Celebrity Skin Interview: Christian Serratos

December 23, 2012 | | Comments 1

This month Christian Serratos, currently starring in The Twilight Saga – “Breaking Dawn” – Part 2, is sharing her skin care and makeup favorites with us. Two words to describe Christian: Smokin’ hot! Christian’s role in the incredibly successful “Twilight” films (as one of Kristen ‘Bella’ Stewart’s close human friends) garnished her the “Young Supporting Actress” award at the 30th Young Artist Awards, and in 2010 she ranked 65 on Maxims Hot 100 List. In April of 2012 Christian landed a much different role playing Lena, a carjacker in the serious drama “96 Minutes.” She was also featured in the Black Keys video for their song “Howlin’ For You” and currently Christian plays the role of Raven on “The Secret Life of an American Teenager.” Her success as an actress has allowed her to work closely with PETA on several projects which, as an ardent animal lover, is of the utmost importance.

I recently had a chat with Christian. Check it out!

Is there anything that the fans of the “Twilight” franchise might not know about your experience making these films?

The fans are so dedicated to following this franchise. So, everything you wouldn’t even expect them to know, they know. For example, my character Angela wears glasses in the film and in the book she didn’t wear glasses. But I auditioned with them, thinking that as an actor that might give me an edge and I ended up using them for the entire film. I didn’t think a lot of people knew about that, but they do. We filmed in Canada in crazy weather conditions and the first time we shot was in Portland and it was very cold. But a lot of fans know that. The fans are so dedicated that I really don’t think there’s anything I can tell them that they don’t know already.

Tell me about your favorite skin care products.

I’m a skin care fiend. I love getting new products but I really only use a few. For face wash, I use the Neutrogena Grapefruit Scrub. I refuse to go to bed with my makeup on, like a lot of my girlfriends do. So, I’m an addict to my makeup wipes. I use the MAC Makeup Remover Wipes.

Makeup faves?

I’m the girl who has an abundance of makeup so all my girlfriends come over so I can do their makeup before parties and things. For myself, I strictly use Georgio Armani Foundation and Bobbi Brown Concealer. I’m a powder fiend, so I use MAC Blotting Powder and Make Up For Ever Loose Powder. I always have powder with me at all times.

What do you use on your eyes?

For my eyes, I usually don’t go all out unless I’m going to be photographed or I’m going to an event. But on a day to day basis I just usually put on mascara, if I get that far.

Do you have any lip faves?

I always have to have Chapstick with me.  I use Aquaphor. I usually completely nude out my lips with a really beige lipstick or a peach lip gloss, or I will do bright red. I have a favorite I just found, it’s Stila, and it’s a long lasting lipstick but it’s like a lip gloss. I love it so much.

What’s your “must have” product?

It changes day to day. But I feel like it’s typically always a powder and a peach MAC lip gloss. Right now my favorite powder is probably Glow.

What do you carry in your purse?

I usually don’t carry a purse. I’ll put my phone in my jeans with my wallet attached in my pocket but when I do use a purse I always carry my powder and my gloss. Sometimes if I’m going to an event, I’ll carry a mini hair spray with me.

Do you have a favorite spa?

I’m obsessed with steam rooms! I love to just sit in a steam room and relax. I usually just go to my dermatologist for facials. I get my nails done religiously at Eco-Spa in Burbank. I won’t go anywhere else.

What makes you feel especially beautiful?

When I’m getting ready to go out and I want to feel beautiful and sexy, I always feel my best when I’m in a classic length dress, a tight dress that’s at least knee length. And when I have my hair blown out and it’s just clean and not styled, I think that’s when I feel best.

Thanks Christian!

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