made by Too Faced and it’s smells like chocolate. I use it for contouring my nose. It’s Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzing Powder and it’s got real cocoa in it. It’s just lovely. Because I contour my nose, I always do the shadows on the sides like I’ve learned from makeup artists. And it just smells good when you’re doing that daily.

That’s a great tip, that you’re using your bronzer for your contouring. I always have makeup artists do contouring on my nose when I work, but I’m nervous to do it myself.

It’s so quick to do it on your own. I just started doing it and then I became addicted. The other day I was actually having lunch with two successful makeup artist friends that I’ve worked with, Joyce Simonelli and Joey Maalouf. It was like 11am and they went out the night before and were hungover and I wasn’t hungover, and Joey looked at me (we were sitting outside) and he goes “Did you contour your nose?”. Only a makeup artist would have been able to tell me that. It was funny. I’m like “Yeah, you taught me!”

That’s hilarious. I’m a little nervous to do it myself because I’m afraid that it would be noticeable. Maybe I don’t trust my skills enough, but I’m afraid that you would be able to see the makeup lines, and see the contouring that I did.

Maybe start light.

You’ve inspired me. I’m going to start trying to do contouring on my nose. And I’ll just use a bronzer, like you do. That’s a great suggestion.

Another product that I love in my makeup bag is an eyeliner by Tarte. And I don’t want to just say “eyeliner”, because I do so much with it. It’s called Emphaseyes, and it’s a nude colored eyeliner. People say to look more awake you should put white on the inner rims of your eyes, but it just looks like white to me. So I use a nude color instead and you can’t really tell that it’s there. It’s just really pretty and makes you look more awake. And I also go right underneath my eyebrows, to almost give my eyebrows a lift. I use that nude color underneath the arch, and it just brings your eyes up and makes them pop even more. I love that one. For mascara, I go to Maybelline. I’ve probably been using the Colossal Volum’ Express Mascara for a year. I just love it! I’ve tried switching from it and I always go back to it. I buy it so often.

What about lips? Are you more of a lip balm, lipstick, or lip gloss girl?

I don’t like anything sticky. If someone puts lip gloss on me in a photo shoot, it’s the first thing I wipe off. I won’t even shoot in it. I don’t like it. My hair blows and sticks to it. Actually La Mer makes a lip balm, The Lip Balm, that I really love and it smells and tastes yummy, like spearmint. Their lip balm is really, really great. I just use stains or light lipsticks. If I do a red, then that’s fine. But really, I’m kind of a no maintenance lip person, I don’t really do a lot with them. The lip stain that I’ve used forever, it looks like nail polish, it’s the Benefit Posietint. I just much prefer a stain than something that can smear or get on your teeth or something your hair would stick to.

Hope Dworaczyk

Any favorite body products?

Anytime that I’m going to be in a dress I order this cream by True Blue Spa. I order like three at a time online. It’s a really thick cream called Lay It On Thick. It’s the thickest moisturizer and it makes your legs so reflective. Not reflective like an oil, but just like the healthiest skin. It makes your skin look beautiful. It would make a great hand cream, because it’s just such a thick cream. I also like Bio-Oil. I think you can just get it from the drug store. It’s really good. I use it on my neck and chest sometimes at night. It’s just a really deep moisturizer. I’m all about good drug store stuff because you can get it anywhere.

What’s the one product that you can’t live without?

I can’t live without the Gel de la Mer. I have to have that. I can tell a difference in my skin when I’m not using it.

Do you have any favorite spas?

If it’s for skin care, for the most part, I don’t believe in getting facials at a spa. I can cleanse my own face and exfoliate my own face. When it comes time to actually going deeper and getting a peel and things like that, I go to a facial place or a dermatologist. The only thing I believe in getting at a spa are massages, body treatments and nails. I don’t really do any of the skin care at spas. Anytime I’m traveling or working, I’ll always try to check out the spa. I was at the spa at The Four Seasons in Bora Bora recently. That one was just gorgeous because you see the ocean and you hear the waves the entire time, during your body treatments. It was the craziest spa and it was so beautiful. And nothing was air conditioned, it was all just the pure air and a breeze and the ocean. Calistoga Ranch in Napa Valley has a great spa. I like that spa a lot. I normally don’t do spas, I do massages at home if I’m in LA. I have a girl that comes to my house if I want a massage and I love her. I like really deep pressure, and I’m just addicted to her. If she worked at a spa, I’d probably follow her there.

What makes you feel especially sexy or beautiful?

When I’m working out regularly and sweating, and detoxing. When I’m eating really clean and not putting junk in my body that just slows me down. And when I have clean hair. When you have as much hair as I do, it takes like an hour to blow dry, so I normally skip two days, at least one day, when I’m shampooing. So that’s another thing. I have a ton of hair! I can’t use elastics unless my hair is flat ironed because it won’t wrap around more than than twice. So I would say….having clean hair, exercising, and eating really clean. When you feel good about what you’re doing and what you’re putting in your body, there’s just nothing better.

What do you keep in your purse?

You know, you just made me think of something. I told you that I’m minimal on my lips but my whole bag is full of lip products. I have (counting) sixteen lip products in this little beauty bag in my purse. Sorry, seventeen! (she laughs) This just shows me that I need to clean it out because I never pull lip products out of this bag ever. I always have eye drops because they just kind of wake you up. I have a nail cuticle conditioner. I carry a file, a compact mirror, one eyeliner, bobby pins, and a Jo Malone fragrance.

I love Jo Malone. What do you like from Jo Malone?

Oh my god…I love, love, love mixing Jo Malone. I’m addicted to it. I think I have their entire display in my closet. I’m not kidding. I have all the different sprays because I love mixing them, minus probably five that they have, and they have like sixteen. I have a ton in there.

You’re like the perfect example of what I love with your La Mer and Jo Malone…

Jo Malone is the best! I would say my custom, every day kind of fragrance, would be the Orange Blossom mixed with Vintage Gardenia. It’s a nice blend. And then I also do the Wild Bluebell with their Wild Fig & Cassis.

And they’ve got beautiful moisturizers as well. I love the Jo Malone scents and, to me, it’s just such a beautiful line. Isn’t it just so beautifully packaged?

It is! And I love that I can mix them. I’m always trying new combinations. I’m always mixing and creating. I believe in smelling good and always changing it up.

It’s funny, I have to say, I ask a lot of women that I interview if they have any favorite beauty tips or skin care advice and you gave me two great ones without even being asked. I love your tip to contour with a bronzer and I love your tip to use a cleanser dry (applying without water).

I also pile on tons of mascara. I go through tubes of mascara so often. I just believe in wearing tons of mascara. I’d much rather make my eyes pop than anything else.

- Well, whenever you see a picture of Hope, her eyes definitely pop! Hope is currently studying acting with a private coach and she’s loving it.

Thanks Hope!

Hope Dworaczyk

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