Baby Skin: MD Moms Baby Silk Gentle Scalp Rub

January 09, 2010 | | Comments 0

md-moms-scalpGuest review by Shannon Brazil.

Once again MD Moms delivers the goods via Baby Silk Gentle Scalp Rub, a buttery lotion with an irresistible scent that combats the nasty crud known as cradle cap! Baby Silk is made of natural oils which wash away clean leaving baby’s precious head flake-free and residue-free. Simply massage onto baby’s scalp at bath time, leave on for a minute or two, remove cradle cap with a damp washcloth and rinse – it’s that easy. Follow the treatment with your usual shampoo. This product is safe for the tiniest of newborns yet remains effective right up to the toddler years. After traveling through harsh winter weather, my 20-month-old twins were left with dry, itchy scalps. In just one use, Gentle Scalp Rub stopped flaking in its tracks and restored moisture to their hair. It was a great alternative to my usual approach of obsessively removing flakey patches by hand until one, both or all of us cried, because no matter how I try picking cradle cap it only ever makes it worse. I’m thrilled to report cradle cap is now conveniently manageable with Baby Silk Gentle Scalp Rub. Thank you, MD Moms!

Product info: No animal testing and hypoallergenic.

3 oz $22.00

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