Celebrity Skin Interview: Carly Steel

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This month television host and actress, Carly Steel, is sharing her thoughts with us on skin care, makeup, her career and more. Born in the UK, Carly began her career in television at a very early age and can now regularly be seen on TV Guide Network and Epix covering entertainment, movies, fashion and major awards shows. She’s got quite an impressive resume. In my recent chat with Carly, there were a few things that I found to be impressive and delightful about her personality. First off, she couldn’t be friendlier. When she told me about her favorite spas, she invited me to join her for spa time. For me, that’s an instant friend! She’s extremely eloquent and when she talks about something she loves (hosting or a great product) her enthusiasm is absolutely contagious. I would instantly recommend her as a spokesperson for any brand. Seriously! And I have to say, although Carly has some of the most (self-proclaimed) high maintenance skin care thoughts and picks, she has a good sense of humor about it. She knows when she’s tipping the scale of ultra high maintenance “Hollywood” glamour and she has a little laugh about it. But, as a true skin care princess, she makes no apologies (and she shouldn’t). Carly’s skin glows for a reason and beyond all of her Hollywood glam, she’s a truly lovely lady. Enjoy our chat!

What do you think the differences are in hosting on television in the US versus the UK?

I think predominately the biggest difference is that in the UK each host, or we call them “television presenters”, are unique. Whereas in the US, it’s much more uniform and cookie-cutter. There’s a definite template to which we sort of adhere. There’s a specific delivery and you see that being parodied on SNL. And I do think we’re moving slightly away from that. If you watch Anderson Cooper, he has a much more relaxed, modern way of speaking. But still, a lot of the entertainment news shows do adhere to that particular delivery and look. There’s this specific hair color that’s popular….and I have it too. It’s not brown, it’s not blonde, it’s sort of in the middle…with a slight tan. I’m getting so specific, but really if you look at Giuliana Rancic, if you look at Maria Menounos, if you look at the girls on E! (like Kristina Guerrero and Catt Sadler) and me, on TV Guide and Epix, we all do have a similar look. In that respect, there is a lot of pressure to hold yourself towards that but also still to bring your own brand. Whereas in the UK, you can be much more free to do what you want and be yourself.

What kind of pressure does that come with?

As a TV host or, as you know, as an actress there’s a lot of pressure and things that come with it. You need to be able to publicize yourself and do magazine spreads and shoots as good as a model. You need to have the body and be able to work out like a professional athlete. You have to be eloquent and diplomatic like a politician. Oh, and you need to be stylist like a magazine editor. Then you have your actual job that you do. But you have all of these things that you have to bring into the job. It’s not just the job itself. There’s definitely a lot of pressure with that.

What are your favorite events to cover?

My favorite events to cover are definitely awards shows. I love them, they’re incredible. It’s amazing to be there celebrating with the actors and the filmmakers who worked so hard…just to be there at that moment when they’re being recognized is wonderful. The atmosphere is also incredible. In particular, the Golden Globes, the Grammys, and my personal favorite…the Oscars. There’s such a buzz in the air, it’s really exciting. Plus, it’s live! I love live hosting, it’s my favorite. The adrenaline rush is….I would akin it to my version of jumping out of a plane. It’s scary, but it’s so exciting and anything can happen.

I’m excited to hear all about your favorite skin care products.

My favorite skin care line is Natura Bisse. It’s a Spanish line from Barcelona. When you think about great skin care brands, you typically look to the French or the Swiss, but here the Spanish, in my opinion, have created the most incredible brand that actually has results. I’ve used almost everything, I’m a huge skin care junkie. My first job, out of university, was working at Vogue and I spent most of the time in the beauty closet…even more so than any actual fashion closet. I was so obsessed, it was amazing! It was like a treasure trove. I’ve been obsessed with skin care since I was twelve, in particular anti-aging skin care, because I have a Peter Pan complex. I discovered Natura Bisse at Nathalie Dubois’ DPA Golden Globes gifting suite. It really is incredible. In particular, the Diamond Extreme Cream, the Oxygen Complex, the Tolerance Toner, the Glyco Peel….it literally changes your skin. It just makes it smooth and gorgeous and glowy and hydrated. I’ve never seen a product that can have that radical difference for any skin type. God, they should make me a spokesperson (she laughs). I hope they will!

I was actually just thinking that, because of your enthusiasm.

It’s really changed my life! You have to try it. It’s the bomb! Women need to know about that line. Also, I’m obsessed with Evian Mineral Water Sprays. I wash my face only with Evian Spray. I don’t use tap water at all.

Interesting. Can you tell me why?

Sure. The water in America is really hard and harsh. It’s very drying and aging on your skin. I grew up in Scotland and the water there is very soft. Our tap water, in the country side in Scotland, is like Evian. When you have a bath, your hair is silky smooth. It’s like if you go to Switzerland your hair is silky smooth and just sits perfectly. Your skin glows and is moisturized. It’s the water, water makes such a huge difference. I’ve put shower filters in all of my showers, the Couture Colour one’s. But you can’t really wash your face with that. So, I just spray with Evian Spray from Sephora.

So you do that every time you wash your face, morning and night?

Yeah, I only wash my face with Evian Spray.

Well that’s a first for my site! (we share a laugh)

You’re talking to Ms. High Maintenance. At twelve, I literally walked into the department store, the Scottish equivalent of Saks, and went up to the Lancome counter and was like “I want the most heavy anti-aging moisturizer that you have”. (Carly continued to laugh as she said all of this, completely aware of the humor in her high maintenance)

Where did you get those ideas at such a young age?

Perhaps reading magazines and just having a natural awareness about skin. I think it comes from a fear of aging, I really do. I think I just want to preserve youth for as long as possible.

What are your makeup fave’s?

For concealer, the Cle De Peau is my number one. It’s the best! It’s been described as the Aston Martin of concealers. I love Lorac and Laura Mercier. I had the incredible privilege of working with the incredible Carol Shaw, the owner of Lorac, on a shoot. She did my makeup for an Oscar event and it was just amazing. Their black eyeliner is my favorite. It’s kind of like a hybrid between a liquid and a felt tip pen. Very easy to apply! That’s my favorite current look. I’m loving that at the moment and it stays on really well. And their Tantalizer is great. For Laura Mercier, I love their Moisturizing Foundation and their Brightening Powder. And I love their Plumping Lip Glosses. They tend to stay on for a while and their colors are really nice. I love anything that’s lip plumping. My favorite mascara is the L’Oreal Voluminous False Lashes Mascara. Honestly, it’s the best. It really is amazing. It stays on forever, it doesn’t flake, and it separates and pushes your lashes up and thickens. It does everything! And, for skin care, I want to add Boots No7, which you can actually get in Target. They have these things called Quick-Thinking Wipes, and it’s the 4-in-1 (cleanser, toner, moisturizer, makeup remover). They’re really gentle. Those wipes are amazing, and really hydrating, and inexpensive. Great little life savers.

Favorite body products?

I love San Tropez Bronzing products. The reason why I like them is because they give a really nice, natural color, without being too over the top. I get a San Tropez Skin Finishing Treatment (where you get sprayed) before every major shoot and awards show. Their actual in home system is amazing. In terms of luxury, I love Jo Malone’s Amber and Lavender Body Creme. I love the smell and it’s so hydrating. But, that’s a treat!

What’s your “must have” product?

I think my number one product is MAC Strobe Cream. I’m obsessed with it. It’s this hydrating foundation base that gives your skin a dewy glow. That’s definitely my “must have” product. In terms of a utensil, I love the Clarisonic cleansing brush.

I’m dying to hear about your favorite spa’s!

I love the spa at The Beverly Wilshire Hotel because they have the Natura Bisse Diamond Facial and Body Treatments. And the spa itself is so gorgeous. It’s an amazing spa experience. You should check it out. And Kinara Spa’s Red Carpet Facial is really exceptional. I highly recommend that one. It’s fantastic!

I will definitely check them both out. Finally, what is your advice for good skin care?

Don’t sunbathe, wear a hat, wear an SPF. Always remove your makeup at night. Drink lots of water and avoid alcohol as much as you can. Avoid spicy food. That’s another one that can really effect your skin. Try to have a quite alkaline diet. Coconut water is fantastic. The best thing for your skin is really working from the inside out. And get a shower filer, if you live in America.

Thanks Carly!

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