Aveda Concept Salon Review: Planet Salon – Beverly Hills, CA.

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pic11I’ve never been so pampered and felt so relaxed getting a haircut and color. Ever! I went to see Ginger Boyle for a haircut and Dean Roybal for color in Beverly Hills at Planet Salon. My experience with both of them and my entire experience at the salon was of the highest quality. I’m usually very careful about referring people to different hair stylists because I’ve found that it can sometimes be a bit tricky. I’ve had a few bad experiences myself trying out new salons and stylists. I can say, with complete confidence, that I would recommend Planet Salon to anyone and everyone. And, by the way, consider yourself lucky if you’re in Ginger Boyle’s chair. She is a total rock star of hair cutting! Ginger, the owner of Planet Salon, is hip, approachable, open and unbelievably talented. She’s absolutely everything you want in a stylist. Planet Salon is an Aveda Concept salon, so I had to ask Ginger about her love for Aveda.


Why do you think Aveda is the best?

Ginger: I think Aveda is one of the best products on the market because of it’s natural process and I like to have organics. I think it’s food for the hair and the scalp. And I want to know that I’m giving my guests the very best to make their hair healthy and shiny. So far, to date, I haven’t found anything that’s comparable to Aveda. I stick to Aveda because if you really stay focused I can tell you what you need to get what you want, where if I have too many variables (other product lines) I may not be able to prescribe what your needs are and this way I feel like I can keep it simple, not have you overuse product, and I can give you the right product for your needs.

Any favorite Aveda products over the years?

The new Texturizing Creme is one of my fave’s. It’s really soft and light and I feel that it keeps the hair clean. I started when Aveda began and I’ve always been a fan of Volumizing Tonic.

Note: I’ve been using Aveda’s Volumizing Tonic for about six months now and I love it. I have fine hair and it’s great for helping me get the extra volume that I need.

Planet Salon is an all-inclusive experience. Ginger does all that she can to ensure that it’s a very peaceful environment. She doesn’t want loud music playing, she makes sure that her stylists aren’t on their cell phones, etc. Ginger says that when you leave her salon she wants your shoulders to be lower by two inches.

While my hair was being colored by Dean Roybal, I asked him about his work.

Dean: I truly feel like it’s an expression. Like an internal expression that we put on the outside. It’s finding a mood, maybe an event that’s coming and then really working with the guest and finding out how they feel and what vibe they want to put out there, through hair color. So for me it really is art and then connecting the hair color with the hair cut is my second major thing. Because first I want the person to really feel it and have the energy behind it to really wear it and then to compliment the hair cut. Then it’s about the hair cut and coloring to the shape and making sure that I really show off the hair cut to my best ability and that way it’s such a good marriage between all of it. And that’s why we do a lifestyle consultation at Planet Salon. It’s really kind of digging a little deeper. Really listening and finding out the energy of the client and also what’s coming up in their life and what it is that they want to do.

By the way, not only did I love what Dean did with my color but he also gives an amazing hand massage!

Of course, we all look forward to a wonderful shampoo when we get our hair done…but Planet Salon takes pampering to a much higher level. When my hair was shampooed, I received a neck and shoulder massage and was offered six different oils to choose from for my massage. I chose the Blue Oil. It’s a menthol oil and it smelled wonderful and felt amazing. I was also treated to my second hand and arm massage during my visit. Yes, I was treated to two different hand massages while I was at Planet Salon and I was told that not only does every client receive a hand and neck/shoulder massage when they come in for any service, but quite often clients are treated to more than one hand massage during their visit. My first hand and arm massage, with the Aveda Hand Relief, was wonderful. But my second hand and arm massage was even better. First a hot towel has wrapped around both of my arms and hands. So relaxing! Then my arms and hands were cleansed, followed by a toner…then massaged with Green Science Firming Face Cream. This was after my neck and shoulder massage and my wonderful shampoo, so I was in heaven. And I must add that while I was getting my shampoo, a warm towel was placed behind my neck. You know how sometimes it can be uncomfortable leaning your head back to get your hair washed? Not at Planet Salon. They take care of you and make sure that you’re relaxed and comfortable every step of the way. Ginger believes that all salon experiences should be this relaxing and special. And I agree, they most certainly should be. But out of all of the salons that I’ve ever been to, this was the most relaxing experience that I have ever had while getting my hair done.

After my hair was colored and I had my wonderful shampoo/massage experience, I was treated to a Botanical Hair and Scalp Treatment. This treatment, which conditions and strengthens your hair, includes time under a micro mist that Planet Salon has lovingly named “Wally”. I loved that treatment. It was very relaxing and it’s such a wonderful treatment for your hair, especially colored hair. I was told that it will even help your hair color last longer. I absolutely love that because my color always seems to fade way too fast. So, the Botanical Hair Treatment is perfect for me.

I could go on and on for days about Planet Salon and how impressed I was with the entire facility and how wonderful my experience was there. But I haven’t told you about my haircut yet! Ginger Boyle looked like a goddess cutting my hair…holding her scissors and showing my hair who was boss. I’m usually that client who sits down and has a million things to say about how I’d like for my hair to look. I was so confident in Ginger. I gave her a very basic Idea of what I wanted and then I just let her take over and do her thing. I had no doubt in my mind that I would love whatever she did, and I absolutely did. I loved it! If you are ever in Ginger Boyle’s chair I would highly recommend letting her take the lead with your hair and do what she does best. I know that sometimes it’s scary to let go of that haircut you’ve been hanging on to for the past five years…but you will be thankful that you left your hair in the hands of this unbelievably gifted stylist. I was beyond thrilled with my color by Dean Roybal and my Ginger Boyle cut. I’m using “Ginger Boyle cut” the same way I always use the name of my favorite designer jeans. They aren’t just jeans, they’re the best jeans. And I say that with a proud smile because it takes a while to find the best pair of jeans and they are always worth the price tag when they fit perfectly. So, this wasn’t just a haircut, no…it was a “Ginger Boyle cut”. And it was fabulous! Dean and Ginger are a fierce combo! They are both artists that compliment each other beautifully in their work. So, you simply must make appointment with both Ginger and Dean. You will be getting non-stop compliments on your hair.

I love my cut, I love my color, I love Ginger, I love Dean and I absolutely love Planet Salon! It’s hard to consider letting anyone else even touch my hair after this experience. Plant Salon is now on my “must have” list.

About Ginger Boyle:
Ginger has built her reputation over the last 30 years as one of the most sophisticated stylists, gifted teachers and popular platform artists in the country. As a Global Master for Aveda, Ginger has provided advanced training and continued education to beauty industry professionals. Her work has been featured in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Glamour, Interview and Mademoiselle, as well professional trade publications, video shoots, and NBC’s The Apprentice. In April 2006, Ginger received the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award from Aveda for her continued commitment and leadership.

Many thanks to Ginger Boyle and Dean Roybal.

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  1. Leslie says:

    Joanna, you are so right! This salon is amazing!! I love Dean and Ginger! Great review! I love the massages too!

  2. jacq Howe says:

    Great review….we all want an experience like this at a Hair salon. Confidence with a stylist is everything to me! I have to feel like we’re on the same page or chapter. I’m in the market for a new ABFAB salon (stylist/colorist) without chaos, loud bad music, drama, bs, and scattered girls runnin’ around. Grabbing a cell call when I’m in the chair is unbelievable to me. Ginger is a pro and I need a pro! Thank you!! And a massage…ahhhhh

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