Joanna Canton, actress and creator of My Skin Affair, is best known for her popular role as Nina, Fez’s love interest and boss, during the fifth season of “That ‘70s Show”, acting opposite Wilmer Valderrama and Ashton Kutcher. She recently guest-starred on “NCIS” for CBS, “Better With You” for ABC and some of her other television acting credits include: “Numbers”, “Without A Trace”, “Notes from the Underbelly”, “The King of Queens”, “Four Kings”, “NYPD Blue”, and you may also recognize her as Chloe from the television series “Related”. Joanna’s TV movie credits include “Nancy Drew” for ABC, “Underfunded” for USA and “Pizza My Heart” for ABC Family. Joanna‘s feature film credits include “New Best Friend” and the Sundance Film Festival/cult favorite “The Convent“. She has starred in television pilots for ABC, USA, and Warner Bros., among others. In addition to being an accomplished actress, Joanna is also a writer. Joanna currently resides in Los Angeles, working as an actress and writing for My Skin Affair.

- My Skin Affair was an idea that came to me from my love of great skincare products and the way a great product makes me feel. As an actress, I have had the good fortune of being given great skincare products to use. Having been introduced to many amazing products through work, in all of my years in the entertainment industry, I decided that it was time to share the wealth. Another big reason for me to create My Skin Affair was that I went through a very rough patch in my life and, as silly as it sounds, even on my most challenging days I came to notice that I always looked forward to my evening skincare routine. It always uplifted me. I knew that at the end of each day I was doing something good for my skin; it was the most amazing antidepressant . No matter how hard life was, I took the time each day to enjoy my fabulous products and do something good for myself. It actually became a way of reminding me of my self-worth. When you do something good for yourself, even if it’s something as simple as LOVING that special eye cream or moisturizer and enjoying the process of applying it to your face, taking your time…it lifts you up. How many times has a hot bath with your favorite bath salts sounded like the best thing for you after a hard day? Well, my theory is that we shouldn’t have to have a hard day as motivation to pamper ourselves. We should do something good for ourselves everyday. And for me, an amazing skincare routine has been an easy way of always taking the time to do something good for myself. Basically, when life handed me lemons…I turned my bathroom into a spa. And that was the journey that took me to My Skin Affair. Not only do I want to share my knowledge of great products but I want to encourage women and men to take the extra time to care for their skin and enjoy the process of doing so. It’s not just about getting great products, it’s about enjoying the time that you spend caring for yourself. Let’s find new ways of doing that and give ourselves the license to be spoiled rotten in the very best way possible. Take the time to turn your bathroom into your own personal spa. You deserve it!

I feature a different celebrity each month on my site to share her skincare thoughts and favorite products with you. I look forward to reading your comments and sharing all of my reviews and skincare tips with you. Enjoy!

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