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This month Bridget Marquardt is sharing her skin care and makeup favorites with us. Bridget is best known to television audiences as the sweet and brainy girlfriend of Playboy Magazine mogul Hugh Hefner on E! Networks’ popular reality show “The Girls Next Door”. Bridget is also chatting with My Skin Affair about her favorite spas, her time living in the Playboy Mansion and what makes her feel especially sexy. On “The Girls Next Door”, Bridget starred alongside Holly Madison and Kendra Wilkinson Baskett. Since moving out of the Playboy mansion in January 2009, Bridget hosted “Bridget’s Sexiest Beaches,” a sixteen-episode series on The Travel Channel, and is beginning work on a pilot for a new series chronicling her post-mansion adventures with boyfriend Nicholas Carpenter. Bridget just collaborated with celebrity jewelry designer, Pascal Mouawad on a limited edition watch that captures Bridget’s bombshell style. You can visit Bridget’s Website for more info.

I had a chat with Bridget about all things skin care and much, much more! I have to say, Bridget has one of the most sweet and contagious giggles that I’ve ever heard. She giggled a couple of times throughout our chat and it even made me smile as I reviewed our recorded chat a week later. I can’t share her sweet giggle with you, but I can share the rest.


What are your favorite skin care products?

I have a few different ones that I love to use. For my face, I love to use Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer. It has sunscreen in it already and I know how important sunscreen is but I’m really bad about putting that on every morning. So I like to get tinted moisturizers that already have that in it, so I don’t have to worry about it. I love Creme de la Mer. It feels so decadent on my face. And I get really dry skin so I love that it doesn’t all soak in right away and my face just feels really moist and I know that it’s going to sink in eventually. I really enjoy that. For a wash, I use SkinCeuticals but I also have Cetaphil on hand. I use Avaleen for makeup remover, especially for mascara. It’s in every drug store and it takes off makeup in a snap. When I’m in a pinch I also like to use the wet facials, the wipes. I have MAC ones and I have the Oil of Olay ones and I just switch off between the two

For my body, there’s a sugar scrub that I love. I got it at a gifting suite one time and I’ve been savoring it because I don’t know how to get more. It’s called BodyTopia, and it’s “Pink Bikini”. What I love about it is….first of all, I love the smell and the texture of it. I love that it’s sugar and not salt because the salt makes me itchy and dry. But the sugar is great. It leaves my skin so smooth. And it leaves a lotion on your body afterwards. I’m a lotion-aholic. One of the lotions I’ve found that I love is the Epicuren After Bath. It’s so good. It leaves a nice moisture and sheen on your skin and I love that.

What are your makeup favorites?

I like to use a MAC Bronzer and the DiorShow Black Out Mascara. And I like pink or peachy shimmery lip gloss. That’s my favorite everyday look just to run errands or to go shopping. That, with the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer.

Do you have any favorite spas?

I have a very, very, very favorite spa. It’s in Costa Rica. It’s the Tabacon Resort and it’s one of the most incredible places I’ve ever been. It’s a whole retreat type of place and it’s at the bottom of a volcano, an active volcano. It’s in the rain forest and when you go there you’re completely engrossed in this whole rain forest environment, this jungle. And there are hot springs that come down in waterfalls, rushing down, and they’re all different temperatures and they’re all natural. The higher you go up, the hotter the water is, because it’s closer to the top of the volcano. You can get treatments right there by the hot springs, coming down, and they use volcanic mud on you and they do facials and massages. And if you get one of the mud treatments, you go and sit in one of the hot springs and let the mud wash off. They have private pools, so you don’t have to worry about robes and nudity. They have these bath tubs in the middle of all of this too, where they serve you champagne and you can get ready for your treatment. It’s the most incredible place. If you ever get a chance to go there…

After that description, I’m planning my trip already!

I traveled all over the world for a show I was doing and it was one of the most incredible places. And we did a lot of spa stuff, for the show, and it was definitely the most incredible spa I’ve ever been to. But here in LA, I go to Burke Williams. I have one that’s very close to where I live and I have my favorite people there and I go there for my routine massages and facials, which I love to get.

Does your sweetheart (Nicholas Carpenter) enjoy spa time?

He loves it! We plan whole vacations around spa treatments sometimes.

What’s your favorite spa treatment?

I like deep tissue massages. I like deep tissue on my neck, shoulders and part of my back. But I like a softer massage for my arms and legs. I love getting facials here and there but not as much as I love getting massages. I like to do it backwards from the way they recommend actually. They always want you to get the massage first and then the facial so you don’t rub the products off your face that they just put on. But I like to get the facial first and then the massage. I have trouble letting go and relaxing. So, sometimes if I get the facial first, that’s like an hour of spa time. Then by the time the massage comes I’m more relaxed and ready for it. I also prefer to have an eighty minute massage just because I feel like it takes me forty minutes or a half hour of that just to relax and let go and get my mind off of things. So I feel like I need to get a longer massage, to actually enjoy it.

What’s in your purse?

Just lip gloss. I hate having dry lips. It really bothers me so I always have about five different shades of lip gloss, all similar. They’re all either shimmery or really light colored peachy, pinks or clears in there. I always think “Oh, I don’t know if I have a lip gloss in my purse”. So I throw another one in and I end up with like five or six of them in there. I like the MAC glosses. It doesn’t have to be MAC but that’s what the majority of mine are. It’s all about the colors for me. It’s not necessarily that I think MAC is the best; it’s that MAC usually comes out with the colors. And they come out with a bunch of different colors all the time. I can be pretty sure that if I go to MAC, I can find a color.


What makes you feel especially sexy?

I love to be glamorous. So for me to feel really sexy I like having lashes! I have a kind of motto; “You can’t have too big of hair or too much lashes”. The more lashes the better! Not super long and clown like or anything but I like them very thick, full, wispy, feathery lashes. So, smoky eyes with big lashes, lots of hair and high heels; you don’t need much more than that.

Yeah, you can’t go wrong with high heels. And if you’re in your lashes, your hair and just your high heels…you really can’t go wrong.


Is there a lot of pressure that comes along with being considered a sex symbol?

It depends on the day. I feel like I’ve gotten lucky doing a reality show because sometimes we’re dressed up, sometimes we’re dressed down and I feel like people have seen us just normal/every day in our pajamas and t-shirt, no makeup on and hair pinned back and they know that we don’t look glamorous 24/7. So I think I got kind of lucky in that aspect, where people don’t necessarily expect it. They expect me to be casual at times. But it depends on the day. Sometimes I just feel like “I can’t go out like this! I just look awful today!” And I know everybody gets those days but on those days I feel like there is more pressure. But it depends on my mood. Some days it’s like “I don’t care, I’m just gonna throw my hair in a ball, no makeup on and my slippers and let’s go down to the grocery store and get what we need.” So it just kind of depends on the day and what my mood is. I really like the look of little to no makeup and hair just straight and normal and t-shirt and jean shorts. I really like that look and I want that to be part of my look as well. I’m not all just glamorous even though the Playboy mansion kind of says glamorous and sex symbol, I feel like I can pull off the casual/cute. I try to make that a little more of my look. And then I want to wow people when I pull off the sexy/glamorous look for a red carpet or something.

Do you have any tips for women who are struggling to feel and look sexy?

I think that’s a hard question to answer just because I think what makes a woman feel sexy is different for everyone. It’s about finding, in yourself, what makes you feel sexy. If it’s putting on your boyfriends button up shirt and walking around with that and just panties and high heels, that’s great. And if it’s putting on the lashes and doing up your hair and the smoky eyes and high heels…I think it’s about finding what it is for you that makes you feel sexy and using that. You don’t necessarily have to wear lingerie and fishnet stockings or anything like that to be sexy. It could be something simple. For everyone it’s something different. But try that! Try what you see makes other people look sexy or what you see on TV that you see other people doing that you think looks sexy. Well, if it’s sexy on them and you think it’s sexy, try it yourself. And try different things.

I went to one of Hef’s pajama parties at the Playboy mansion and I have to say, a party at the Playboy mansion is one of those events that doesn’t disappoint. Did you ever actually get used to living there or was it always a bit surreal to be in that environment, living like a princess? Is it possible to get used to that?

I actually did get used to it. I mean, I was there for seven and a half years. That being said, I was always appreciative and grateful for where I was and I realized that this isn’t how everybody lives and this isn’t how I will live when I’m out of here. This is a very special opportunity. But you do get used to it. You get used to the people that are around and the events and the parties, and it becomes routine. And I don’t mean that in a bad way. It just becomes part of your lifestyle and who you are. It does become your reality and your life, even though I was very aware that it’s not like this outside of here.

And you’re still close with Holly and Kendra?

Yeah, I talk to Holly almost every single day, text messaging and stuff. And Kendra and I just talked a couple of days ago. We probably talk a couple times a month. And I’m still close with Hef. I still go to the Mansion. Half of my mail still goes there. So I go there and I grab my mail and I always say hi to everyone. I miss a lot of the staff that are there because being there as long as I was you get really close and they become part of your extended family.

I didn’t realize you were there for seven years. That’s a long time.

Yeah, Holly and I were there long before we started shooting the show.


Our chat about Bridget’s new watch line!

Pascal Mouad, celebrity jewelry designer, on Bridget’s new watch line:
“The watch will serve as the perfect accessory for Bridget’s fans”, says Mouawad. “With her passionate, fresh, and feminine personality encompassed in the watch, they too can attain her glamour.”

The limited edition Bridget watch will capture the very essence of her fresh, sensitive, sweet, and feminine personality while reflecting her personal style. The stainless steel showcases Bridget’s glamorous side. The face, adorned with stones, also contains a pink dial with Bridget’s full signature in the background. This limited edition timepiece also includes three interchangeable leather straps in pink, white and black.

Are you excited about your new watch line?

Very excited about it. It’s so fun. I’ve created a bunch of stuff in the past, for myself. Costumes or clothing or adorned shoes or corsets. But this is the first time I got a chance to do it for sale, for other people to enjoy as well.

I like the interchangeable bands.

Me too, it makes it so much more functional.

I’m thinking of getting one to help me channel my inner-bunny!


Thanks Bridget!


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    i hope you know me better

  3. Icecream Candy says:

    Interesting! I was surprised to read Kendra’s book. The section about when she was moving into her room in the mansion was sad. I guess when there are so many other people you can’t trust it was hard to trust Kendra at first as well. What do you think of the book?

  4. Niki says:

    This was a great interview! I would love to know what shades of lipgloss Bridget wears.

  5. Page says:

    Great interview! I so love articles that tell you what makeup and clothes they like to wear. Makes it fun when you go shopping – you want to get what they get and maybe you will look a tiny bit like they do at least – ha. They are so beautiful and I admire them so much. They have accomplished a lot in their young lives. Wish I was even half as beautiful as they are!!!!! :-)

  6. Page says:

    Hey – I will try to twitter you too – but I found your sugar scrub that you like and couldn’t find anywhere. It is called Body Topia (not topic) and you can get it in “pink bikini”.
    It is about $30 for 18 oz. Lovely!!!!! I hope you find my comment!
    Page from Indy

  7. Beth Tildesley says:

    Aloha Bridget and Page,

    So glad you love our Pink Bikini Sugar Scrub! We gifted it at the 2009 Emmy Gift Suite, which is where we met you, Bridget! Love your website and hope to hear from you soon! Aloha!

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    Oooh those Larabars sound exactly like Nakd/Trek bars we have in England, and I agree they taste so rich and delicious, yet are so healthy and simple! GO YOU for stocking up on skinny jeans. you must befeeling great! Beautiful purse too

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