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I am thrilled to be featuring Fay Masterson on MySkinAffair this month. Fay is currently starring on TNT’s hit show “The Last Ship”, in the role of Andrea Garnett, and she’s also in the highly anticipated February release of “Fifty Shades Darker” with Dakota Johnson. I recently had a great chat with Fay about “The Last Ship”, the massively impressive Michael Bay series, and some fun “girlie girl” stuff (skincare and makeup). I also had the pleasure of interviewing Fay for MySkinAffair back in 2009 when we first met. You can check out that interview by clicking here.

Looking at Fay’s resume, it take about two seconds to see that she has a lot of work to be very proud of. I’m sure as hell impressed! But by chatting with Fay, you’d never know that. She’s not one to talk much about her work at all. Nothing about Fay is “Hollywood” except her choice of profession. I know this because she is one of my dearest friends and she’s the most kind, down to earth, lovely, and generous woman that I have ever known. On top of that, she’s just talented as hell and I’m happy to brag on her behalf. Fay has worked with directors and actors such as: Stanley Kubrick, Mel Gibson, Morgan Freeman, Tom Cruise, Gary Oldman, Sam Raimi, Russell Crowe, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jim Carrey, and the list goes on. The reason that she’s kept such pheonominal company throughout her career is because she’s incredibly talented. Enjoy reading our chat!

First of all, I’m so excited that “The Last Ship” has been picked up for a fourth season.

Yes! We are all thrilled. It’s a lovely group of people to work with and I feel very grateful that people are responding to the show in such a positive way.

I know how much you’ve loved working on this show. What is it about working on “The Last Ship” that you enjoy so much?

The very high standard of production, the amazing crew and writers, and the wonderful actors that I get to work with. They really work hard to make every episode like a movie. It doesn’t feel like anything else on TV and I think that’s why people love it so much. Doesn’t hurt that I get to be comfortable in overalls all the time either! I have never played a part like this before so I felt very lucky the the creators of the show took a chance on me.

Let’s talk makeup and wardrobe on the show. Your character, Garnett, is always in uniform and because it takes place in a military environment they use very little makeup on you. Pros and cons of that?

Mostly pros! Not gonna lie, it’s nice to spend less time in the makeup chair.  I also think I look better with less layers of makeup anyway. We still put a piece in my hair to make the bun “perfect”. Even in an apocalyptic situation, the crew find comfort and order in maintaining the level of personal grooming the Navy expects (no beards, hair back in a tight bun for women with long hair, etc. ). As 3rd in command on the ship, Garnett definitely would never slack off in this area. I do like wearing a uniform that is that comfortable. As I get older, wearing high heels is a chore (even though I love them), so to be in comfy boots on set all day is fab!   

For readers who don’t know this, part of the show is filmed in San Diego with the majority of the show being filmed in Los Angeles. What’s it like shooting at the actual Navy base in San Diego on those huge “Destroyer” ships?

That is, by far, one of the best aspects of this show. You cannot put a price on that authenticity. And that we are lucky enough to have the full collaboration of the Navy. It’s awe-inspiring to be on those ships and it also makes you very humbled by these men and women who go out there and are willing to fight to protect this nation. Security is tight there and you definitely know you are in a place where life or death decisions get made. But at the same time, we met a lot of Navy men and women who were jovial and excited and had fun with us. The oddest thing for me was getting saluted by them on the ship when I was in uniform as a lot of them didn’t know I was with the film crew! I saluted back a few times and realized I had no idea if I was doing it correctly (this was one of my first days of shooting).

That’s hilarious. I’ve always loved shooting on location. Do you have a favorite location, where you’ve shot, throughout your career?

I would say Africa is definitely up there as one of the more life-changing locations. I also loved Prague, New York and Vancouver. Really, it’s hard for me not to like a place. I am a real travel fanatic!

So let’s chat about makeup and skincare products. You turned me onto the Physicians Formula Bronzer. Every time you’d have it on I always commented on it because it gives your skin a perfect glow, so I had to try it. Do you have any other “drug store” products that you use and love?

Can’t beat Vaseline for good ol’ lip balm. I also use Revlon Luscious Lash Waterproof Mascara.

What are your favorite makeup products right now?

Arbonne makeup primer. So lightweight and really helps foundation and concealer blend well with your skin.

Current skincare faves?

I’m using the Rodan and Fields line currently and have never had so many compliments on my skin.  As a 41 year old woman who has never had botox or any fillers, surgery, etc… I’ll take that as a good sign that the products I use are doing a great job. Haha! I use the Redefine regime (day and night cream, toner and AMP roller).

I’ve been wanting to ask you about some of the goodies that you’ve been gifted through MySkinAffair. I love the brands that I work with so, for the most part, I’m always a huge fan of the gifts that they send for the actresses that I’m gifting to. And, lucky me, most brands send extra gifts for my own personal use. I rarely have the opportunity to get feedback for the gifting that I do through MySkinAffair but, obviously, it’s different in your case because we’re friends. Go us! You’ve received gifts by a handful of brands through my site. Anything you loved?

Yes! I loved the Origins Hand Lotion Trio that you gave me. I love their Lime and Geranium Hand Lotion. And Fresh sent some lovely gifts that included their Sugar Lip Treatment. That’s a great product!

I don’t leave home without Fresh’s Sugar Lip Treatment! Love it! I’ve done so many interviews for MySkinAffair that have Fresh’s Sugar Lip Treatment listed as a “fave”. Fresh is one of my absolute favorite brands and I adore their gift sets. They’ve been very supportive of MySkinAffair since day one. Origins too! Murad is another brand that has always been very supportive and they also pampered you through my site. You know how much I love Dr. Murad and Murad products! They treated you to a day at the Murad Spa through me once. How was that?

That place is heavenly! Amazing service and very kind, knowledgeable staff. I think it added five years to my life! It feels very exclusive but at the same time accessible. Hard to get that balance right. They also sent me home with some amazing Murad products. And their products are always a win.

Well said and I completely agree. I was so excited about the brands that sent gifts to you when you had your baby. That was awesome! Did any favorite baby products come out of that?

I love Noodle and Boo. Their wipes are the absolute best. MD Moms is also wonderful. Love their sunscreen wipes! And the Weleda baby line is also lovely. Their Calendula lotion is fantastic. Lovely texture and smell. 

We’re both big fans of Burke Williams Day Spa. I know you’ve had spa days at their Pasadena location a few times. What do you like about Burke Williams?

I feel like you get an enormous amount for a very reasonable price, especially the Pasadena location. It’s a beautiful space and they just have the “spa” experience down. They are always on top of keeping the place spotless and replenished with all the items you need.

I’ve been to most of their locations and they’re all great. We’re very similar in that neither of us wear a lot of makeup on a daily basis. What is your current “must have” product?

Right now I’m using the Origins Lime and Geranium Hand Lotion that you gifted to me every day! As a mother of a toddler I wash my hands CONSTANTLY and that Hand Lotion is a life saver. And the Physicans Formula Bronzer is my absolute magic product.

When you do wear full makeup in your personal life, what do you like to use?

I use Clinique Perfectly Real Foundation, as it’s lightweight. I also have to have black mascara as my eye lashes are so light that I need that pop. I always end up circling back to an autumn color pallete for eye shadow, as I think those warm browns, peaches, etc… are best for my eyes. Light blush and I’m good to go. If I’m feeling I need more drama, just a heavy liner and that’s about it.

Finally, what makes you feel most beautiful?

Feeling comfortable in my own skin.

Perfect! I adore you and I’m so proud of the awesome work that you’ve been doing on “The Last Ship”.

Thanks honey! I love you and am so lucky to have your support and friendship!

Check out Fay on “The Last Ship”, Sundays on TNT!

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