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November 03, 2009 | | Comments 10

This month Alicia Silverstone is sharing her favorite skin care products with us, talking about her new book The Kind Diet and and telling us about her involvement with Ecotools, an earth-friendly line of make up brushes and cosmetic bags.


We all loved Alicia as Cher Horowitz in “Clueless” but the actual woman behind that character is far from clueless. She is conscientious, proactive and passionate about healthy living. The Kind Diet is filled with the best recipes that came out of her kitchen over the past 11 years and plenty of advice on how to incorporate the very best foods into your diet for healthier living. She talks about the best foods to eat and explains why they are beneficial and talks about the effects the wrong foods can have on your body. Alicia is a vegan, so you will read a lot about cutting meat and dairy out of your diet and the benefits of that. In The Kind Diet you will find recipes, cooking tips, ideas on how to maintain your new healthy diet when traveling and eating out and she even talks about what you should feed your pets. As a dog lover, I was happy to see that in The Kind Diet. And, not to worry, Alicia also includes yummy dessert recipes in The Kind Diet. As she told me “Nobody should not have dessert. That’s a crime. But sugar is so bad for you”. So, expect to find yummy vegan dessert recipes in her book that have alternatives to white sugar and white flour. One of my favorite pieces in The Kind Diet is when Alicia talks about yoga. “ By practicing yoga, I get stronger and stronger, little by little, and I bring that strength into my life. And the best thing about yoga? You don’t have to be good at it. I go to beginners’ classes because there’s no pressure to be anywhere but where I am.” When I read that, I loved it. Just do your best, feel good and don’t feel pressure to be anywhere but where you are. Great advice for all of us. With great passion, Alicia told me “I know that my book will change peoples lives. You have to read it. It wrote it because the information is so vital”. Check out The Kind Diet. I enjoyed reading it and got some great tips on healthier living.


On Ecotools: Alicia, a passionate animal welfare and environmental activist, has joined forces with the enormously successful eco-conscious brand to show that style and respect for the earth go hand-in-hand. Getting gorgeous, going green, and giving back is what Ecotools is all about. All of the bags in the Ecotools by Alicia Silverstone cosmetic bag collection are made with a natural hemp material and have a recycled PET lining. When I asked Alicia about Ecotools she said “I’m excited about how beautiful it is”. I’ve seen the Ecotools brushes and the cosmetic bags and they are absolutely lovely.


And then we got around to discussing her skin care routine and favorite products:

Alicia told me that one of her favorite product lines is Tammy Fender. “It’s beautiful packaging and smells delicious”. She also loves Suki. “Beautiful things. These lines are so righteous and beautiful. They have really sexy and sophisticated products.” She also loves Aveda Tourmaline Charged Eye Cream and Aveda hair spray that helps with anti-frizz. In addition Alicia tells me that Osmosis Clarify Serum “Did magic to my skin.”

On make up:
Alicia loves Eco Bella (concealer and blush), Zuzu (concealer), Josie Maran (eye shadow, lip gloss, and mascara), Dr. Hauschka (blush) and La Bella Donna (blush and mascara).

I asked Alicia if she had a favorite spa and she, with loads of enthusiasm, told me all about her favorite place to go that is a holistic health spa and spiritual retreat. Alicia loves and swears by We Care Spa in Desert Hot Springs, CA. “You come out of there healthier than you’ve ever been in your life. The energy is amazing, the water is amazing, it will change your life. It’s nourishing for your soul and spirit.” She went on about it as if it is her favorite place in the world. “I go for 5 days to a week. I go by myself or with a friend. I go when I want to recharge my batteries”. She went on to recommend her favorite people to get treatment from: Juan for massage, David for reflexology, Patricia for yoga, and she loves the nutrition and cooking classes with Susana (the owner of We Care). She loves the sound therapy We Care offers and the Shamanic healing. After listening to her talk about We Care with so much passion, I immediately contacted We Care to schedule a visit.

For facials, Alicia recommends Tammy Fender on LaCienega. She says that the Tammy Fender facials are “A whole other league”. Alicia tries to get a facial both before and after a job.

On skin care: Alicia shared with me that “I had full blown cystic acne when I got off the pill”. When she stepped up her diet a notch (eliminating sugar and processed foods) is when the acne went away. “My Skin is flawless and I can say that bragging now because I was so ashamed of my skin for so many years.”

Alicia wants her products to be natural, paraben free and containing no lanolin. As Alicia puts it, “If it’s got yellow 45 in the ingredients, it’s not good”.

I was impressed that when Alicia is working on a film or a television show she told me that she asks that no free skin care/make up products be sent to her because she feels that it’s a waste because they are usually products that she won’t use.

Alicia started her journey of healthy eating and her vegan lifestyle 11 years ago after being introduced to it by Woody Harrelson. It’s been 11 years and happily she tells me that she’s “still learning”.

Next up for Alicia is Time Stands Still, a play with Laura Linney at the Manhattan Theater Club, opening January 5th. Alicia is “so excited” about the play and very happy to be returning to broadway.

Thanks Alicia!

Pick up your copy of Alicia’s book The Kind Diet at Amazon.com


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  1. shannon says:

    LOVED this interview! It’s soup to nuts healthy living. Can’t wait to check out her make-up suggestions – so hard to find make-up that’s not toxic. Looking forward to picking up her book. Thanks.

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  3. Jacq Howe says:

    Eating well is never to be forgotten along with quality products in having lovely skin. Alicia proves it to be true hands down. Made a note of her facialist…Tammy Fender on LaCienega. Here I come! Thanks Joanna!

  4. Doreen Rehnert says:

    hello!,I like your writing so much!

  5. Crystal says:


  6. Arabelle says:

    Is her skin really cleared up due to the kind diet. I have seen many pictures online and it looks as if she continuous to have cystic acne

  7. Oh, she is beautiful and I like her very much. I think she is the lucky one to have healthy skin just naturally.

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