A New Look for The New Year at My Favorite Salon

January 07, 2014 | | Comments 0

Happy New Year! I’ve started off 2014 with a fun and fresh hair cut and color. If you want to update your look or try something new, there is no better time to do that than at the beginning of a new year. Start your year off strong with a bold new look. It’s always good to splash some fun into your hair cut and color. We all want beautiful and sexy hair. But I find that when I add the word “fun” to the description of how I want my hair to look, I’m always happier with the results. Get your glamour on and have fun with it!

I hate to play favorites, I really do. But when it comes to my hair cuts and color, Planet Salon (in Los Angeles) is a favorite for many reasons. Every hair cut and color that I’ve had there has been amazing. Also, every appointment that I’ve ever had at Planet Salon has been a very positive and relaxing experience. I always leave there feeling happy, relaxed, and excited about my hair. I chose Planet Salon for my New Year cut and color with Ginger Boyle (master stylist and owner of Planet Salon) and Dean Roybal (master colorist and co-owner of Planet Salon). Ginger and Dean are a hair “dream team”. The last time I saw Ginger and Dean together was when I was working on “General Hospital” and I asked them to create a really fun and chic look for the character that I was playing. Mission accomplished! I loved the look that they created for me. Ginger’s cuts are always amazing, I’ve loved every cut she’s ever given me, she gives me cuts that practically style themselves, and I always sit in Ginger’s chair with complete confidence. I’m truly in awe of her talent. I have the same confidence in Dean and respect for his work. For my character on “General Hospital”, I asked Dean to create highlights for me that were red and fiery. He took fiery to a level that I had never seen in my hair before, ever. I spent the first couple of days with that hair color just looking at it, amazed by how red HOT those colors were. That was easily the most beautiful color that I’ve ever seen in my hair. The colors that Dean creates are stunning and his placement of those colors is breathtaking. Ginger and Dean are both incredibly talented. I absolutely love my New Year cut and color! It’s a modern 20′s look and it’s a lot of fun!

Planet Salon recently moved and their new location is exquisite. I was so excited to check out their new salon. It’s beautiful. Planet’s new location, right next to Fred Segal, has the most beautiful outdoor lounge area on their second floor for clients who are getting color. You can sit in complete luxury, just a step away from the chair where your color is applied. It’s very special and very beautiful. Planet Salon is filled with talent, which is why I also want to mention Elle Hoppenstedt. Elle is another stylist at Planet Salon that I highly recommend, who I’ve also written about on MySkinAffair. Elle has cut my hair a handful of times and I’ll definitely get more cuts with her in the future. Elle is a very talented stylist. You can’t go wrong with Ginger, Dean and Elle. And you definitely can’t go wrong with Planet Salon. LOVE!

Planet Salon’s new location:

Planet Salon
8126 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles California 90046
(Next to Fred Segal)

Tel: (323) 951-1011  

Planet Salon portfolio photo by: Robert Lynden


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